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Still not really getting to enjoy my job. It isn't the worst, but it still eats up so much time and energy. Some days after I get home I still feel pretty frustrated. Still drawing a bit though and might have animation done later this month... Wish I had the space to write more as well too. For the most part I can't just shut off my mind and accept the world like most people, so I feel all of these workweeks really are wearing me down inside. Just being forced to sit down (and not randomly browse or think) may be an issue. Didn't get fatter luckily enough, though. Still, the only real vacations would be long weekends... Is Memorial Day next? and the Christmas break.

Also old enough to complain about taxes now, it's risen to over 25% recently :/ Although I suppose many humanities majors are still either stuck in debt or doing lower-paying jobs...

Shadow of the Colossus for PS4 looks pretty good, even if the gameplay is pretty much the same. I love all the added details on the cliffs and rocks in the background, all of the grass looks better too. Now just wish they made a second one with more colossi, hah. Really takes me back to the summer of 2011 when I first played it, how the years have just gone by... As I get older maybe there's just going to be more and more nostalgia. On the other hand EBF5 is taking longer than expected, sure that will be good too though... Not looking towards any more games in particular. Decided that I had to cut out a lot of gaming to keep other hobbies alive. I guess in a sense I still need room to be creative.

Also thought of Madoka again and was thrown back to the past haha. Still no sequel after Rebellion came out in 2013.

Started Muay Thai training and had to buy equipment. Pretty interesting but my cardio sucks is all, and as always I'm not that flexible, even if it doesn't particularly require higher kicks. Did play a bit more Magic -- I got 2-0-1, and 3-0 with Goblins, but at the 4K at the end of January I lost 4 straight and dropped (to D&T, Grixis Delver, and 2 Sneak and Shows) which is pretty sad I guess. Maybe one day Goblins will get more for their decklists :/ Probably not going to spend more on another deck, really pricey to do so even if I build off of existing pieces from Pox.

No more Filthy Frank this year which is pretty sad. I didn't follow any new Youtube channels, eh.

Yuki Yuna S2 was a letdown, but at the same time that's kinda expected of a sequel. I watched through Fate/Apocrypha, a lot of random things in fights and the plot wasn't that good either but not bad I guess? Jeanne and Mordred were probably my favorites, Sieg still seemed like a Gary Stu overall to me, Sisigi(?) the muscle man didn't really have much of a backstory either... They crammed 14 duos instead of the usual 7 I guess, making it really awkward. Dunno what I'm going to watch next, I did start Kino no Tabi 2017, but overall that one is also a remake, so there's nothing that new in it besides improved production values.

I still feel like in a sense many adults really just turn off their minds to conform to the system, much like Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye? Existential anxiety and guilt, heh. I suppose a lot of people are worn down from working life.
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