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Thanks for the fave ^^
thank you very much for the favourite <3 would I be able to ask for some constructive criticism? I'd really like to improve ^^
sure ^^/ <3 (Sorry if this is confusing ;^;/ (I added some tutorials that may help as well))
your doing wonderful in shading, though maybe a little practice on dynamic shading? I personally use a mixture of dynamic and blending, though this tutorial might help? (Painting Tutorial) Another thing is possibly textures, try making the object look more like the object. Like for fur, making it look fluffy or scales making it look less glass like and more dirtied and scuffed? Or adding other details, like blushes, blemishes, etc  (Fur Shading Tutorial/Fur TutorialTutorial: Lineart Coloring, Basic Brush TutorialTutorial: Painting Skin in PSColoring tutorial - 02Coloring tutorial - 03) I think you should work on perspective/depth, try making objects that's more in the back of the drawing smaller and the things closer bigger.

Is it alright if I asked for some constructive criticism as well?
thanks for the feedback! and of course -
Your technique in shading is pretty sound and I don't have much to say to you in regards of that; just keep up the good work. However with your art, I think what you need to improve on is being a little more ambitious. Try to draw characters more dynamic in their pose, try draw more scenes and interactions between characters and characters, or characters and objects. Try to tell a story with your art, and don't be afraid to experiment. You don't have to make every single piece of art like this, of course, but I don't think you'd regret it !