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                                 I was walking down the street, drinkin' my black tea boba
And this bitch--oh no no no no!
This bitch had the nerve, the audacity, to touch my motherfucking hair
Do NOT touch my hair! No, nonononono, okay?

Don't touch my hair, ho, or my chinchilla coat [x4]

Don't touch my hair ho, don't touch, don't touch my hair ho
It's real out here in the field bitch, and I'm a fucking scarecrow
I'll scare these birds away, ho, your bitch is on my payroll
I get that money like my name was Sonny, but I don't ever share though
My weave costs more than your 4 door, I'm slipping on chinchilla coats
I'm finna go guerrilla though, I'm shippin' out Brazilian coke
I'm making that dinero, stay dipped in gold like Pharaoh
Mothafucka, I swear though, don't touch my fucking hair, ho


Don't touch my hair, my coat, my car, my ho, my drugs, my money
You touch my hair, my girls, my clothes, then this shit won't be funny
But if you cool, I'll let you touch your tongue on my punani
And if you lick it right you'll hit the apple seed like Johnny
Cash rules everything around me, bitch, I'm high, had a pill and brownie
Got a hideout way out in Downy cause I got a warrant in every county
So bitch beware, ho, I'm not sure if you care ho
I'll wipe you out like Nair, ho, don't touch my fucking hair ho


I can't believe she did that, now why she had to did that?
See, that's the type of shit that's gonna make a bitch get bitch slapped
I don't believe she did that, man, why she had to did that?
The next time that you touch my weave, I'll push your fucking wig back
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💋 Sexual
Flesh: My muse is feeling horny and wants to have rough sex (ex: being thrown against a wall and bitten) with your character.
Drunk: My muse will stumble and talk slurred, as if they were extremely intoxicated, along with hit on anyone, badly.
Truth Potion: My muse has to tell the truth about anything asked for an hour.
Tell me what to do: My muse is a slave to your character.
Wet: My muse is in the shower, and yours walks in on them. What happens next?
Handcuffed: Pretty self-explanatory. Your muse finds mine handcuffed to the bed with no clothes on
Heat: My muse will be put into a hot room. My muse is tied to a chair and has to stay in that room. (under the watch of your character)
Sweet somethings: My muse is feeling horny and wants to have passionate sex with yours.
Switch: My muse will act as if their 'position' as related to yours has switched (Uke to Seme, Seme to Uke).
Seduce: My muse will do whatever it takes to convince yours to go to bed with them.
Like a Magnet: My muse is physically attracted to yours, as if, you guessed it, she's magnetically attracted. They physically can't detach from your muse.

💗 Dramatic
Burn: My muse is severely falling in love with your character.
Cough syrup: My muse becomes extremely depressed and is not in a good mindset and begins to have thoughts of suicide.
Memories: My muse has amnesia.
Stay: My muse becomes extremely sick and may end up in the hospital for a while.(You decide the illness and how long it lasts.)
Jealousy: My muse will be jealous, of your character for a certain amount of time.(You choose, for what reason my muse is jealous. And for how long.)
Hurt: My muse has been very betrayed by a friend but won't say a word about it. Your muse has to figure it out and help him.
Stalk: My muse thinks they are being stalked and comes to you for protection/help.
Blown Away: Our characters are trapped in a basement during a tornado.
Pain: My muse has been horribly injured in an accident of your choosing. It's up to you to save him and help him recover.
Horror: My muse and your muse are being chased by a serial killer! My muse has lost someone close to them already, and the killer next target is your muse! But my muse is distraught over the loss. You have to snap her out of it!
My Give a Damn's Busted: Once character pushes the other a bit too far.
Remember: My muse will suffer memory loss.
Sick: My muse will be sick with a unique flu. Symptoms are: hallucinations, coughing, fever, sneezing, loss of balance, loss of appetite, seizure, sore throat, pumped-up hormones, easy bruising/bleeding.
Nightmare: My muse is plagued with horrific images and scenes both in sleeping and in waking. Not like hallucinations. Sees bursts of horror.
Earl Grey Tea - You muse sits down with mine to have a nice cup of tea.
Japanese Green Tea - My muse needs calming down and it seems like green tea’ll do the trick.
Expresso - It’s early in the morning and my muse needs to wake up.
Black Coffee - My muse is day-dreaming and needs to snap out of it.
Milk Tea - Muses want to cuddle and be comfortable.
Bubble Milk Tea - Muses want to cuddle.
Honey and Lemon - My muse is in bed, sneezing, and wanting to be nursed back to health.

Alcohol (a.k.a fun starters )

Whiskey - My muse wants to get drunk with yours and do stupid things.
Gin and Tonic - Muses only want to get a little tipsy, they want a good time and not do anything they’ll regret.
Wine - Muses want a civil conversation and good company.
Vodka - Muses want to get piss-ass drunk and make out. 

