Well, as I haven't received any contest entries, it is cancelled. Maybe the subject "Hand in hand" wasn't interesting ? Should I make a new contest with another subject ? Would you be interested then ? Or should I wait to have more members and try later ?
I'm waiting for your ideas.
Hello dear Candyfans !

It's been a long time that we didn't make a contest and as there more and more members, I thought it would be nice to make one.

The subject of the contest is Hand in hand. All works related with it are accepted : fanarts, fanfictions, poems... Use your imagination ! :D And please do not use an old deviation and make a new one.

All works will be published in the website candynindunyasi.com/

So, the contest begins today and you can send your deviation until January, 20th, 2013 midnight. Then, the group members will vote for their favorite deviation and the winner will be announced on January, 28th 2013, on Terry's birthday ^^

The winner will get a poster I bought at Japan Expo in France, with Candy and other characters of Yumiko Igarashi's world: m.japan-expo.com/images/_jesho…

If you have any questions, you can send a note or write a comment under this entry.

Have a nice day !
Hello, dear Candyfans :)
A new section is now on the home page where you can find some CC links or other affiliates.
Hello, dear Candyfans !
As it was suggested, I created some folders and moved the deviations in the different categories. For the moment, there is a specific folder for cosplay photos; a specific folder for each main character; a folder for any other character; a specific folder for each main couple; a folder for any other romantic couples; another one for any non-romantic couples; and finally a group folder for all deviations containing more then two characters.

So, when you add a deviation, you can choose the right folder. If you don't know where to put it, I'll take care of moving it to the right folder.

You can suggest other folders too.
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