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Mission: huge success! I'm really happy with the turnout. I brought with me the Brawl chibi magnets and stickers (that I was able to do on time), iPhone whale plushies, iPhone whale pillows, two nyan cat plushies, and three different poster designs, two of them being my Cortana and the Sheikah poster. This was my first time doing any sort of Artist Alley thing, and it went incredibly well! I sold out of all my little iPhone whale plushies, I only had one left of the pillow version, I sold out of the Sheikah print, and only had one Cortana left. No one bought my other print, which is fine because all the art I had to sell was unfortunately really old and I didn't have enough time to make anything new :faint: The Brawl magnets and stickers didn't sell too well though...there was one guy who came and bought one of each magnet (which is AWESOME and I love that guy, especially since he brought back another customer! :la: ). and I sold two stickers to one person, but unfortunately that was it. I wound up doing grab bags (and wrote "Swiggity Swag, what's in the bag?" on it, which a lot of people found hilarious XD) and sold three of those for ten dollars each; they were filled with two magnets and four stickers so it'd be two dollars off if you bought them individually. I'll still be finishing the series (next in line are ROB, Pikachu, and Ike,) and selling them on my Etsy for both magnet and sticker form though; right now it's listed as "made to order" but I have a whole bunch of surplus for the con, so I'll be going through that first before I make a new one. Since a lllooooootttttt of people like the whales (yay!) I'll be selling them on Etsy very shortly, in both their plushie and pillow versions! (And I'll be uploading a picture of them here too, since I didn't take one yet.)

I sat next to OmiOhMy and her partner, and they were the best neighbors ever AND my best customers! :iconlawooplz: They bought one of my whale pillows and were hugging it and dancing around with it the whole time, it was really awesome! Shattered-Earth was across from us, and she is super nice! I bought her Lollipop Chainsaw print (despite never having played the game myself XD) as well as four of her pins. karniz was definitely one of the greatest people I've ever spoken to; I had originally asked her a few months ago some advice for selling at AnimeNEXT since I've seen her the past few times I've been there, and she gave me some great words of wisdom as well as some super awesome trades! I even met SenshiStock, who recognized that my Cortana from referenced from her stock! I somehow didn't realize it was her until she said "Yay, it's me!" in which case I was too shocked to actually say anything XD You guys should watch all of these people, they're really cool and definitely deserve the recognition :D

My sales did pretty damn good and though I didn't cover all of my costs (more because plushies cost a lot to make, but I have a lot left over) I still sold so much and I had a great time! I'm definitely going to see if I can make this a yearly thing; AnimeNEXT is a good little con and I really enjoyed being a vendor there :D Hopefully I'll be taking a trip to Otakon this year as an attendee so I can enjoy the con experience instead of sitting around and never setting foot in the dealer's room XD I also got a whole bunch of spotpass tags on my 3DS, and got awesome hats which is the more important thing here XD

To all my new visitors from AnimeNEXT: thanks for stopping by and for your interest! :dummy: And thanks to everyone else who helped make this is a good experience :D

Also, I set up some new sites! They're still in the process of being perfected (since we had to rush to get them up before the con), but they're up!


Etsy: The Midnight Doe Productions


Art Tumblr coming soon!

Thanks again, everyone :iconlawooplz:

Hi guys!

Just doing the usual whoa-it's-been-a-long-time-since-I-posted-a-journal-I-should-probably-do-that thing. I know I'm getting rid of the pretty journal buuttttt considering how old that one was, I think it's about time I post something again.

So how's everybody doing? I got a few things to announce. One: my computer is being a derp and isn't working correctly! Yay! :la: Pretty sure it's a battery problem but it sucks tremendously because I got all my homework and stuff to do so I need to get that fixed. Gotta call customer support since my warranty will cover it, but ehh. Most of my work has been in homework, and unfortunately it hasn't been anything interesting to post, but I'm trying to sketch during my free time! I really need to draw more, it honestly really bothers me how little personal projects I've been doing (chalk that up to lack of time at this rate, though.)

Two: I'm going vegan! :iconlawooplz: I know it's a little random but a few months ago was when I first started thinking about it. I just started the beginning of this year, so I'm not that far along with it, but I totally serious about it and I'm very happy with my decision. Just thought I'd let you guys know that; I'm not going to post rants about it or anything but I feel like it's an important step worth mentioning.

