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By Candra
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DeutzDeutz's avatar
oh wouh!!
Dracula eat your heart out
rainchickk's avatar
she is beautiful.You showed her as a dark elf,not a drider.I like her better this way
Differentimagination's avatar
Fantastic, really well done.
dondukesofdeviantart's avatar
SEXY, SEXY, SEXY...Loved to be under her spell...Nice legs and BREAST (OMG!!)...Love the coloring most of all...Dangerously sexy and I love her...Thanks for this...Keep up the good work.
serephent's avatar
I can totally see this being how she looks. Great job!
Tsuki222's avatar
An-Old-Otaku's avatar
Detail is amazing!
darker-then-I-seem's avatar
ineradicable work here
Carringd's avatar
Patriarch2's avatar
Curiously, does she ever make an appearance in the stories? Does she ever take a physical form such as this?
yagiman's avatar
All your art is so intriguing that it's hard to pick favorites. I love 'em all.
seeker991's avatar
*Whistles.* Would definitely explain what Corellon Larethian saw in her. :D GOOD JOB!
JDogX17's avatar
this is the Loth from D&D right? the SPIDER QUEEN, right? thats funny becouse just today, i opened a Dungeons and Dragons sections in my faves and i end up finding this right, IRONIC, yes?
Yeah, Hail to the almighty Spiderqueen^^
Core-Point's avatar
I really like how you did the shoes. Those turned out pretty awesome.
Sparky1113's avatar
Great Googley Moogley
BadManInc's avatar
I always pictured the spider queen like that I'm impressed
TheRezidentEvil's avatar
Very nice work! Impressive to the max!
ScarletGoddess's avatar
This pic is beautiful and pretty much is what I was picturing Lloth looking like as well...
SunFading's avatar
Woah...if she really existed,that would be her true face,no doubt! i so love all these details,and the red cloak...excellent,she's perfect from head to toe :) congrats!
Valedhelven's avatar
:iconblush--plz: Hello AGAIN, Sweetheart! Just wanted to let you know that I have also Featured this image in my journal this week, too!! [link] - Hope you have no objections!
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