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Holy Cross

Castlevania fanart. Richter Belmont Attack!
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© 2006 - 2022 Candra
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I was expecting it to be, "GRAND CROSS!" :XD:
zzzzxx's avatar
I can easily discern who's Candra's most favourite character ever.
crowleyboy's avatar
just ....... A W E S O M E Work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
leechaolan20's avatar
This piece of fanart is a bit of a Castlevania legend on these here interwebs. ;) Great job!
Metafaniel's avatar
"MAGNIFICENT! But now feel my unbridled wrath!!!!"
DragonNegroX's avatar
fFfFyUma's avatar
dude~ like the details on the background :)
shadowzabimaru's avatar
OH MY GOSH!!!!! i LOVE all of your castlevania stuff, and you are SUCH an awesome artist!!! especially your backgrounds---- they are ALL absolutely AMAZING!!!!! 0.0
Daedrakhan's avatar
Artwork item crush! Great work.
Hobbittzu's avatar
I really like the pose Richter is in. I always used the cross side weapon to boot. ^^ Very groovy.
TheQueenofNerds's avatar
Twilight64's avatar
Now this is badass! Excellent job.
ZidanielRaziel's avatar
Thx for the favourite.
RealityUnfiltered's avatar
Those skeletons are about to get OWNED by jesus. lol awesome pic.
Gah! How was this not in my favourites yet!? An excellent rendition of the greatest Item Crush EVAR!
legendbourne's avatar
Genesis-Of-The-Storm's avatar
The awesomeness is off the scale here XD
NCloud's avatar
Love your Castlevania work.
Mimi7789's avatar
I like it!! It is very good!!

"May the Power of Christ rebel thee!!"

Jesus is love!!
Savernu's avatar
AMAZING! I truely love this piece!
Makurou's avatar
this gets a GRAND CROSS!!! out of five
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