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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 20, 2012, 11:55 PM
So like, i keep arting here and there so im back ish.

I had to settle a few problems here and there with life/school so hopefully that stays put for a while.

Just wanted to update the journal and say I'm not dead and what not.

Also a question to you guys as my watchers; I have a bunch of doodles which aren't exactly what i think is worthy of being placed in here my main gallery. So, do you mind if posted sketches and half finished stuff  here or on some other account to keep them separate?

Ive seen people done this too, and If i did have said account, would you guys follow it?

Just putting it out there.

Also, I've been meaning to leave something here too that I read from someone cool

cool-->:iconblankinspace: the jornal she wrote up a littlw while ago, I think is very, well, important i guess for those so you can consider stuff next time;

whether it be requests, winning a kiriban, or free commissions...

Use manners.  I absolutely can't stand when requests come across as demanding, or if you never once say thanks for me doing something for you (especially when I spend like over 2 hours on it). Or if you WHINE if I don't do your request. I usually say right on the journal that I may not do all of them.  

If you don't know if you do's a way to test.

-Starting off a request saying 'do this...' or 'I want...' or 'give me...'
If I say I can't do it for a valid reason, saying 'Well figure it out' or some other kind of threatening/rude statement

- After I finish something for you, making no comment or recognition of it at all.  I understand if you're offline for a while so I'm not talking about that c: I'm saying when you are CLEARLY active and just decide to ignore it....makes me feel bad.

-Justifying your immaturity by saying 'I know I'm annoying, but whatever!' or something along those lines.  If you know you're annoying you should be trying to fix it not use it as a terrible excuse.

-If I do something wrong on a request or you want it changed, feel free to tell me. I have no problems with critiques as long as you ask for them politely.  I usually will fix it for you too if it is something I can fix~

Be a Gentleman,


That goes for everyone , like, just be respectful and stuff. No artist isn't going to like feedback like "Want" or "Demanding" or "No recognition" 8( I guess all I wanna say is keep everyone and mind and be thankful I guess.

okay, back to homeworking.

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terrahotaru Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
I don't normally like the idea of following two accounts. Usually, if people switch accounts, I just stop following them. o: Especially if they are people I don't care about. :D But I'll go to your new account and follow it just for yew~
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Submitted on
March 20, 2012