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Character Theft

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After noticing a growing problem happening to my friends (and me) I came to the conclusion that something must be done. I originally just made this to show to a friend so pardon it’s crudeness. I feel that this is something everyone in the monster high community (and others) can benefit from…a growing problem that is causing much distress among the fandom is character design theft. This type of behavior is unacceptable, hurtful and wrong. I am talking about taking other people’s character designs, personality, back story ETC traits that make their character unique and claiming them as your own - without consequence and this needs to stop.

since a lot of the fandom is so young I'm going to try and make this painfully simple so that even children can understand. ( if anyone has anything to add, let me know)

I wanted to make this because a lot of the Monster High community is not even aware that this is a problem. "I didn't think you would be offended that I shameless copied your characters design and personality" (yes, someone said something like this to me)

This type of thing is called Plagiarism…what is plagiarism?…it is the unauthorized use (using without permission) or close imitation (cheap knock-off) of someone else’s idea / art / character / design and trying to pass them off in a way that makes people believe that idea is your own.

this falls under the umbrella of Art Theft which is also a problem in the MH community but this one is more subtle so I'll address it now.

posting art that you did not make is not only against DA's policy it is flat out stealing. and no "giving credit" does not mean that you can post whatever you like and get off the hook. same goes for character design.

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

lets say you're both into the pirates fandom... and you see an OC with a jewel encrusted eye patch that's shaped like a banana... you think that eye patch is so cool and neat you make an OC with an eye patch very similar to that, congratulations you have just stolen a design. NOW it should be noted that generally one feature is not enough to constitute design theft...but one that's so rarely seen does make people raise a lot of eye brows.

there is a fine line between being similar and flat out ripping someone off. I don't think I can properly explain what I'm trying to say so here are some deviations that have covered the subject in every vivid detail.

"Design Theft" Alright, prepare yourself for a long rant. I just have something that's REALLY been bugging me, and I have to let it out somehow.

Design theft. Does it even exist? Is it okay to see a specific character design that you like, then use it for your own character? What if another artist's OC has the most adorable outfit, and you would like to see your character in it, so you decide to "borrow" the idea for the clothing design..? Do you think that's okay? Or how about hair, or color scheme-- Is it okay for you to take those and put them on your character?

In some cases, this all depends on just HOW MUCH "inspiration" you decide to draw fro

also an article that was written on blissfully aware provides some insight on how to combat this sort of thing.

now about the image that I made, no one has done this (to Ripper) so I made my own cheap knock off, using a very cheap trick what I like to call the Ethnicity Swap (also popular: the gender swap) changing one thing about a character, does not a new character make. if I made rippers hair pink it wouldn't mean I have a whole new character, it means I have Ripper with pink hair.

but I used her an an example for 2 reasons, one shes my most known Monster High OC and Two shes a Grim Reaper and Grim Reapers are fairly common monsters in the Monster High community. so I made her a clone... to show that similar things are okay, but when so many similarities all point to one character that's just not okay. color similarities, same similarities it's not flattering or a compliment it's theft and insulting.

there's a difference between coincidentally looking alike and shameless plagiarism. I hope this chart makes some of those differences a little more apparent.

because character design theft will NOT stop if the community does not say anything about it! if you see someone whose character is just a little too close to yours, or a friends for comfort, don't stay quiet! say so! and either tell that person or tell your friend.

Deviant Art is too big of a website with much bigger issues to be bothered with the tiny little goings on of a single it is up to you to handle this for yourself.

tl:dr - if you didn't think of it, don't pretend that you did.
if you see something that looks suspiciously close to your character or a friends character, tell someone about it.

p.s: it just makes the person doing the ripping off look bad...because it looks like you are incapable of coming up with your own designs and ideas. if your in the process of making a character and you see someone in the same fandom as you already has a character that's very similar to yours, that's just too bad... it's like driving, whoever got there first has the right of way and you must yield to them, art is no different in respecting other artists.

NOTE: A character having the same monster parent and/or a similar sounding name (that derives from the parent) is NOT enough alone to assume plagiarism! you HAVE to give the other person the benefit of the doubt! this does NOT give everyone permission to go pointing fingers "he / she stole my character!" JUST because they have the same monster parent!

your millage may vary depending on the rarity of the monster parent

base - [link]

Ripper & the cheap knock off © :iconcandy2021:
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They look nothing alike

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Thanks so much for completely missing the point and leaving me this useless comment I can’t do anything with.