Three: I'm totally tired! :dummy: So I'm going to do what I do best and pretend I'm not and stay up for hours! Yay!

Hope you guys are all doing good, just stopping by and seeing how things are going :D
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Journal Entry: Fri May 18, 2012, 9:09 PM

Hey guys! First off before we get into the news I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH TO SleepyPyrotechnics FOR THE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! I was not expecting that at all so I can't even BEGIN to tell you how surprised and thankful I am! I've never been premium before and the last time I'd experienced any of that was all the way back when they used to give out free premium membership weeks back in like 2006 or something. Since this came so unexpectedly I was NOT prepared at all for this! I want to make absolutely the best experience I can out of this so I'll be working on spicing up my profile so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot of pretty things (and stamps! So excited to finally be able to use those!) very soon!

As far as art goes, I'm really happy to say that me and my friend OnlyMeAllTheTime are currently trying to get our first artist alley table this fall! I'm trying to work on making posters to sell and maybe other crafts over the summer so you will hopefully be seeing art from me very soon! Since AP Art ended last year I haven't really been drawing for what reason I don't really know, but since I've been in college I've met such great and amazing people that have gotten me inspired, and having a goal like an artist alley table has left me dreaming up posters to such a huge extent, I haven't felt this excited to draw since my earlier days on dA! Keep an eye out everyone, because hopefully you'll be seeing art from me very soon :D I'm going to try and make an effort to post more sketches and such too if I create more, since working on solely the Sheikah picture for three months made me realize that making big ambitious posters like that is only fun if you have something else to take it easy on XD

So thanks again, SleepyPyrotechnics for your generosity, and I hope all of you guys are doing well! :D I hope to be freshing up my page very soon (including a new avatar, since it's been 2 years!), but for now I will be using this journal skin here, which I got from… Hope to see more of you guys soon! :D

Stay awesome :iconimhappyplz:

Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo Favs with comments by KittiesGoShoot :thumb69681905: dA art appreciation stamp by Trent7 .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Art Defender Stamp by Loniface Anti Art Theft Stamp by Dark-Windsong
These are just the stamps that mean the most to me. To see the rest, check out my "custom" box in my profile!

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Well now, things have been a lot more busy than I expected since I got back. I have a very short Christmas break (only three weeks, going back Sunday) so each day has been whoa hanging out with millions of people. I've actually been working on some art that I'm really liking so far but I was a herp derp and left my tablet back at my dorm and unfortunately have not been able to finish it over my break, but hopefully I'll get time to work on it when I get back.

In other news, how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was small and quiet but nice, I got a new portfolio that is like super reinforced and waterproof so I am VERY HAPPY because my last one was made from two pieces of plastic and more taped corners than should be possible. My mom also gave me business cards along with a website so apparently I am now OFFICIAL although I didn't really ask for them and have no idea what to do with them because I don't feel I'm ready enough to sell prints yet. But indirectly I guess that's inspiring me to start drawing again so I can fill my website (which is currently blank) with stuff. Too bad I know nothing about web design either.

So just thought I'd say hi and see how everyone is doing. Hope you guys had a nice holiday and happy new year :D

So nearly a month into college and things aren't so bad. I keep getting a lot of work (three projects all due the same day? HURRRGGHH) but the whole college-aspect of it was easy to phase into. Just gotta get used to how they do things around here, certainly different than my school.

In other news, I remembered why I don't watch clubs. Almost 700 deviations, yikes! Gotta get on commenting and responding to everyone else's art too once I clear the clubs stuff out. As far as my own art goes I haven't really had a chance to do any. I'm majoring in Game Art so all of my attention has been put into that, plus a friend of mine asked for me to do a concept art piece for his own game idea. Things are going pretty ok on that end though.

In the meantime, YOU GUYS ARE ALL AMAZING AND I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH YOU ALL IMPROVED! That's more a general statement because I haven't really gotten a chance to look at anyone's art yet, but it's what I've been thinking for a while, so I just had to say it :D

And yeah, off to those comments
So hey everyone! Before I say anything I just want to thank you all for the support and kind words you gave me last entry :D I know it's been a while but it still means very much to me, especially since news about the new 9/11 memorial is popping up.

