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Neopets Faeries Cosplay by Candy-Ice Neopets Faeries Cosplay by Candy-Ice

And it's coming at you and bright and terrible colors wHOA

So it's been a while since I've stopped by and really done anything, and while I'm still working on some art I decided I might as well put these photos together into a collage-thing and post it. So behold! Our Neopets cosplays! I'm sure you guys remember Neopets and how that was such a big part of our lives at one point, and I got to say now that I've grown up more I'm suddenly attracted to the idea of the site again (it's a shame they sold out though...le sigh.) Anyway the faeries were always my favorites, and a while ago I saw some beautiful cosplays made for the many important faeries of the site. I sent a picture of it to my sister and as a joke I said we should totally do that too. Turns out she surprised me and said she'd be totally willing to do a faerie cosplay with me. And so this was born! I made both the costumes myself and basically planned everything, from what faeries we would be to walking around with those plushies just to make sure people would get who we were supposed to be XD I decided to do Illusen and Jhudora as they are pretty much rival sisters and I thought they'd be more recognizable and have a much better theme than a general faerie. I thought my sister would make a great Illusen so I chose that for her, and although Jhudora isn't my favorite I decided to be her myself.

This is the first time my sister and I have cosplayed together, and I have to say it was a lot of fun! As a gift to her for her graduation, I made both of our costumes. With this only being my third (and fourth, I suppose) cosplays, there were some things on here that were firsts for me. Well actually, basically all of it was. The was the first time I had sown a dress, first time I had combined two different wigs, first time I had to change the colors of shoes, first time I had to make wings, first time I had to go on a mission and see if green lipstick even exists (it doesn't), and first time I've had to wear that horribly obnoxious green nail polish.

Anyway! Unfortunately these projects were surprisingly huge and I had to rush most of it towards the end. Quite a bit of it was done on the last day, such as the shoes (unfortunately we couldn't get the ribbon on my sister's legs to stay), the gloves, and both of the wings. This was also the day after my sister's prom so she wasn't around to check measurements with and get a proper fitting for the wings, so I had to do it myself, which was interesting. Overall I think these came out rather ok; they're not the best but we had a huge blast at the con! A lot of people recognized us, which I was super surprised about because I was totally terrified everyone forgot about Neopets and would have no idea what we were supposed to be XD We got these shots at the free photoshoot they were having at the con, and it's been sitting in my files for a while since the con was a couple months ago. I have no idea if we'll wear these again, especially considering the wings are pretty much destroyed now, but my sister had fun so we might do another cosplay pair in the future!

Anyway, hope you guys like it :D
CrustCringle Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
GOOD LORD. I couldn't even remember Illusen's name, that's how long it's been!

Excellent job on both costumes, especially for your first time on many of the pieces. I like the wigs especially. I don't know much about cosplay or sewing, so I'm afraid I don't really have anything constructive to say. :ohnoes:
Candy-Ice Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
WHY THANK YOU GOOD SIR I know it's been like forever since I even touched Neopets XD I checked on it to see how things were like a couple months ago and wow it changed horrriiblly now.

But anyway, thank you :D And I thought you used to cosplay bro what happened to that Pyramid Head from like a lifetime ago?
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