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Kings of Seelie and Unseelie Courts

By Candra
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Another picture in series of my headcanon about Dark!Thranduil and generally the life of elves in the Fourth Age and beyond.

By then there were only two elven kings left in the Middle Earth – Thranduil and Celeborn. They both ruled Greenwood. Thranduil guarded the forests on the North, near Erebor and he was slowly doing insane, and it was extremely dangerous for people to go anywhere near his domain. Celeborn ruled on the south and was more benevolent. This caused conflicts between two kings and they eventually decided to share not the land but the time of the year.

So now Thranduil rules in the winter and Celeborn rules in the summer, and each rules their half the spring and autumn. The rest of the elves choose the king they liked best and joined their courts. In human folklore this division became known as Seelie and Unseelie Courts of Faerie.

Thranduil and Celeborn©JRRT


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Seelie and unseelie courts... weren’t those referring to faeries and not elves? Cool picture btw.

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I have a headcanon, as if the Tolkien elves remaining in Middle-earth eventually turned into something like faeries.

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Hm. Interesting. DND also mentions elves being close to fae...

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Gorgeous! Love it!
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I like that its a very interesting.
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I love this so much! Dark Thranduil is such an amazig concept and I cannot stop thinking about it!
I imagine it more they way that after the death of his father(and maybe wife) he was emotional more vulnerbale (what of course he would never show) and the darkness caused by Saurons regaining powers infectig the forest and already got in touch with his soul. After Saurons defeat most elves left middle earth, even Legolas and by time Celeborn as well but he would never leave his forest and the loneliness, the dark scars from the past and the closeness to the Erebor drove him slowly into darkness... 
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this is so amazing. thanks for posting it, love it...
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Incredible art work!! I Heart Love 
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You made Thranduil a better character in my opinion. I would serve this darker sadder king
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I'm seriously speachless!! STUNNING!!! Everything about it is just jawdropping. I have to learn watercolour...gawd!
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I really love the juxtaposition, and especially the nod to seelie vs. unseelie court, very clever!!! 
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Spectacular work!
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Superb watercolor technique.
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This is really nice.  I especially liked the balance of the composition.
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Just stunningly beautiful! I love all the details of the flowers, and the lovely colours!
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