So anyway I've been preparing for college for the past couple of weeks, and recently my mom finally got me a laptop. To be honest I never really liked laptops but of course I needed to get one for college, so I've been mainly spending my time trying to get everything set up (fixing preferences, making sure it has the stuff I'll need, etc.) Unfortunately it freaked out at one point and we had to wipe the damn thing so I had to spend more time trying to fix everything once again. Damn newfangled technology. It's all fancy though with its Windows 7 and its I-had-no-idea-that-number-existed resolution of 1920x1080 or something like that. Still like my desktop though, as bulky and slow as it is.

So anyway! Been doing art, but different than what I normally do. Despite the fact that my last bass lesson was nearly a month ago I wanted to give my teacher a personal gift, so I've been trying to draw him something but it's taking up more time than I thought. I want to get it done by Thursday though, since he only works Mondays and Thursdays over the summer and Friday I'll be heading to Otakon for the weekend with some friends.

Which brings me to my next point of I am also secretly making a cosplay yet again! This time it's Lilith from Borderlands. It's nearly done but I've been spending pretty much every free moment I had working on that damn thing. Certainly learned a lot since Sheik, I'll tell you that!

Also it's hot out. And that's the end of my story.
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Nah just kidding.

AP Art is done, and MAN that was way more stressful than it had to be. Soooo many things went wrong, especially on the day of the test, but I am DONE and I am no longer forced to lose my sanity. Yay!

So now that things are done I'll be submitting some of the art I did. Only the ones I think are best though, there's a lot of really crappy/rushed ones but shh you don't need to see them.

Well this is a bit off-topic now, and I'm sure no matter where you live you've certainly heard the news by now, but Osama bin Laden is dead. I'm sure most of you probably don't care so much about it, and 9/11 happened when I was too young to really understand, but this actually means a lot to me.

(Commence sappy story)

Well most of you guys already know this, but I live in New York, and I'm only about an hour away from New York City. My dad actually works as a fireman there, and he was there the day 9/11 happened. He was actually one of the first to report on the scene, and I just recently found out that out of his whole group of about 200 people, he was the only survivor.

The night the news was announced, I was on the computer when my sister came in. She didn't tell me the news at first, instead she came to me in near-tears asking me if I ever realized how lucky we are that our dad survived 9/11. I told her we were so young when it happened, it just never really clicked until I got older. That's when she told me the news about Bin Laden's death.

My dad doesn't really talk about 9/11, and when he does he tries to make light of it, since that's just the kind of person he is, but he lost a lot of people that day. He knows loads of people in the services across the city, and he used to be a cop so he knows what scenes like that are like. I haven't heard what he thinks of the news, but I'm sure he's more than happy that the bastard responsible for all those deaths is finally dead. Regardless of how young I was and how much I remember it, 9/11 was still a scary day for me. The day it happened there were so many kids leaving school early, including myself and my sister, and we spent hours at home waiting for dad to get back. He made it back, but the police car he was using at the time had a blown out window and was totally dirty. He wouldn't tell us what happened. The next few weeks he spent cleaning up the wreckage and looking for survivors, and every day he came home late.

My parents have been divorced since I was 9, but even now my mom still worries about all the dust from the wreckage and how it might have affected my dad's health. My dad is actually perfectly healthy, thank god, and that health bill was recently passed so anyone who has any 9/11-related illnesses can get health care for it if something does happen to him.

I know that was just a sudden change of mood, but the news came so suddenly and only now do I fully understand what happened. I love my dad and love him for what he does, and look up to his bravery for running in there the moment it happened to help so many people he didn't even know.

I'm not really asking for sympathy or praise or anything like that, I'm just expressing how I feel. From the daughter of a man in service who was there the day it happened, I hope you understand how much of a big deal this is. No one can justifying killing an innocent, let alone thousands of people. The fact that the man responsible finally got what was coming to him is definitely one of the best things I've heard in a long time.

Sorry for that emotional bit there. I'll get submitting on that art soon enough.
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Oh wow, dA, stop changing things on me :ohnoes: This new journal writing thing is so werid...

