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Drink with me?

By Candra
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Inspired by "They Thirst" - is a horror novel by Robert R. McCammon.
Prince Conrad Vulkan - a 700-year-old vampire with the impulse-control of the teenager he still resembles, Vulkan was a Hungarian prince and is now the king of the undead. It is he who initiates the war against mankind. ©Wikipedia.
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Sounds like a novel I’d like to read! :vampire: 
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shastavampirequeenHobbyist Artist
i would definitely drink with him
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ZiddersRoofurryHobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoa...this perfectly captures him. Believe it or not, this is almost exactly how I first imagined him looking, way back in '85 when I first read the book. I love this SO much! The lighting and texture and use of color is SO good. 
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Those are compelling eyes. And the reflections in the table and all the tiny details, plus the firelight... ah, you amaze me.
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RoseAnDarkholmHobbyist General Artist
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LenkaofWinterfireHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Predatory and impetuous. I applaud you! Personally, I more want to slap him around a bit. That's just me. As for the art- brilliant. I particularly love the reflections. Those can be a real bitch.
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sinmtHobbyist Traditional Artist
"Have a drink with me" sounds better.. excellent work Love the reflection its a nice touch
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His eyes capture you and you can't look away!
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inspiring, detailed, nice coloring, wonderful shadows...
.................... but its not my style of vampire, meh, not a problem for you ^^
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NemphisisHobbyist General Artist
depends after drinks may I escort him to his room xD lol
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Drink with me? More like: I'm gonna stare you all night long... also when you sleep :D
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MikeDimayugaProfessional General Artist
this is really, really GOOD! you really capture prince vulkan's alien-ness and his aristocratic bearing.

i just read the book for the second (or third) time afew months ago, and its still good as it was when i read it in the late 80's. its the second best vampire books i've ever read (just behind salem's lot).
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thenumber42Student Traditional Artist
The ONLY "They Thirst" fanart on DA and it's BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for drawing it.
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I love the way this picture just jumps out at you. His eyes are beyond fantastic! Also, him pointing at the glass of blood is so funny.

"Yes, come, drink from my never-ending cup of blood."
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Ohh, that is hot. Wow. I want to read that now.
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thenumber42Student Traditional Artist
I've never heard of this novel but I definitely want to pick it up now. The shading and the details are amazing.
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ACK! He's so pretty! I wouldn't mind looking like that myself...
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very wicked vampire!!!!!!! have u done ne female vamps?
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And yeah, one more thing - is he supposed to cast a reflection on the table? He's a vampire, after all...
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In some versions, the reflection thing is just a myth based off the fact that vampires sometimes do not like to look at themselves, because they have looked that way for decades.
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kamikazequeerHobbyist Writer
that guy is all kinds of beautiful
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