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Mission: huge success! I'm really happy with the turnout. I brought with me the Brawl chibi magnets and stickers (that I was able to do on time), iPhone whale plushies, iPhone whale pillows, two nyan cat plushies, and three different poster designs, two of them being my Cortana and the Sheikah poster. This was my first time doing any sort of Artist Alley thing, and it went incredibly well! I sold out of all my little iPhone whale plushies, I only had one left of the pillow version, I sold out of the Sheikah print, and only had one Cortana left. No one bought my other print, which is fine because all the art I had to sell was unfortunately really old and I didn't have enough time to make anything new :faint: The Brawl magnets and stickers didn't sell too well though...there was one guy who came and bought one of each magnet (which is AWESOME and I love that guy, especially since he brought back another customer! :la: ). and I sold two stickers to one person, but unfortunately that was it. I wound up doing grab bags (and wrote "Swiggity Swag, what's in the bag?" on it, which a lot of people found hilarious XD) and sold three of those for ten dollars each; they were filled with two magnets and four stickers so it'd be two dollars off if you bought them individually. I'll still be finishing the series (next in line are ROB, Pikachu, and Ike,) and selling them on my Etsy for both magnet and sticker form though; right now it's listed as "made to order" but I have a whole bunch of surplus for the con, so I'll be going through that first before I make a new one. Since a lllooooootttttt of people like the whales (yay!) I'll be selling them on Etsy very shortly, in both their plushie and pillow versions! (And I'll be uploading a picture of them here too, since I didn't take one yet.)

I sat next to OmiOhMy and her partner, and they were the best neighbors ever AND my best customers! :iconlawooplz: They bought one of my whale pillows and were hugging it and dancing around with it the whole time, it was really awesome! Shattered-Earth was across from us, and she is super nice! I bought her Lollipop Chainsaw print (despite never having played the game myself XD) as well as four of her pins. karniz was definitely one of the greatest people I've ever spoken to; I had originally asked her a few months ago some advice for selling at AnimeNEXT since I've seen her the past few times I've been there, and she gave me some great words of wisdom as well as some super awesome trades! I even met SenshiStock, who recognized that my Cortana from referenced from her stock! I somehow didn't realize it was her until she said "Yay, it's me!" in which case I was too shocked to actually say anything XD You guys should watch all of these people, they're really cool and definitely deserve the recognition :D

My sales did pretty damn good and though I didn't cover all of my costs (more because plushies cost a lot to make, but I have a lot left over) I still sold so much and I had a great time! I'm definitely going to see if I can make this a yearly thing; AnimeNEXT is a good little con and I really enjoyed being a vendor there :D Hopefully I'll be taking a trip to Otakon this year as an attendee so I can enjoy the con experience instead of sitting around and never setting foot in the dealer's room XD I also got a whole bunch of spotpass tags on my 3DS, and got awesome hats which is the more important thing here XD

To all my new visitors from AnimeNEXT: thanks for stopping by and for your interest! :dummy: And thanks to everyone else who helped make this is a good experience :D

Also, I set up some new sites! They're still in the process of being perfected (since we had to rush to get them up before the con), but they're up!


Etsy: The Midnight Doe Productions


Art Tumblr coming soon!

Thanks again, everyone :iconlawooplz:
OmiOhMy Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Professional Artist
I'm really glad your sales went well!! And I'm glad you weren't totally annoyed by our dancing and obnoxious yelling. xD
CrustCringle Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Yay! I am so glad for you! :dance:
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