Anyways, just thought I'd say hey kids, I'm still around and whatnot. Wanted to get rid of that old journal since it's almost a year old :ohnoes: I just came back from a week vacation so that's why I've been so quiet. Well, I have been quiet for a while XD; But I'm still here, just kinda floating around. Sorry for being so slow with everything :ohnoes: But then again that's never really changed.

So yeah, that's all really. Just getting rid of that old journal. You may proceed with your day now, no need to pay attention to this really
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Oh god.

I'm just going to copy and paste what I wrote on the announcement notice:

"I know this message will get burried within two seconds of submitting it, but as with most, I do not like this version.

Now, I have been a memeber since 2005, and yes, dA has certainly been going in the right direction. I remember dA V5, and compared to everything else, it was just horrible. Only one deviation per page was shown, profiles just looked weird. Then we got to V6 and 7 and I really enjoyed how it gave things that were previously available to only premium members, such as viewing and responding to messages right in the message center. Four deviations per page, customizing it anyway you want.

Now everything seems squished. I understand this update was just put into effect today and there's a lot to work out, but I really don't like how it is right now. First off, I use transparent backgrounds. Why is is that, in its small views, the background will be transparent, yet when full viewed the image gets all blocky and pixalted like the thumbnails? How can I encourage people to view my artwork like that if the quality is just shattered?

Also, for the life of me, I cannot even find all the options within the deviations as I had before. How can I even favorite pieces if I can't even find the button?

I do have to say, though, I REALLY am glad that there are little "Comment please!" messages and the like now. I can't even begin to tell you how irked I get when I recieve so many favorites but no comments--hopefully this will spark things up.

Now, most importantly: I CANNOT EVEN GET TO THE MESSAGE CENTER WITHOUT MY INTERNET CRASHING!!! Now honestly, how the hell am I able to even be here if I can't even access my messages? I mean, what's the point? My internet has had problems before with dA, but not to this extent. I've tried refreshing, restarting, nothing works. I understand you need time to fix the glitches, but please.

Overall, I believe any new additions, such as the comment reminders, could have gone with the old version. This version is buggy, unappealing, and overall confusing. I know we will get used to it as we have other versions, but at the moment if I can't even access my messages, there's not much I can do here."

So yeah. My message center DOESN'T FREAKING WORK. I can't even get there wihout my internet crashing. Damn it, guys. This is so annoying :iconohnoesplz:
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Oh god, this is crazy :ohnoes: I've got to say that dA really went to extreme measures for this year's April Fool's takeover--this is way more awesome than the Mudkip takeover, in an odd sort of way XD;; They even changed the signitures and everything. But who the hell is Team Seeker? :ohnoes:

Anyway, so guys, a friend of mine joined dA a few days ago. Behold, Disconnect-The-Hype! She doesn't have a scanner, so she came over to my house and we got her account and everything all set up. Her pictures are AMAZING--she's a traditional anime artist, but GOD is her stuff detailed. Right now she's only got two deviations set up since that's all we had time for, but I put the rest of the stuff we scanned in her storage so keep an eye out! Hopefully she'll post the rest of her stuff eventually!

She doesn't have a computer, either, so she might not get to your comments right away. But she still deserves a look! Check her out!

Anyway, just stopping by to say hello. April Fools rocks.

Also, I still miss you, MiseryPsychosis D:
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Huh...hello? Are you guys still around? :ohnoes: I'm shocked to know that my messages aren't piling up to the hundreds like it used to. And I totally just realized that pretty much everyone I know has either left dA or has become extremely unactive. MiseryPsychosis/WastedPursuit just dissappeared all the sudden without word, and I have no other way of contacting her D: Not only that, but pretty much half of my closest friends don't go on anymore. My favorite artists have left, including my idols like Airlight, and those that are still here hardly make themselves known anymore.

Now, by no means am I complaining. I COMPLETELY understand that we're all growing up, losing interest, or getting busy with our own lives. I guess I'm just saying that I miss the old days of 2006-2007. It seems like once we hit 2008, everything just seemed to slowly dissappear, including myself :ohnoes: I miss all you guys. I miss the people I used to talk to, the conversations I used to have, the art I used to see. Again, I COMPLETELY understand that we can't be here forever, but man...nostalgia sucks D:

So yeah, just had to let that out. I'm sure you guys are still around, but I definetly don't talk to most of you guys as often as I used to. Which really sucks, because you guys are my best friends in the entire damn world, and I don't care if it's just on the internet D: Even those of you whom I just talk to occasionally.
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Yes. Very fun. Especially when they KILL your internet. Aggggghhhhh my god. I hate my internet and these stupid viruses. My internet got knocked out not too long ago and I was hoping that it was just down, but everyone else's was working so OF COURSE it has to be a problem with my computer. After running a virus scan I didn't pick up anything, but my stepdad managed to fix it and he says that there was a virus on it or something. Isn't that just great, kids?