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Burh if you dont like the comments from people that disagree with your opinion id suggest not having stupid stuff like this posted in the first place, or you turn off comments like a good ridiculous person. Dont worry nobody will judge you. They'll still be judging your ridiculous picture tho
Candy2021's avatar

I didn’t say you were wrong. I asked what am I supposed to do with that information. This picture is like 8 years old... what do you want me to do about it?

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You do understand that keeping it up is basically saying you still agree with the post.
Id say take it down if you dont agree with it anymore.

But seeing that its been up for seven years and you haven't thought of doing that yet im going to guess you just dontn what to take it down.

Whatever, just know its cringe and if it stays open to the public it will continue to get criticism.
Have a good one.
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And I'll be here all week taking down everything I've ever posted since 2003. it's called an archive, if we don't know our history we are doomed to repeat it.

most people are smart enough to understand that. haven't had a problem til you showed up.

all of those words to say "I should have just minded my own business"


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From the looks of your other comments im not surprised youd say this. Your kinda stuck up and rude for no reason. I really hope this isn't how you talk to people irl because i wouldn't be surprised if you were completely alown. You act as if your opinion is the only one that matters and if other dont like it
"😍Deal with it😍"

Your pfp fits nicely btw 👌

Im not going to be responding again, i know you will though because your clearly one of those typs that HAVE to get the last word no matter what.

Take care sweetheart, i wish you luck with your painfully toxic mindset. <3
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didn't you say "have a good one?" what are you still doing here?


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Hm... I would not consider this theft. But you could say that the right one was inspired by the left one
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art theft is kinda a grey area. depends on a LOT of things but this example was mostly aimed at a small fan community.

and ganking someones ideas are kind of like- naming your child the same thing as your sibling. it's not illegal but it is kinda weird and frowned upon.
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Isn't it a sign of respect to name your child after someone, especially your sibling? I get what you're trying to say, that just didn't seem like a very good example.
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it is! That's not what I was talking about.

also this post is like 9 years old, how'd you get here?

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I know this is really old but these designs aren't that similar 
Yes so things are similar, but you cannot own a hairstyle, those too hairstyles are actually very different,  people have moles in the same place, cut out shoes are popular for the characters so more people having them isn't that shocking, and the pants aren't the have a checkerboard pattern that's bout it. The character on the right may have been inspired but the other,  but it isn't plagiarism,  far from it.
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congratulations! you are 100th person to mention that!   you win....nothing.

because you missed the entire point that this is about a tight knit community and not a global scale.

I'm guessing someone linked you to this and accused you of theft and you want to take out your frustration on the artist who made it, I get it!

but maybe make a useful comment next time? on something that's not 8 years old? that's what artists like. thank you.
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Actually nobody linked me this, I've never had someone accuse me of plagiarism,  as I said I know this is old, I wanted to throw in my own two cents because people are still going to use this as an example 9f what plagiarism is. Which it is not. But thanks for being all sarcastic and mean about it. I can tell your very open minded about different opinions 
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asking you not to waste my time with an unhelpful comment is not mean. sarcastic yes, but not mean.

acknowledging that it's old does not negate the fact that it's still old. what people make of my art is not my problem. my gallery is an archive if people want to find relevance with old art, that's on them. there's really nothing I can do about what other people do now is there?

hence the useless comment, hence a waste of my time.

you see the comments on this thing? probably not otherwise you wouldn't have commented because I've heard it 100X before and I don't know what you expect me to do with that information BESIDES dismiss it.
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Thank you for finally pointing this out! Because people (and children who are new to the Oc community.) need to stop stealing designs and start coming up with their own original design. My sister steals my dragons all the time and steals others Oc’s and claims they where hers in the first place. But besides that, thank you for pointing this out.
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I know that feeling! its so hard to explain
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*desings or however u spell it spell check why?!?!
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They look nothing like xP
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Thank you for this useless ass statement on this old ass picture.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day saying things that have been said 100X on old art.
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You're very welcome. And thank you for the unnecessary sarcasm.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your day being rude to commenters just stating their opinion. : P
I don't normally look at every single posts timestamp. The most recent comment seemed recent enough so I commented.

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looks like we both said things that did not need to be said then.

I don't care when the comments were posted - look at the ART.

you want to give your opinion on my ART, or my characters I'm here for it. But not for some basic snarky statement.

because if you took the time to glance at more than just the previous comment you would see the point of them wasn't to look exactly a like. it's an example.
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