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Easy to be Cold
The cool October air is just warm and dry enough to be comfortable, but Akutagawa still shivers as a soft breeze curls through the alleyway the rest of Black Lizard is hunched in.
The wind always seems to manage to find the few patches of skin he leaves exposed, or the cracks in his impenetrable fortress of coat, even chilling him in summer evenings sometimes. Stakeouts are almost always unpleasant experiences, but especially near the end of the year. Even with a sweater and undershirt under his customary longcoat and dress shirt, the cold soaks into his bones. The memories that accompany it aren’t always pleasant.
Pulling dirty jackets close around layers of mismatched clothing…
Wedging between garbage cans as shields from damp, lung-crushing rain…
Trudging through snow that covers the tops of wet shoes, clinging to a small and frail hand and trying to soothe the unhappy voice that trails behind it…
Higuchi’s voice startles him out of
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Passing Inspection
Druxy (ˈdrʌksɪ). Adjective. Word forms: druxier, druxiest.
Definition: (of wood) having decayed white spots.
Something which looks good on the outside, but is actually rotten inside.

Strexcorp’s supervisory units are designed to be subtly aesthetically pleasing to the largest common denominator. Open-faced, youthful yet mature enough to inspire confidence, slightly androgynous in the fashion of old porcelain dolls. Judged on physical construction alone, unit D4-N1-3L would be considered a beauty by any gender standard.
This is what it has been told. It looks at itself in the mirror and concludes that this assessment is sound.
Physical beauty is Strex operatives’ highest priority. Anything can be sanctioned if its committer is enchanting enough, after all. Anything.
Daniel smiles, and the blackness leaks through its perfect white teeth.
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Mature content
Sense This! :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 0 0
Insanity Is Relative mix cover 2 by candyexorcist Insanity Is Relative mix cover 2 :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 2 2 Insanity Is Relative | mix cover 1 by candyexorcist Insanity Is Relative | mix cover 1 :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 1 0
The Sebastian Figure
"If you hear of my being stood up against a Mexican stone wall and shot to rags please know that I think it a pretty good way to depart this life. It beats old age, disease, or falling down the cellar stairs."
—Ambrose Bierce

He's always considered it an honorable statement, a perfect illustration of the demigod's life— or rather death—; facing the ending of everything with back straight, eyes open, feet planted firmly, everything braced for the final blow.
But somehow, here in the airy throne room of Mount Olympus, with the sun shining and the birds singing and everyone standing in a crowd waiting for him to die it's different.
He begins to see the merits of falling down the cellar stairs.
It's a beautiful summer day. In a different world, a happier one, he'd be down on Long Island polishing javelins, bandaging knees, maybe even stealing some toiletries for a wet-behind-the-ears undetermined kid fresh from his first supernatural encounter.
But this isn't what
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Lunch or Dinner by candyexorcist Lunch or Dinner :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 1 0 November 2016 ID by candyexorcist November 2016 ID :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 1 0 doesn't matter by candyexorcist doesn't matter :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 1 2 night by candyexorcist night :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 1 4 Upworld, Downworld banner by candyexorcist Upworld, Downworld banner :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 1 0 they say the devil's water, it ain't so sweet by candyexorcist they say the devil's water, it ain't so sweet :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 3 7 616!SW cosplay WIP by candyexorcist 616!SW cosplay WIP :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 2 0 Late at night, in a bathroom by candyexorcist Late at night, in a bathroom :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 1 0
3:40 am
There was a night my love was sick. He slid into unconsciousness
with the lights on, rolling somewhere on a turbulent sea of disturbed dreams. I let him sleep
and settled in the spare room instead,
thinking he would be more comfortable
without my jostling limbs and light quieting an unquiet mind.
In hours a terrible revelation of aloneness struck. Like a child or old woman
I clutched the sheets, wept, prayed he would come and lay beside me
or seek me out and call me back,
show any kind of sign I was missed and needed.
No one came for me. I heard the faint sounds of his sickness from that room
and shrank, closing my own eyes with the swelling that comes with too much salt water.
Months later I told.
Why didn't you stay in bed? he asked.
Why didn't you come back?
I wouldn't have minded.
Why not say?
Why not, if you were so upset?
I only shrugged and demurred.
The example I'd been given,
then and throughout my life,
that no one
had ever asked.
Months later I wept again with hunger for his
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@christmasparty by candyexorcist @christmasparty :iconcandyexorcist:candyexorcist 2 0


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I don't particularly want to give out my tumblr on here because I don't have one that isn't just artwork, but I still crosspost to my account (when I remember to); I've just gotten back into writing fanfics, so you can find me on ao3 most of the time. My usernames there are both Fanless. I'm working on uploading all my stuff on all my accounts (slowly but surely), so I'll likely start crossposting fanfic here as well.

Drawings.... we'll see. :P I'm back to not having a scanner at home and, quite frankly, my current phone camera isn't all that great, so you're not likely to see a whole lot of that here for a while. I've considered starting on digital drawing, but my lack of practice is uh... Yeah.

..... also did they get rid of the "current mood" feature on journals? rood.


S. Amorette Yap
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a writer of the unreal, a drawer of the whimsical and forever at battle with my own estimation of my worth and talent; grasping frantically at straws and strings and loose threads, never able to hold onto one long enough to satisfy myself, to wrap around and anchor. I am devouringly destructive, boilingly creative, diamond-faceted and Tiffany-glass-fragile. I need you.

Commissions are always open unless otherwise announced (see the squares below for specifics); however, thanks to certain conditions, I often have a long turnaround time/backlog... please keep this in mind, and be patient with me if you are kind enough to commission me. Thank you in advance!


I do literature and art commissions/trades; basically, anything that can be experienced in its full on the two-dimensional screen.

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