Also, my internet has decided to adopt this annoying thing where on certain pages at random times it will give me an abort message and the website would just die. It usually happens with the Fail Blog pages, but not dA is doing that too. AAHHHHHHHH seriously!

So anyway, how was your Christmas, guys? I got pretty much all I wanted, which is awesome. And I managed to eat triple my weight in awesome food 8D Yay! Also, for like the past month I dedicated ALL my free time to sowing my mom a Christmas present--a chao plushie. It didn't come out as amazing as it should have, but not bad for a first try. I got stuck like five times so some of it looks a bit ehh and the head fell off in the middle of it. But now it's all done and hopefully it'll STAY TOGETHER. Unlike Philly, whose ear I had to repair for the third time. Anyway, I'll be sure to get some pictures of it up soon, along with that other thing I've been working on. It's pretty much done, but the top is bothering me so I might restart it.

By the way, life needs a Crtl+Z. Plenty of times when I was sowing that chao I managed to break the string and I immediately thought, "Crap crap crap Crtl+Z!" and then cried when I remembered that reality sucks. Depression D:

So yeah, that's it.
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Wow, I come on today and notice that my profile says "deviant for four years". Apparently, as of today, I'm officially four years old deviantART wise. Wow. I can remember when I first joined this site. We're all old, you guys :ohnoes:

Anyway, driver's ed sucks. Blocking out basically my entire night Mondays and Tuesdays. I don't mind actually driving, althought I'm not the kind to jump in the driver's seat right away, however I HATE lecture. It's just so freaking BORING. We learn more in the actual driving class, seriously.

So, right now I'm actually coloring something. It's really just a doodle, but it's a surprisingly good doodle, so expect to see that soon. In other news, I've been taking Digital Darkroom Photography in school, and by that I mean use a film camera to take pictures and edit them on Photoshop. Our teacher doesn't like us going overboard with the editing, but if something nice comes out, I'll post it up here.

Fear not, my dear fellows! I am in fact doing things! Remember, driver's ed sucks! And so do pop essays!

Oh yeah, I saw 2012 the other day. That's one depressing movie, man. More explosions than a Michael Bay movie. And a LOT of people die. And it's all going to happen in a few years! Yay! :iconimhappyplz:
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Hey guys! So, my entire computer has been acting up for whatever reason. I just ran a virus scan and it said that nothing's eating away at my crap, so I don't know what the deal is.

Anyway, not much has been going on. School starts as of Tuesday, and I pity those of you who are already stuck in it (har har). I also finally finished that thing I've been working on for like ever now, and as long as my internet doesn't blow up again, I'll be posting it like right after I finish typing this.

And wow, short journal. There's really not much to say other then I'm still alive. This journal isn't necessarily important, so you guys don't have to comment. Keep a look out for that new piece, though. I can't believe it'll be like the fourth thing I posted in an entire year :ohnoes: Geeze.
Ugh, I hate timing again. This week has just been so weird--nothing was happening for a while, and then all the sudden, BOOM, unnecessary things pop up.

I JUST got the time now to get on and tell you guys that I'm going to be on vacation until the 13th as of tomorrow, but the day after I get back I'll be going to a place that's two hours away from here that we'll be spending all day in, that Saturday I'll be going to a concert, and then the day after that my cousins who I haven't seen since Thanksgiving will be coming to visit. So I might not even be on until Monday, but if I get the chance, I'll jump on as soon as I can!

I'll be in a car for nine hours driving to a place that'll be over 100 degrees the entire time (and no, it's not Florida), so I won't be on AT ALL Thursday since we'll be driving back then. Whoop-deedly-doo, huh?

Seriously. I think I'm cursed. Timing just sucks for me--it's been really crappy the past few days, and now we have to go on vacation and do all the other crap. Damn it!

