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I love Fog Stamp

By candylabrum
Another weak attempt at stamp making. ^^;
No one really made a stamp for what is probably my favorite weather! Fog is just so magical, it brings mystery to everywhere it really goes.

Free to Use! :D
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i like land clouds too lmao 
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"land clouds" LOL
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Dense fog warnings always pop up on my tablet.<3 its amazing! Light fog is pretty cool as well. I just love the stormy and spooky feel to it
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Well, in an artwork or story I love when they depicted foggy atmosphere, but if I had to experience the foggy weather myself....I don't know. xD It's a bit creepy I think. 
candylabrum's avatar
Lol yeah I think it depends
If I were in a foggy field of flowers next to a stormy beach in rl, it would be nice.
But a foggy haunted forest or something, maybe it would be creepy xD