Iced Drinks ( a.k.a NSFW starters in notes )

Chocolate - Your muse finds mine naked in their bedroom.
Mocha - Your muse is feeling particularly kinky and want to try out some new gear they bought with mine.
Macha Shake - Muses are having a bath together and a sharp burst from the hot tap sends mine clinging to yours out of shock.
Caramel - My muse wants to try out some food play with yours.

Smoothies ( a.k.a angst starters )
Banana - Your muse comes in on my muse, who’s crying, and asks them what’s wrong.
Strawberry - Your muse finds mine self-harming and wants to know everything.
Apple - My muse has locked themselves away and your muse has found them, needing answers and information.
Orange - My muse has been taking drugs behind yours’ back and your muse finds out. Your muse is worried for mine.
Blueberry - My muse has been starving themselves and just wants to be alone. What’s going on? Your muse is going to find out.
[Stole this meme:  :iconOmxganightmare:  ]

((send me any heart and I will draw your muse!~))

♡ - Light/Soft Blushing
♥ - Blushing
❤ - Blushing heavily
💓 - Blushing like mad
Send "(*´﹃`*)" for randomly generated or just send me a number.

1. Your muse catches mine having "private time".

2. Your muse walks in on my muse having a dirty dream about yours.

3. Your muse walks in on my muse getting dressed.

4. Your muse finds mine naked and tied to your bed frame.

5. My muse confesses a dirty "secret" to your muse.

6. Your muse walks in on mine trying on lingerie. 

7. Your muse walks in on mine having a "friend" over.

8. Your muse walks in on mine getting undressed.

9. My muse tries to seduce yours.

10. Your muse catches mine look at/watching porn.

11. My muse confesses a kink they want to try out.

12. My muse suggestions a new position to your muse.

13. My muse confesses that they are a virgin to your muse, and want yours to change that for them.

14. My muse gives your muse a strip tease.

15. Your muse hears mine moan their name behind a closed door.

16. Your muse catches mine with a new "toy".

17. My muse confesses that they want to try bondage.

18. Your muse finds mine naked, blindfolded, gagged, and hanging tied from a wall.

19. Your muse finds mine locked up with a collar around their neck that says "kitten", with a note attached to the cage that says "play with me."

20. Your muse finds mine wearing only their underwear
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( mix of fluff , angst , nsfw , etc . )
1.“You’re enough, you’ve always been enough.”
2.“Please say you’ll be mine —  forever maybe?”
3.“If this is another one of your dance offs, I want no part in it."
4."— all my love is for you.”
5.“What’s a girl/guy gotta do to get some cheese nachos over here?”
6.“Hands off. The girl/guy is /mine/.”
7.“If you love her/him so much why don’t you marry her/him?”
8.“That’s my girl/boy!”
9.“Am I really good enough for you?”
10.“Oh! Look at that hottie over there, they’re totally checking you out!”
11.“Drinks on me tonight.”
12.“We’ll always be friends…no matter what.”
13.“Please don’t leave me.”
14.“Don’t you dare run away from this! Everything was just starting to get good for us and now you wanna turn your back?!”
15.“I’ll eat you up.”
16.“I think I’m in love.”
17.“So fess up, who’s the girl/guy you’ve been crushing on, and don’t even try and tell me you’re not.”
18.“Can’t get enough.”
19.“Sharing equals caring.”
20.“I guess this is goodbye then…”
21.“You’re not even going to try and make this work?”
22.“Hey it’s morning already? I couldn’t sleep at all.”
23.“You’re blushing — how adorable.”
24.“You look so cute when you’re sleeping.”
25.“I have no intention of giving you to others.”
26.“Hey! I’m getting hungry. Buy me food.”
27.“Hmph, don’t fool around, it’s early in the morning — I’m not awake yet.”
28.“Promise me okay?”
29.“No — I’ve just got more things on my mind.”
30.“Hey, not ‘there’, I told you not to touch /it/.”
31.“No, it has nothing to do with you.”
32.“Hmm…what’s this? It feels nice, don’t stop.”
33.“Okay I’ll get up. Just don’t shake me anymore.”
34.“Do you really want to touch me?”
35.“You know I won’t be responsible for anything that happens.”
36.“W-woah, don’t just touch me out of nowhere!”
37.“My you’re a bold one aren’t you?”
38.“Are you lonely perhaps?”
39.“You want to sleep some more? Come here.”
40.“Ah that expression of yours, don’t show it to others.”
41.“My my, you’re the one who told me we can’t do it in the morning.”
42.“I wanna break your heart.”
43.“When I’m done with you you’ll be begging for mercy.”
44.“If only someone loved you.”
45.“You’ll never be good enough.”
46.“Fuck you.”
47.“Oh yeah well you can just kiss my ass then.”
48.“On a scale of one to ten how cool would it be to do a flash mob?”
49.“Where’s my goodnight kiss.”
50.“I love you.”
51.“You shouldn’t love me.”
52.“I’m worthless.”
53.“I’m not worth it.”
54.“I’ll rip your heart out — don’t even think about it.”
55.“Such a rare beauty, I’d love to have you for the night.”
56.“What’s your name? Wanna hear me moan it?”
57.“What do you mean I can’t be a pretty pretty Princess!?”
58.“Rawr in dinosaur means I love you.”
59.“Do you want this? It tastes terrible."
60.“Ew. Couples.”
61.“I’m gonna marry you one day.”
62.“Sing for me please?”
63.“You have such a pretty voice.”
64.“That boy/girl has danger written all over him/her.”
65.“Fear is healthy in relationships…and sexually enticing.”
66.“ — and then he bent me over his knee and smacked my ass. I’d say it was an ideal night.”
67.“If you call me your super hella gay bff ever again I’m going to kill you.”
68.“The correct term is fabulous.”
69.“I. Will. Break. You.”
70."Have you seen my [insert pet] around here?"
71."If that was a reference to something, I didn't get it."
72."I'm going to nap here...goodnight."
73."Sharing is caring...but I don't care."
74."It's not a cartoon, it's an anime; there's a difference."
75."My waifu is better than your waifu."
76."I spent $100 on an anime figure. Is that too much?"
77."I feel sick. Just...give me a moment."
78."It's too hot outside. I'm going home."
79."It's too cold outside. I'm going home."
80."It's too early to get up -- give me five more minutes."
send me one or  ask me to generate one for you~

