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Actually probably need to wait till next year to play any good games unless I get a crapton of money to buy both PS4 and The Last Guardian. Also less sunshine as it's fall and winter is coming. Also 3 more years of law school most likely after this year anyways.

New Game was all right, I dunno why it attracted so many pervs at 4chan. Would've liked to see more of actually making the game I guess. Will watch Gochuumon S2 sometime later this year which should be better but also heartbreaking because I want to be Chino so bad.

LL Sunshine wasn't that great, even if the girls were still cute and the music was alright I felt they could've tried a bit more on whatever. Also not enough doujins of it yet.

Ethnic Studies this quarter is big brainwashing as expected. Working out more doing more martial arts if the old instructor returns for more, still not going to have the great musco man body to seduce lolis though. Potbelly probably won't go away until I leave college for good, changing my diet or eating less every meal won't help that much I believe.

Less art because I'm honestly spending a lot more time working on each one and worrying what to draw, I think it's worth it, still drawing too many moe girls and not enough menly men. Also still don't care enough about my backgrounds, probably don't even want to spend 1/3rd time that Adam Phillips does. Hopefully animation comes out this year and I can finally pick up the pace, likely not, just not feeling all that motivated.

Also watched Digimon Tri 3rd movie. Koushiro was my favorite but the plot for those 5 episodes felt quite uninspired, there was no big trigger for Tentomon evolution besides Koushiro plugging in sleepless nights either. Meicoomon real stronk though can fight one on seven like crazy. Dunno what's going on with the fake Ken, never cared too much about the S2 kids.

Hopefully will waste less time on /pol/ Starcraft and masturbating this quarter, those are the only things that ease the pain though. I think I tried nofap or fapping a lot less last week and it put me in a sour mood, internet brethren reportedly have benefits though. Not much motivation right now to go farther in TERA.

New housemates are complete normalfags, Asian too but muscles talk about partying alcohol and sports.

BlizzCon should be good in sc2, Neeb just went off in Kespa. Should enjoy the big changes post-Blizzcon too, blink dts and Tempest Disruption Sphere look trolltastic. Will root for the Protosses mainly, picked up Zerg a bit in Sc2 myself though. Stats, Classic, Neeb, and maybe Patience and Zest are the more interesting ones.

NBA teams -- West: Thunder, Spurs, Blazers East: Bulls, Cavs, Pistons, maybe Celtics.
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Submitted on
October 5, 2016