But in good news, I'm about halfway through coloring something, and I'm actually liking it so far. I can't believe it's almost been an entire year and I've only posted two things--damn, I really need to catch up D:

I feel like a complete jerk now, seriously. Every chance I get, I try to spend with you guys, but soon get torn away due to some unecessary reason. Argh, I hate drama.

I'm so tired of appologizing, honestly, I am. If only I had an iPhone or something--keeping up would be so much easier!

Don't worry, guys. As soon as I get back I'll be sure to catch up. Until then, I'll see you later!
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Geeze, that was more annoying than anything. I'm so sorry about that, you guys! Obviously, my internet is working again, but I seriously think you guys need a REAL explanation other than five words I can manage to write before my internet blows up.

Ok, so, at first my internet was acting unsually slow. It would take unsually long to load a page, and it was just unbareable. I gave the internet a few days, hoping it would work some other time. I do have a bad history with my internet, so I figured it's just the company having some problems. To test that theory, I asked my mom and my friend who has the same service, and they both told me their internet was bad. After a few days had gone by I got on to check out my internet. It still could hardly load. Knowing that I had to tell you guys, I got on deviantART anyway and left that first journal.

Then a week goes by. Nothing's improving. I talk to my mom, and her internet's freaking out, but my friend's isn't. We thought that maybe it was just our house having the problems, and my stepdad said that it could be that all the rain we got (it rained EVERY SINGLE DAY during June, and I'm not kidding) that maybe some water got into the wires and screwed some stuff up. He said give it a few more days, and so I did.

Then I tried going on again. Instead of taking five minutes to load just one page, my internet decided it didn't want to load at all. As soon as I tried to bring up the internet, it said that IE wasn't responding, and it did that EVERY TIME. When I managed to get deviantART loaded, I left that second message, and sure enough, as soon as I posted it, my internet crashed. Three time. THREE FREAKIN' TIMES.

I talked to my stepdad about it, and he figured out why my mom's computer was freaking out, but he said mine should be working by now. I was feeling nervous, and sure enough, when I tried going my computer freezes as soon as I turned it on. My stepdad spent thirty minutes trying to get it to work, and when it finally did, he told me to leave it alone for the rest of the day. That's when I left the final message on my sister's laptop. Once I got on the next day, I tried to open the internet and it crashes right away. I talk to my stepdad, and he said he'd work on it while I was on vacation.

So then I went on vacation. I came back, my computer's fixed, my internet works, and now I've got a portable harddrive incase anything blows up again.

So I hope that solved things out. I figured it could be my computer, since it was running unusually slow, and my stepdad said that I probably had a virus or something. What have we learned today, kids? Well, turns out my computer freaked out because the memory chips went bad or something, so if your computer flips out, blame the memory!

Today's my "figure out how to set up Xbox LIVE" day, so as of tomorrow I'll be jumping on and responding to messages. Let's hope I don't go through anymore problems from here on out!
Ok guys, so you know how my internet's been acting up and everything? Well, I tried to get on today, and my computer froze RIGHT when I turned it on. I freaked, and my stepdad told me to reboot it. So I did, but the thing wouldn't go on. Now we're freaking out because my computer's not working and we don't know what's wrong with it.

I'm so nervous about it right now--that thing has my life on there and extremely valuable stuff, and I was in the middle of writing a story that I am so damn proud of. We're going to leave it alone and see how it is tomorrow, but I'm just freaking out so bad right now.


I honestly thought it was the internet, guys, but I knew something was weird. But my computer? My barely two-years computer? This is scaring the crap out of me.

Before you ask, I'm on my sister's latop, and she's lying in her bed right now waiting for me to get off, so no, I can't be on until my computer's fixed. When that'll be, I don't know. Just want to let you guys know, though, incase I don't get on to tell you, I'll be on vacation July 4th-11th. So if I'm not on then, don't worry, I'm not dead.

This really sucks you guys D: I miss you guys so much. Send my computer get-well cards, ok?

