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Sorrow of Mephistopheles

Fanart is inspired by Russian fanfiction by Nightday… that is based on the "Geburah" ending of the game AnimaMundi: The Dark Alchemist.

Poor archduke Mephistopheles is enwrapped in grief. For centuries he kept trying to save his master - Lucifer the Ruler of Hell – whose soul was confined in the chain of human reincarnations.When Mephistopheles has finally reached his goal, Archangel Michael took the releases soul away by deceit. Mephistopheles was left with nothing while contented angel insolently gave him a light goodbye kiss and returned to Heaven.

Now Mephistopheles is suffering all alone. He does not see the beauty of the nature, unexpectedly blooming roses... And he even didn't notice that sly mice have eaten holes in his clothes pattering about in the folds.

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Beautiful piece. I love the expression on the face

Yoyoyokitty's avatar
nice pic.
i can feel the sorrow coming from this pic. 
i sense a hint of loneliness in it too.
just like one of my pics.
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Beautiful work. I like his expression very much.
marcosaurelio-san's avatar
Reminds me te Clow cards of Cardcaptor Sakura =o
awesome job *-*
Lady-Lena-LaFaye's avatar
I want to give him a hug :3
Kiro-Shinigami's avatar
He looks like my beloved!! Same utter beauty!
Bisaleth's avatar
Wow, this is incredibly beautiful!
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Stunning Work!!!
lycanthusincarnum's avatar
Amazing! absolutely awesome work! hail Mephistopheles!
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So beautiful... :iconblackroseplz:
toppa23's avatar
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sympathy for the devil excellent work
Chemiepro's avatar
i have just started to play animamundi and i love Mephistopheles
weiSSe-Ratte's avatar
Sorry for the stupid question, but do you take requests on devil-like characters?
MandyB82's avatar
This looks like a stained glass window! ^^
ghejoxx's avatar
really wonderfull .. i love so much!!!
DarkSaya's avatar
I recognized Mephisto from Animamundi inmediately! So good!
DameOdessa's avatar
Your splendid work has been featured here [link]
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You know they say you shouldn't feel sympathy for the devil (or demons in general) but..... awwww! Very nice work.
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