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I get a lot of questions about the prices for my pictures and I decided to make more detailed price list, as I don't have much time to reply every letter about it.

Here are basic prices. Depending on details of the picture, the price can be a bit higher or lower, so send me detailed description of what you want me to draw.

Price-list for Commissions:

Commission price list - NEW by Candra

Commission price list - NEW by Candra

I accept payments via Western Union and the transfer charge will be paid by customer. I require 50% prepay and 50% after your approval of the sketch. If you are more comfortable with paying the whole sum upfront, you are welcome to do so. If the price of your comission is below 100 USD, I will ask for 100% prepay.
You also can pay me with MoneyGram, Leader and Contact.
Paypal use can be negotiable. Paypal has extra charges when I receive money, and those charges will be added on top of commission price.

I will draw:
Original Characters
Anthro - ears&tails
Action scene
Maybe more just ask
I will not draw
Anime, cartoon style
Comics page
Maybe more just ask

More Commissions Info:
- I draw only digital art, otherwise art would be a printout, and I'm not responsible if the original art will be lost at post-office.
- I don't draw in anime-style, but if you want to see somebody anime-character in my style, I can do this:)
- Fan-art, nudity, slash, yuri, yaoi or shonen-ai is OK.
- Please describe what you want with as much details as possible.
- I will send you the work in the process on every stage of creating picture.
- Commissions with a deadline automatically have higher priority over other commissions without a deadline.
- When making deadlines, please allow at least one month for the product to be completed.
- The final works will have my signature as author. The final artwork is the client's property for any use that he/she wants to give. I have the right to use the artwork as the part of my personal portfolio. I have the right to post the finished commission in my personal gallery.
- In case that you have changed your mind to commission me for some reason, please, inform me about it so I could start working on someone's else commission earlier.
© 2008 - 2021 Candra
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I am interested in a rendition of the harpy in my novel I am writing. I like the harpy you have already created, however mine has a different color scheme. I am happy to send a copy of the description and a rough rendition of the face.

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OK, I can draw it for you, no problem. You can send references and details to my email . Also please choose painting style you like, digital painting, comics style or traditional media, and I'll tell you price for the work.

How much would something like your Werewolf Girl go for? Thanks!
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Write me in PM, what would you like

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so how much does traditonal media commission cost compared to the digital media?
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It depend on material that I use, liners, markers or watercolors. But mostly price for fully traditional art is the same as digital. But in case of traditional art I can send you not only scan but also a paper original too.
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Do you do Insta set commissions??
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Are you still open for commision?? Would love to talk more about it
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Tell me please what you want. I can draw it for you in traditional media now, but if you want digital, due to my heavy workload I can do it only in a early summer.
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If you're open, I'd like to commission single character image for a character in one of my books. Similar to Thranduil with long white-blond hair, slender, tall. How do I send details?
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Please, write me on e-mail
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Are you taking new commissions at the moment?
I would be interested in commissioning a picture, that I later want to get tattoo on side of calf.
I've been looking for the right artist to draw the picture for a while now, but it never "clicked"... then I saw your gorgeous, amazing Thrandul pictures. The commission would be Silmarillion inspired.
Not sure what category it would fall in, but if you are willing to take on a new commissison, I can send you a note with the details.
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I will gladly take your commission. Please give me detailed description of what you want, chose painting style and tell me which size your tattoo will be and in which part of the body do you want to place it? It is very important because tattoo must follow the curves of your body and detailing will depend on size of tattoo for it not be too empty or overloaded with little details. Just one thing - due to my heavy workload I will drawing slightly slow.
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Oh thank you, I’m glad you are willing to take this on.


Time is not so important, of course it would be nice if I could get the tattoo made in June, so I can “show it off” in summer, but it is more important for me that the picture meets my expectations. I will send you a list with all the detailed specifications and also reference pictures (e. g. concerning the pose, facial features, …). I also like to have some elvish writing included, I already requested the tengwar transcription and am waiting for the transcribed text. It’s not much text, just one short line and maybe another singe word. It will take me a couple of days to assemble all the info and write it down properly (English is not my native tongue).


Do you prefer me to send you the details as E-Mail or via a note on DA?

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I prefer correspond via email. My address: Send me all the information and references, I'll tell you price for the work and then we can discuss details. And I will definitely will do your commission before june - I am not so slow even when I am busy with a lot of work:)
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I knew it would be pricey because your work is AMAZING... but now I know I have NO hope to get anything from you xD
What is the cost for using your pics for promotional material with a logo?  We are starting a ladies club and would love for your work to be our club image. As well as we'd like to hire you to do future images/paintings for us each year as 1 lady each year will be gifted with a painting done by you in the same image with the honored ladies face on it.
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If I had the money I'd hire you right off the bat...but for now I'll just add you to my list. maybe when I publish my book I'll hire you to make it's cover?
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OK, write to me when you'll be ready.
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Quick question... What category would art like "Graverobber and Delirium" fall under?
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Comic book style with detailed background.
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Goodness, your works are absolutely lovely... I will certainly be keeping you in mind for commissions...
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Just a quick question, If I ordered a commission for a cover of a book series I am writing and you agree to do it, would I be able to "count on" you doing future commission work for the following books? I would like all the covers to be in the same style is why I ask.
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