PS-I hate typing on laptops

Double PS-Did you guys hear that Billy Mayes died? Damn it, he was awesome. I loved his show. RIP, Mr. Oxi Clean.
Well hell guys, I'm really sorry for just dropping out like that for a few days D: Truth is--and I swear to god this is true--my internet's been crapping out recently. It takes like five minutes just to load ONE PAGE, and it's seriously been bugging the hell out of me. I gave it a few days to see how it'd be, but it still is REALLY crappy. Turns out it might be the internet service in general--my mom's told me that her internet is also going really slow, and my friend who has the same internet company is also having internet problems.

Guys, I am honestly SO SO SO SO SO sorry for not being on. Honestly, it sucks so bad D: I was so glad to be back and now my internet is absolutely TERRIBLE and I'm afraid that even just posting this is hard to do (ten bucks says that as soon as I post this I get a "Page Can't Be Found" crap).

I'll give the internet a little more time and see if it can fix itself. If it can't, I honestly don't know what I can do, but I will at least try to get on (as long as it doesn't crap out, at least).

After disappearing like that, I knew I had to leave this journal to at least let you guys know where I've been. I told you guys I'd never do that again, and I'm staying with it!

So, we'll see how my connection works. I hope to see you guys again soon!

EDIT: Oh my god, I HATE timing!

So you know what happens? My internet works again. But guess what? I have finals, so of course I have no time to be on the computer (I'm sneaking on to let you guys know this, right now I should be studying.) Tomorrow's my last final, but my internet keeps jumping around. And then guess what? Now my internet, for like the past week, keeps crapping out!

My mom's still having problems with her internet and it's giving her work trouble. I can't be on the internet for more than five minutes without the page crashing because it "can't respond" or whatever. Everytime I try to get on in the free time that I have, my internet DIES and then I have to start all over again.

God. This is SO annoying.

I swear to god, guys, I thought for sure that BY FREAKIN' NOW my internet wouldn't be committing suicide everytime I try to get on, but looks like I'm just a bad luck magnet (which really sucks, considering how my favorite data in Fable II got bombed becasue my XBOX froze itself while it was saving. There goes twenty plus hours of playtime.)

I miss you guys D: Sorry about my internet--I swear to god I'm going to eat someone if this stupid connection doesn't shape up.
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UPDATE: I thought that this little update wasn't much to get its own journal, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't been on because I have been trying to draw a poster for my friend's birthday and I dedicated all of my free time to that. I'm done with it now, luckily, so I'll be able to -hopefully- get on now.

Well, I think I've gotten used to the new dA now--enough, at least. Geeze, I never knew that I could miss so much and have such an impact on you guys! I'm still more than sorry for doing that, and I'm so glad to be back!

I've done a lot while I was gone, but writing and drawing wasn't one of them. I'm so happy to say that I'm actually drawing again, and they're actual, serious attempts that I plan on posting! Before I was lucky if I could even doodle; I realized it was because I was so emotioanlly torn due to the reasons why I was away. Now that they're over (hopefully) and now that I'm taking to you guys again, I can feel my drawing skills coming back!

Unfortunetly, that entire time I did nothing for UVUE. You guys still remember that, right? I plan to hopefully write a new addition to it soon, but right now I've got homework I should be doing.

And crap, WastedPursuit got me with the tag thing D: I'll use it as an excuse to give you guys an update on myself.

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs


1. While I was away I got into video games a lot more. I'm now a fan of Halo, Mirror's Edge, Prince of Pesia: The Sands of Time and the 2008 Prince of Persia, Left 4 Dead, and finally, Dead Space. My mom also bought me Fable II and BioShock, but I've yet to play them. I also got the newest Tomb Raider game, which I've always been interested in, but haven't played it in a long time.
2. I'm still drawing fan art, but for other thigns besides Sonic. Recently I finished drawing for Dead Space which I hope to color soon. I've also had the urge to draw completely random things; why, I don't know, but it's all original art.
3. I've become way more of a gamer and a geek than I was before, so much to the point where my friends get annoyed at me because I can quote any part of a dialogue of a game. Yup, I'm that obsessed.
4. I've become addicted to limited edition items. I pre-order most of my games now because they usually offer art books or something else that's totally awesome that I want because I'm too afraid I'll never see the stuff again. You can blame past experiences on that.
5. I've started a collection of action figures of the Elites from Halo. Currently, my collection includes: Spec. Ops. Grunt (Halo 2); Active Camo Elite (Halo 1); Red Elite (Halo 1); White Muliplayer Elite (Halo 2); Heretic Elite and the leader (Halo 2); and finally, Blue Combat Elite (Halo 3).I hope to one day have the Arbiter from the Halo 2 series join that collection. I also eagerly await the arrival of the Isaac Clarke action figures from Dead Space, both the regular and San Diego Comic Con. exclusive ones.
6. I've offically set my sights on being an in-game model animator. I took a class of 3D modeling for Blender, but became fascinated with animation. Currently I'm trying to find any classes that offer specifically game animation.
7. I'm obsessed with Rush for the moment. Right now I've got seven albums from them, one of them being a three-disc set, and two concert CD's. Those were mainly presents.
8. Our power was out for a few hours today because they're residing my house and I re-discovered the joys of reading. Right now I'm reading The Road and finishing up Eldest, with Brisingr on the way.

