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The job that pays $20/hr is pretty silly for now, all I'm doing for the most part is watching old tapes and converting them in Adobe Premiere Pro, so it's usually just sitting on my ass staring at exporting bars. Probably going to be doing something new in the middle of next week. Although that should be easy I had to go through a lot of stress the past 3 weeks -- since the company that pays me is out of state, the paperwork needed wasn't like the other jobs, and even now I'm not sure if I won't get fired the next week.

Since I worked a 56 hour week, a 48 hour week the first 2 weeks of September and so forth I haven't been able to draw or write as much as I had hoped for. My PC is still having problems with drawing software and stuff, I may buy a new one at the end of the year. Thinking about it it is still dropping maybe $400-$500 for a decent laptop though...

Magic has gone a bit better than I expected. 3-0d once vs. Show and Tell, Goblins, and Elves (Engineered Plague in SB just too strong), 2-1ed once, and 1-3, and a handful of 1-2s. Not that bad considering Pox isn't great in the meta. Goblins is almost complete needing 1 Cavern of Souls that's really coming in late in the mail. Met up with an old friend from hs, but he plays Modern while I play Legacy. Will probably go to the Legacy 4K on the 29th, even though it's $40 entry, probably with Goblins. Probably not going to do much Limited, Ixalan isn't particularly exciting.

May splash white in Pox to give it better options against blue control with Jace the Mind Sculptor, although that's not cheap at all, buying duallands and shit.

Still probably need to hound around for a second job -- the job is only 28 hours and the restaurant isn't giving me more hours for now, eh.

Watched episode 1 of Kekkai Sensen and Beyond, looked pretty good, animation and everything. Prisma Illya finished, that show just keeps going on and going I guess, I prob won't bother with manga.

Guess not that much more to write about, work keeping me busy. If I do move out to get an apartment, even if I share, the rent is pretty damn expensive in this area. I guess compared to many young people I'm privileged, but I dunno, many people who shared the same high school with me and such went to Ivy Leagues, and I know someone who is in the top 1 percent for her age bracket. ($60 hourly rate, ha)
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