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Patreon, Gumroad, Ko-Fi and Me:)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 21, 2018, 8:25 AM

Untitled-1 by Candra

I remind you that  all my old Patreon Rewards Packs is available at Gumroad:

Also, if you like my work, I will be very grateful if you support me by donating on Ko-fi.  

And, of course, my most recent and exclusive content, as always, for my patrons

Thanks so much for your great help and support!

New Goal on Patreon (Get 100 Patrons)

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 27, 2017, 9:31 AM

Instaart - Emma Frost (NSFW on Patreon) by Candra=> Emma Frost (SFW version) by Candra  Instaart - Starfire (NSFW optional) by Candra=> Starfire (SFW version) by Candra
Instaart - Makoto (NSFW on Patreon) by Candra=> Makoto (NSFW on Patreon) by Candra  Instaart - Bayonetta (NSFW on Patreon) by Candra=> Bayonetta (SFW version) by Candra
Instaart - Sailor Moon (NSFW on Patreon) by Candra=> Sailormoon by Candra  Instaart - Widowmaker (NSFW optional) by Candra=> Widowmaker by Candra
Instaart - Mercy (NSFW on Patreon) by Candra=> Mercy - witch skin (SFW version) by Candra  Instaart - Lyssa Drak (NSFW on Patreon) by Candra=> Lyssa Drak - SFW version by Candra

As I began to draw topless girls sketches, I periodically began to get assumption that it would be nice to see them in color, but unfortunately due to my heavy workload I have no time for that, but idea is good. So I desided to put on a new goal on my Patreon. When I have 100 patrons, I promise to dye all the girls I already drew and also paint in color all girls that I'll draw in the future (first b/w sketch and then color version). Thank you for your interest!

Also in the near future I'm going to rework a bit and add a list of awards (add polls, teasers, etc.) Keep checking for updates!

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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 9:38 AM

Please write in comment which female characters from games/comics etc you are want me to draw in my NSFW sketches. Sometime it is hard for me to decide which girl to draw so it might be useful:) (Smile)

UPD: Thanx all for good ideas and great roster of characters, some of of them I will definitely draw in the future:))

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Journal Entry: Mon May 30, 2016, 2:36 PM

  1. Dan -   In Progress
  2. Purple1980 - Done
  3. 1panathas - Done.
  4. TheSbipso - Done.
  5. AlisaChalis - Planned 
  6. Quelsaruk - Planned
  7. Pieshala - Planned 
  8.  Ryan Wells- Planned 
  9. Pwesty - Done
  10. cstrumila  - Done
  11. nautiwood - Planned
  12. sirenabonita - Done
  13. CANNIBALIX - Planned
  14. TexasRanger55 - Done
  15. ArayelAzet-bur - Done

Art Requests: No. Sorry.
Art Trades: No, sorry.

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My RedBubble store

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 2, 2016, 2:58 PM

New products in my RedBubble store for everyone interested in buying my prints. Check it out!

  1. VLDreyer  - Planning.
  2. Caraig - Done.
  3. Pwesty - Planning.
  4. ocoigligh - Done.
  5. DarkElixir - Planning.
  6. DM - Planning.
  7. Dan - Done.
  8. Caios - In Progress.
  9. nautiwood - Planning.

Art Requests: No. Sorry.
Art Trades: No, sorry.

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Commission status: OPEN

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2011, 5:18 AM

Stamp: Commissions - Open by czupa-czups

I'm openning commissions. I have seven slots available and they will be spread out through January to May.

Commission status: OPEN by Candra


  1. VLDreyer  - Planning.
  2. Caraig - Done.
  3. Pwesty - Planning.
  4. ocoigligh - In Progress.
  5. DarkElixir - Planning.
  6. DM - Planning.
  7. Dan - Planning.
  8. Caios - Planning.
  9. -
  10. -
Art Requests: No. Sorry.
Art Trades: No, sorry.