✉ : for a regular text message from my muse . 
♣ : here , have a not so regular ( maybe even a dirty one ) text message . 
✍ : for what my muse has written about yours in their diary . 
✎ : for an unsent letter from my muse ( may be au if you want, just let me know what kind of au you want ) . 
☎ : for a drunk phone call . 
☏ : how about a voice message from my muse? 
♥ : the favorites of my muse - can be anything from music to sex positions , you're allowed to specify what you want . 
∞ : a random headcanon about my muse and yours . 
☯ : here , have a hug from my muse . 
☮ : an argument i think my muse would have with yours . 
♪ : i've put all of my songs on shuffle - now i have to write a drabble involving our muses with the next song that comes on . 
♬ : would you care to dance ? my muse has to dance with yours . 
♛ : my muse is royalty for a day and you are their loyal subject - wait , what ? what would my muse's reaction be to this idea ? 
♚ : you are my master - hold on . what if my muse was the loyal subject , how would this go ? 
✖ : your muse is drowning in the bathtub when mine walks into the bathroom . 
☠ : your muse has died , this is how mine reacts . 
❂ : my muse is clumsy and crashes into yours . 
✈ : Our muses are on a plane together , by accident or choice . this is what happens . 
☢ : it's too hot outside , how does my muse suggest our muses cool down ? 
ϟ : there's a storm going on and our muses are stuck together in a house - how will this go ? 
☂ : it's pouring down and your muse forgot their umbrella , will my muse offer up theirs ?
✧ : our muses went to eat out - where ? 
★ : the stars are shining beautifully and my muse wants you to see them . 
☾ : it's in the middle of the night and my muse had a nightmare about yours - what does my muse do ? 
☼ : the sun is shining bright and your muse got the bright idea of going out , does my muse agree with this ? 
☄ : my muse is lost , luckily there is cellphone reception - does my muse dare to call yours for help ? 
♤ : our muses are playing a game , which kind and who is winning ? 
☻ : your muse got sunburnt , my muse didn't - how'd it happen and how'll mine help ? 
♒ : our muses are at the beach together , by accident or not , and yours was a bit too close to the waves - will my muse laugh or perhaps be helpful ? 
♦ : your muse asked mine to marry them , what's my muse's reaction ? 
◊ : my muse comes to yours , crying , how does my yours react ? 
✘ : scars aren't very pretty - my muse has to show you theirs . 
✦ : my muse was attacked but yours saved them - how'll my muse ever thank them ?
send me *whisper* and I'll pick a number of what my muse whispers to yours

1. “I love you.”
2. “I hate you.”
3. “I know you love me.”
4. “Don’t act like you love me when it’s so clear that you don’t.”
5. “Don’t make me threaten you.”
6. “Marry me.”
7. “You smell lovely.”
8. “I can be cruel if I have to.”
9. “I can’t wait to watch you burn.”
10. “You’re perfect.”
11. “You were a mistake.”
12. “I never loved you.”
13. “I loved you too much.” 
14. “Look a parrot.”
15. “Kiss me.”
16. “Let’s get out of here.”
17. “It’s over.”
18. “Oh, its just beginning.”
19. “You can’t get rid of me that easily.”
20. “It’s now or never.”


!Ask to be added!

( ●○ ) ; trust level [five (5) is max.]
( ❤ ) ; Lover
( ♡ ) ; Crush
( დ ) ; admiration
( ★ ) ; close friend
( ☑ ) ; friend
( ↝ ) ; acquaintance
( ≠ ) ; dislike
( ✘ ) ; strongly dislike
( ✃ ) ; wanted dead
( ? ) ; unsure feelings
( ! ) ; fear/scared of