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Hi I'm Fred Ferret!
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🖤Let me talk about my OC okay?🖤

The Black Ferret

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Fred is a 26 year old rude, impolite, guilty, and arrogant black ferret, mistaken for a wolf or fox. Sometimes a hybrid. However, he can sometimes be kind and innocent if people help around him. When he is a kid, he shows his joyful and fun-loving personality and makes friends with each other with love. His friend is an orange chipmunk named Nathan who is his first best friend. Due to this tragic memory from his childhood, Fred sought to reject Nathan.

The flashback he had is when Fred had fun with his friends while his other friends in school started to surprise and sneak to him making fun, even Nathan. By accident, Fred accidentally said a bad word while his friends got so angry at him. The friends of Fred revenged at him while the their teacher, Ms. Felicia the Fox scolded Fred that he said a bad word to his friends. She dragged her in the principal, locking him up by the door as a detention. By now, he started to get ruthless and more serious. He started to take revenge on his friends for what he did in his past. For now, he is sometimes good and friendly.

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The Black Ferret by CandyBunny2008, visual art

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"For the hundredth time, I am NOT a wolf! I'm a ferret! There's a difference, you know!"

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Artist // Student // Varied
  • June 5, 2008
  • Philippines
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pink heart {big} Hello everyone! My name is Yumi Francesca (also online as KittyCrafterzz1233), I have autism and a very talented artist. Hope you stay here pink heart {big}

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I sometimes like to draw fun stuff with bright colors filled with fun and imagination. I really love aesthetics like hearts, stars, rainbows, glitters, etc. I usually love to draw animals sometimes (except Pokemon). I also love to watch cartoons and anime, and playing video games on a console or a computer.

I recently draw characters and original characters (known as OCs) that will make people smile around the world. I often used art programs like MS Paint, Paint 3D and Ibis Paint X (and also on desktop) to draw everything I could wonder. Everyone think that my art is nice and cute especially my writings and penmanship were nicely than I thought. Also my art were inspired by various cartoons, anime and also in games. I sometimes watched movies that animated movies is my main favorite (and sometimes live-action or real life movies are just simple).

I also love animals (even Pokémon)! I love cats, dogs and rabbits even foxes, hamsters and so much more. I also love unicorns and whales too even Pokémon like Eevees and Pikachus. I sometimes love my most favorite... WAILORD! Cause why not? Because I'm a whale lover and I love whales. The most favorite type of whales were toothed and baleen and my favorite one is the blue whale because it's the largest animal on Earth and was the "King of the Ocean".

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Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Name: Yumi Francesca

Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Birthday: June 5, 2008

Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Age: 14

Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Gender: Female

Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Pronouns: She/Her

Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Hobbies: Drawing, reading, listening to music, humming, singing, writing

tick Likes: Aesthetics, cute stuff, art, music, cartoons, anime, games, nostalgia, etc.

x Dislikes: Abusing, bullying, racsim, sex, swearing (sometimes), etc.

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butterflies If you wanna learn about my interests, go here Butterfly Emote (Free)

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little star Rules little star

  1. No nasty comments allowed

  2. No swearing in my profile (also commenting)

  3. Don't spam please or being a troll. If someone's becoming a troll, I may delete some comments and block them.

  4. Sex, porn, hentai, yaoi or Rule 34 stuff were permitted. I will sometimes delete comments, report or flag them if they do something wrong.

  5. Please respect my opinions.

  6. I will put sometimes 'dramas' and 'vents' in some comments (if it's illegible or not).

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cherry blossom What else is all about you? light cherry blossom

It's been a certain because if someone requested me to draw a character (from a cartoon, anime, video game, etc.) or an OC (Original Character), I can be sometimes a bit lazy or busy because of being offline or logged out, at school, homework or school activity, day outs (like going to the malls, supermarkets, shopping, etc.), being sick, etc. But don't worry, you have to wait for a long time and be patient. I'll be here up to you.

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Are you invited to join the Lounge Cafe?

Black Sparkle 1 Yes! You can invite me here in my Discord Server or check the group here in @Lounge-Cafe-Members Black Sparkle 2

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rainbow heart {big} Now that's all, I hope you have a great time and bye! rainbow heart

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✨🦄Meet the Artist🦄✨

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rainbow heart 2 Information rainbow heart 2

F2U | Smol Rose Bullet Name Yumi Francesca F2U | Smol Rose Bullet

Fall leaf - F2U Birthday June 5, 2008 Fall leaf - F2U

little star Age 14 little star

Pixel Clover Gender Female Pixel Clover

Music Note Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U Pronouns She/Her Music Note Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U

Paw Bullet Blue (Outline) - F2U! Hobbies Drawing, reading, listening to music, humming, singing, writing Paw Bullet Blue (Outline) - F2U!

Glittering Gem Bullet (Purple) - F2U Favorite Things Aesthetics, cute stuff, art, music, cartoons, anime, video-games, nostalgia, traveling around the world, etc. Glittering Gem Bullet (Purple) - F2U

pink heart {big} Things I don't like Abusing, being mean, bullying/cyberbullying, swearing (sometimes), fetish (sometimes), some cartoons, some anime, some video-games, etc. pink heart {big}

light cherry blossom Personalities Cute, innocent, energetic, curious, creative, friendly, imaginative, optimistic, loving, awesome light cherry blossom

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what's your opinion on Spiral eyes and X eyes

for me: funny (spiral eyes could be annoying sometimes)

Look I made my own Carrd!

And I swear it is inspired by you!

Thanks for the fav ,fav back :D

Wow! How long is your core existing? Just wondering!

Hey Yumi, Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day to you too

Hey, thanks for that, bud.

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