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About Permissions || My Y!Gallery || Instargam || Tumblr || Commissions Info || Commission status

Stamp: Commissions - Closed by czupa-czups

1. asaenvolk - Done
2. aeradrith - Done
3.BossBattle - Done.
4. nautiwood - Done.
5. Jaq - Done.
6. kooky112 - Planning.
7. SkarabX - Planning.
8. From HF - Done.
9. Pwesty - Planning.
10. VLDreyer - Planning.
11. madame - Planning.
12. Purple1980 - In Progress.
13. From HF - In Progress.
14. ~Seriphyn- Planning.
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CATS meme

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2009, 12:26 PM

From *mu-nin and ~Sophiakitty ( who made this).

Your story
i. How much do you like Cats, the Musical?

I like it very much. But Still I like Castlevania and X-men more. Maybe it's because I have people to talk about them. And with Cats it's more complicated. When I become fan of the Cats, Moscow production was already over and now Cats fandom in Russia is kinda asleep. And my English is not good enough to hang out with English-speaking fans.

ii. Who is your favourite male character?
Mr. Mistoffelees.

ii. Who is your favourite female character?

iv. How did you get to know this musical?
I even don't remember. I heard some songs long time ago, I think. it was on th radio first. And not long ago my husband bought me a DVD with this musical.

v. Which is your preferred production when talking about costumes?
As the first production I saw was video version of Cats and as what you see first is remembered as best, I like productions that have costumes similar to video version. There were also some curious costumes at Polish, New Zealand and Czech productions. But still I think of those costumes as oddity, because sometimes it is hard to recognize who is who and sometimes they even are not cat-like. Czech production has the most curious costumes.

vi. And when talking about make-up?
Moscow production. They have very neat make-up. At least on photos. When you see photos from other productions you see pretty rough make-up that in mine opinion looks good only on stage and looks very rough on photos. Russian production is a pleasant exception. And also video version has nice make-up, but I suppose there was special make-up that was intended for close-ups.

vii. And when talking about songs & music in general?
Polish soundtrack is the best.

viii. When talking about choreography
Don't know what to tell. I have seen only video version in a good quality. I don't take into account youtube bootleg videos. They have too low quality to judge the choreography.

xi. Which was the first CATS website you discovered? (include a link)
I don't remember. I only remember that I went looking for slash-fics and found some sites with them.

X. Do you still visit it?
As I don't remember what site it was, I can't answer this question.

xi. Which was the last CATS website you visited? (include a link)
Jellicle Mystique that was recommended in this meme filled by someone else.

xii. Which is the most useful (informative) CATS website you've been to? (include link)
It's hard to say, so I'm gonna be patriotic and name this one -

xiii. Share a link to a nice-looking CATS site:
I usually don't pay attention to such things. Let is be the site from question xi, it looks pretty.

xiv. Share a link to a little-known CATS site that you think deserves more visitors:
I think all good sites are pretty well-known.

xv. Share a link to a CATS site with interesting fan fiction:
There was such site, but I lost the link. It had adult fics.

xvi. Three random links to your favourite CATS sites:
CATS on FFnet
Jellicle Cats.
Oriana's Moonlit Playground

xvii. Give us a link to a fanlisting you belong to:
I don't use fanlistings

Original Characters
xviii. Got any OC's?
Nope. Well, I drew once a tattooed cat, but she doesn't' have anything but appearance. And she's not very cat-like. But I can make up a story for her now. She is a sphinx-cat that lives with tattoo master. She is his pride and crown jewel of his tattoo-salon because anyone can tattoo a man, but it takes a special talent to tattoo a cat. And little he knows that this cat is jellicle-cat who just loves tattoos. So he just thinks that he has talent of taming cats.

ixx. Is any of them your cat-like representation?
Duno. I don't consider sphinx-cat a full-fledged character, and also I love tattoos but I don't like sphinx-cats, so I wouldn't like to a sphinx-cat for sure.

xx. Name one CATS OC that you like, who belongs to someone else:
There are lots of nice OCs on DA. I even don't know who to pick.

xxi. Describe one of your OC's in three words:
I don't have them!

