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I do have a bit on my mind but not that much to write about. Stayed home for this Thanksgiving break, made sausage and potatoes for my meals yesterday.

Hopefully I'm done with the uber PC brainwashing classes, hope I get an A in Ethnic Studies even if some of my opinions weren't very PC. The stuff isn't that unbearable and some of it was decently interesting... Coming to class is more or less mandatory with attendance taken as well. If I had known some of these college classes were this way I would have been less angsty throughout high school. Then again some of my fellow high school students were tryhards and got into Berkeley which is even more PC.

Durarara S2 isn't much of an improvement on the first, still in the middle of watching it and I guess I'll tell my thoughts when I'm done.

Old tablet broke. New one doesn't work well with SmoothDraw. Transitioning into Krita isn't too awkward at least. Will have uploads around early December or just tomorrow depending on how I feel like.

Looking back on the year it wasn't that bad, but I really don't want things to get worse from here. Although that may be more likely than not seeing that next year I'll likely have Law School and there's not much slacking I can do there.

Didn't cram for the LSAT much at all, I know that I should. Have essays and stuff to study too. Played a bit of Starcraft 2's new patch, Protoss nerf is noticeable even if it's not that bad compared to what I put up with in Lost Saga 2012-2014. Don't think I'll watch or play too much Starcraft next year and I don't have many new games... eh, might do so anyways. BYuN deserved BlizzCon with his play even if I don't like Terrans, Patience and Stats are probably the best Protosses now.

I voted Trump huehueheue our school didn't go nuts and classes and due dates were still there. Didn't tell anyone in person, wonder if they would try to beat me up if they did. Not too much political commentary from me, my interest has kind of waned compared to beginning of the year.

Will have more to say in December in a probably end of the year update :P
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Submitted on
November 26, 2016