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Christmas By Crystal

33 Christmas Gimp brushes. Enjoy!

Feedback is not only welcome, it's most appreciated =)
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i love these brushes they wiill be awesoem fro my graphic designing projects comign up thank you for makign them
ill use these thanks

now i can do christmas themes when its near christmas again

I cannot wait to try these out. Just want to check on how you are allowing usage. Does there need to be a link, credit via name or just open usage? Thanks :)
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Just open usage =)

Have fun and if you think about it, send me a link to the work so I can see it :hug:

That's it :D

Merry Christmas!
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Glad you like them =)
For Linux users, they can not use .exe files. This looks like a great set of brushes. It would be great if you could offer them as in a zip archive instead of an .exe windows only format. Thanks.
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I'll see what I can do. I'm kind of a n00b at packaging files lol. I'll get my daughter to help me.

Give me a few min then check back ;)
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lol i dont know maybe its on my end... i tried again to get them loaded into my gimp but still they dont show up... oh well thank you very much for trying... :hug:
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hi im new to da as well... i downloaded your brushes it came up as a rare file but they wont show up in my gimpshop... i must be something wrong how do i load them so they will show up in my gimp brushes.. thank you for your help...
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How come this is an EXE file?
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For some reason when I had it as an RAR file, no one could get it to work. So I converted it to an EXE file, because that was the only thing I could think to do with it.

I'm new to this so I was all discombooberated lol. I didn't know what else to do with it. Any ideas?

(And TYVM for the add =) )
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You could upload it as a Zip instead of as a rar. Winrar can open both .zip's and .rar files. Winzip can only open zips. I make gimp brushes, too. I always uploade mine in .zip files. So does =iceytina, =MissLittlewood, and =surfing-ant who are other Gimp brush makers on dA.
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So should I re-do them as zips? I don't know why I didn't think to do zip files in the first place =/

Thank you for your help =)
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I would redo them if I were you, but that's just me.
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I changed them all, except for my Creepy ones. Those are stored on a different computer and have to wait till later lol.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.
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No problem. Any questions you have just let me know. If I can't answer them then I will be happy to point you in the right direction.
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XD iv downlode them !!!(you can make are....not so good...)
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