Love & Couples
xxii. List 3 of your favourite CATS couples:
Tugger/Misto (Yes, for me it's canon! Don't argue!)

xxiii. Mention one couple you think would NEVER work:
I've been reading fanfictions or so many years that I know that ANY couple can work.

xxiv. Mention one slash couple you support:
Well, I tlked about Tugger/Misto... Let it be Bombalurina and Demeter then. Or even better - Munkustrap and Rumpus Cat. That will be original!

xxv. If all the characters had the same age, which would be a cute couple?
Etcetera and Deuteronomy. He would comfort her when she would be suffering because of Tugger.

Random Opinions
xxvi. Are Rumpelteazer & Mungojerrie a couple, brother and sister, partners in crime or just good friends?
Brother and sister, partners in crime and just good friends. Not likely a couple as I don't like incest. But if imagine that they are not relatives and just have similar colours... Rumpelteazer sometimes behave like common scold.

xvii. What about Tantomile & Coricopat?
Twins. I don't like incest, but I think it could work with this couple.

xviii. VictoriaxPlato or VictoriaxMistoffelees?
Victoria x Plato, of course.

xix. Who's next to be leader after Munkustrap dies?
Alonzo. Or Deuteronomy reborn.

xxx. Should they have chosen Grizabella to go to the Heaviside Layer or should they have chosen Gus?
Grizabella, as the whole plot was moving towards this choice. And also because she would spoil their holiday by making a wry face.

Thanks for translation to :iconbabemause:

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Darkstalkers Tribute

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2009, 6:24 AM

I'm among winners of the of Udon's contest and you will see my artwork at the future Darkstalkers tribute book -…. I´m so HAPPY!
Just for teasers I can say that it will include big boobs and little sweet pussy:).

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I get a lot of questions about the prices for my pictures and I decided to make more detailed price list, as I don't have much time to reply every letter about it.

Here are basic prices. Depending on details of the picture, the price can be a bit higher or lower, so send me detailed description of what you want me to draw.

Price-list for Commissions:

2018' Commission pricelist by Candra

I accept payments via Western Union and the transfer charge will be paid by customer. I require 50% prepay and 50% after your approval of the sketch. If you are more comfortable with paying the whole sum upfront, you are welcome to do so. If the price of your comission is below 100 USD, I will ask for 100% prepay.
You also can pay me with MoneyGram, Leader and Contact.
Paypal use can be negotiable. Paypal has extra charges when I receive money, and those charges will be added on top of commission price.

I will draw:
Original Characters
Anthro - ears&tails
Action scene
Maybe more just ask
I will not draw
Anime, cartoon style
Comics page
Maybe more just ask

More Commissions Info:
- I draw only digital art, otherwise art would be a printout, and I'm not responsible if the original art will be lost at post-office.
- I don't draw in anime-style, but if you want to see somebody anime-character in my style, I can do this:)
- Fan-art, nudity, slash, yuri, yaoi or shonen-ai is OK.
- Please describe what you want with as much details as possible.
- I will send you the work in the process on every stage of creating picture.
- Commissions with a deadline automatically have higher priority over other commissions without a deadline.
- When making deadlines, please allow at least one month for the product to be completed.
- The final works will have my signature as author. The final artwork is the client's property for any use that he/she wants to give. I have the right to use the artwork as the part of my personal portfolio. I have the right to post the finished commission in my personal gallery.
- In case that you have changed your mind to commission me for some reason, please, inform me about it so I could start working on someone's else commission earlier.
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Adress to my viewers

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2005, 3:08 AM

If you want to use my artworks as icons, wallpapers, backgrounds and etc. you can do it whatever you like.
I'm not very good in English, so don't be offended if I will not reply to your posts soon.