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cool what great fight of korra vs sherpad 2 is awesome and fantastic congratulations friend:D:)
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TheMightyGorgaHobbyist General Artist
They are fighting so happily...
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I love the colors (they are a perfect shade) and the poses of the characters
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JamieCOTCProfessional Artist
Beautifully illustrated. Vanguard Shep could take her.
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eidylonHobbyist General Artist
Love the style of this.
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BalloonPrincessHobbyist Filmographer
Awesome!  I like this one since it appears there's an equal admiration by both ... :)
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LukeTheRipperHobbyist Traditional Artist
A rather interesting crossover XD
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TreeWyrmHobbyist General Artist
Wow. Here you are doing great art and some numbskull comes along and thinks he can use it to beat women down with a stick by criticising your work and claiming "BroShep would stand a better chance because he has a dick and that makes him physically more strong".


Anyways, your work here is awesome! And also, what numbnuts in the previous thread doesn't get is that they are in fact, in reality: THE SAME PERSON (voiced by Jenifer Hale, am I right?). GREAT IDEA! The detail is beautiful too by the way. If you wanted constructive criticism, the only thing I could really say is that perhaps Shep would have been with a backwards stance of some kind (so having them facing off in a similar way, and that motion for FemShep might need a little work (blurring? Hair moving? FemShep doesn't get magic unless you're going to give her a biotic field so motion is gravity/wind based). I think you've tried to do that but maybe more around the head, I'd recommend focusing on arms and legs for movement shows, because those will be the body parts most in motion.

My one and only niggling thing about this piece is that FemShep's got slightly high-heeled boots, for which there is no need (it does not aid fireman's lifting Ash/Kaidan for example, or saving people from falls to their death). *But* that is hard to tell, and may not have been intentionally so, so it's really a minor complaint.

Great piece overall and really love the detail you've put into the surroundings. Everything from leaves to bark to ground is beautifully done. Fantastic job! Incidentally, might I ask if I can add this to the albums of a Facebook page I admin called Mass Effect Female Shepard? I'd reference you as artist of course, and provide a link to your original here. I'll understand though if you'd rather not - not all artists are a fan of Facebook after all!
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very nice Haha Love Bravo #2
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wondermanrules Traditional Artist
Awesome vs fight scene:iconclapplz: I love the poses and the setting, like something out of a fighting game where the round is about to start.

Beautiful job on the effects on both characters and excellent coloring as always :wow:
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Completely awesome, and also kind of cute and funny at the same time. :D I love it!
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Not what I'd have the two of them doing if they met up. :devilish:
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Wolf-of-WarHobbyist General Artist
Haha XD
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water doesn't come out of benders' hands...
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GrinimalStudent Digital Artist
What a weird but delightful combination of characters.
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I like the contrast both characters represent.
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Interesting idea, dont think Shepard got any chances unless he uses sniper rifles and stealth :D
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Korra vs fem Shep = Korra wins.
Korra vs male Shep = Male Shep wins.
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GrinimalStudent Digital Artist
Wow, sexist much?
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It's common knowledge men are naturally stronger then women.
That's why male Shep has a bigger chance of beating Korra, seeing Korra can control 4 elements being the avatar. XD
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GrinimalStudent Digital Artist
I don't think any Shepard or any gender has a chance of beating the Avatar, who is literately the master of all elements.
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Korra (or any avatar) is not unbeatable even in a one on one, she has been beaten before ;)

But male Shep has a bigger chance then female Shep ^^
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GrinimalStudent Digital Artist
Not unbeatable, yes, but in a match between Korra and Shepard (of any gender) Korra would win.
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