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Took around over 4 weeks in order to finish all the conversion of the old videotapes, then one and a half weeks to upload them. Now I think I'm mostly just doing PowerPoint editing at work. If all goes well (more paperwork) I can work 40 hours starting the 27th, but hopefully I'm not bored to death by the job. I don't know about the contractor status still, if I do well enough I might be able to spend more than just one year here and hopefully get a raise.

I should be thankful of my privileges and whatnot, still don't have to pay rent/food I guess and the gas bill isn't that high, but even then it's just hard to be who I am in such a dull corporate system. Many starving artists these days are probably stuck with dishwasher wages still though and squeeze ramen noodle money from Patreon... Most humanities majors also probably don't make much, ha.

Aside from the inefficiencies and boredom, waking up early everyday is also a pretty big pain in the butt. Technically my schedule is flexible but it's probably not good if I try to do like a noon to 8 schedule, heh. Since I want to avoid the traffic 8 hrs I'm guessing would look like 7:30-4:00 maybe. I still need 7ish hours of sleep to function decent though and maybe a bit more if I count naps.

Got Legacy Goblins, for now I got 2 2-1s, 2 1-2s, one 0-3, and 3-4 at the ChannelFireball 4K, which was overall pretty neat. I am spicing it up by adding Chalice of the Void in maindecks for now, I'm not sure if 4 is a must but it would overall help I believe, also Sudden Demise as a board wipe, prob. mostly effective in D&T and Elves matchup. Pox just has too many problems for me to seriously invest in right now I guess. Most of the decks at CFB are fair & control decks really, one guy is Show and Tell and I've also seen Elves and Storm.

Overall though I'd say hoarding Magic cards isn't really worth all the time and boredom caused by being a working adult.

I also made a Modern deck that's budget, still need to edit it, only went to Free Tuesday once and lost 0-3 with mostly mana shortages, lol.

Kekkai Sensen & Beyond is still pretty fun for now. I also picked up Mahoutsukai no Yome, 3 eps in, which is pretty in a sense but not that entertaining, Elias' head is pretty cool and the dragons turning into trees reminds me of the Ender's Game series where the pequininos (spelling?) turned into trees, ha.

Played Doki Doki Literature Club, fun game, my favorite is Natsuki for obvious reasons. Wish the game was longer or we get a sequel, Monika was interesting. Started playing Hollow Knight which is fun but not that interesting, reminds me of the old days when I'd play Super Meat Boy (in summer 2011 before 11th grade), gameplay was so simple but I enjoyed it so much back then heh. Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 is coming February which is pretty good news. New Zeldas will still have to wait till 2021 and beyond though.

Nothing special for Thanksgiving really, my brother is still on the East Coast studying in med school. At least an extra day off I guess. Also I think it's 2 weeks off for Christmas break? Maybe only 1. Still remember in winter break 2011 that I would just throw away 7+ hours on games (Grief Syndrome and Lost Saga) back then...
  • Listening to: Filthy Frank, beyatch!
  • Reading: who knows now
  • Watching: Kekkai Sensen and Beyond, Mahoutsukai no Yome
  • Playing: with little girls
  • Eating: random food
  • Drinking: water to wash it all through ._.
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November 16, 2017


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