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The Last Rays of Sunset

:bulletblue: I like. Lots. It was really fun to draw the horse, and I think I'm getting better with mane and tail styles :] This is a long waited layout for a friend on howrse.

:bulletblue: Thankyou very much to the stock providers.
Sky: [link] =night-fate-stock
Cliff: [link] ~mindCollision-stock
Horse reference: [link] ~lovergil

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The layout html is normal html I think. 
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Do you make howrse layouts and/or avatars?? (: <3 I can pay points here on da or passes on howrse. ^^
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Sorry for the late reply I've been on holiday.

I'm not sure how layouts work on howrse anymore (I quit last year) and I heard they don't use html codes or something now?

I would like to an avatar for you, I just need a bit of information like what you want and what size you want it :)
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It's so perfect~! I tried that once, and failed v.v Lol <33 it lots
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Thankyou! Lol I owed it to Bling, it took one day for her to get bored of it and she deleted it :/ theres no pleasing that girl without the use of cookies X)
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Wow... yeah I notice that with her. I woulda kept it foreverrrrr
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Thankyouu :) it's a bit anoying when she does that.
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Yeah... lol I avoid making layouts for people who won't bother to keep it longer than it took for me to make it.
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This has been featured here [link] :love:
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Wow! thankyou so much! that's very kind of you :tighthug:
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Hehe, no problem!! :hug:
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Thankyou very much:D :tighthug:
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