I think that basically brough you guys up to date. Hopefully I'll be posting some things soon!

PS-Why does dA find it necessary to tell me that my own art in my own gallery way made by me? I honestly don't see why my own name in my own gallery is more important than the stupid DATE the images were uploaded.

I've been sitting here ignoring my homework for the past few hours. I just got finished writing a reply to a friend of mine on, who told me that he really misses me. And my reply was simple--I can't find time with my stupid life anymore.

Then I thought about you guys.

I can't believe I did that. Honestly, I can't believe it. I left you guys alone since October. Since October. I didn't even give you guys a heads-up that my life sucks and will keep me away for a long time.

And I hate myself for it.

What happened to me? God, I wish I could just pour it all out. But if I did that it would be a total of ten pages, and I know you guys don't want to read that. I'll try my best to sum it up. Basically, this is what's been going on.

My friend, my best friend since fourth grade, has completely torn me up due to things that I can't go into detail with. We've been going at it since September, and I finally cut the chord about a month ago. But we're still going at it--she's completely mistreating her boyfriend, who's my close friend, and trashing her life. He's finally breaking up with her today, but I'm still emotionally scarred.

I have a life now. I used to be somebody who'd go to school, come home, jump on here and talk to you guys and surf the web because I had nothing else to do. Now? I've got a huge group of my friends, and I hang out with them every chance I get.

And I left you guys. I completely left you guys. I've had nightmares, and I'm serious, about it. I can't believe I did that to you.

I should have at least got on and said hey, I'm sorry, but I won't be able to get on anymore. And I didn't, and I'll forever regret it.

You guys aren't just people I talk to. You're my friends. My actual, best friends. I've met two of you guys in real life--you mean that much to me. So why did I do that? I don't know. I honestly don't know.

I kept thinking to myself that I haven't drawn anything in a while, therefore I really didn't have a reason to get on here anymore. But no, I had you guys. I STILL have you guys.

I feel like crying. Yes, I'm over-reacting, I realize. But you guys seriously mean so much to me. I can't believe I've left you alone for that long. Those nightmares are frequent, and I even tell my friends about this.

And today I thought, no, no, that's enough. I wanted to wait until I could just smash in with a niece piece of art but I thought screw it, I'm not waiting anymore.

Sorry is an overused expression. I'm more than sorry--I'm devestated that I threw away my life like that. I've been trying to write in my free time, since I can express myself more that way, but I still felt guilty for not going on deviantART.

And I will forever regret it.

I've got 300 messages, 3 notes. I'm afraid I'll have to delete everything. Start again.

I've got to know. How many of you guys are still out there? Are you guys still willing to talk to me? I hate myself for what I did, and all I wish is that we can start again.

Starting today.

I'm going to get on as much as I can now. I'm going to talk to you guys. I'm going to post things. I don't care if I post something every other month if I'm lucky. You guys are the reason why I go onto this site. I'm staying here.

I feel so bad right now. I'm sorry, I appologize, I'd shower you all in gifts if I could. I had no right to leave you guys, my best friends, alone for months like that. I don't care what I've been going through, or how emotionally torn I am, not talking to you guys is what made it worse.

I'm going to start commenting, replying, going back to how it used to be.

I can't say this enough. I'm sorry. It's ok if you're mad at me, and I encourage you guys to tell me how you feel.

You guys are forever my friends.

I really don't know how to end this journal, so I'll just leave it at that. Please comment--I'll respond to it as soon as I can.