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It's beautiful, I'm speechless, keep it up
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I was wondering if the Harley Quinn's are available to tube for Paint Shop /Photoshop or are they the no no list ?  Do you have an updated list of do not touch ? I love your work and want to make darn sure I'm not violating any trust with you. You are So awesome and when you give permissions It is greatly appreciated. !!! Thank you for letting me ask silly questions.
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This is probably the best fan art of this movie I've seen ^^ Excellent work! :heart:
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Wow! This is beautiful!!! :love:
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Not the look I prefer for Harley but you make it look damn good:-)
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Awesome love great work
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why tf is hillary quinn everywhere?

Awesome drawing tho
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very nice ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up 
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awesome work :)
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Wow. Love this, you did a FANTASTIC job. :)
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Even if this isn't my favorite version of Harley, I still love your work! ^_^
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Very nice work.
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Could u do one of the joker becouse your really good
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Her outfit in the film is too busy... you hardly know where to look, unless she's turned away from the camera, then you know exactly where to look...

But you do capture it well, so kudos to you.
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That's really good. :)
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It's excellent! * :D
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fantastic job on the details, pose and likeness of the actress :iconclapplz:
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