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A lot has happened and not that much has happened since my last update.

Most likely not going to Law School, my parents want me to take a loan and I've also failed a good bit in my personal life as I probably don't have the conviction or cunning of a lawyer. So this past January has been feeling pretty empty for me without much emotional support. I guess overall besides just being smarter I'd want to be a better liar (or better at political guises you could say) but that skill is quite rare anyways, most likely if I was born different I'd just be a reeee normie.

I'll probably find some tutoring/teaching jobs with my degree and hopefully be able to do something creative with my life if I'm lucky. Having to live at home once I'm done with college will suck though, it's just stressful for me but my parents probably won't let me move out without a good plan.

I'm ready to transition, especially with how little happened last year, and hopefully something good happens to me, but I can't imagine putting in the work weekly to consciously improve things, if that makes sense.

I finished Durarara S2, was just kind of disappointed at how no one really died or the plot didn't progress that much in general. I don't really like the three main characters (Mikado, Masaomi, and Anri) anyways, I sort of liked Celty. Also the yakuza guy and Akane didn't really have their plot fleshed out after the first season, Aoba and his brother just kind of filled up space as well.

Been playing Granblue Fantasy, although the grinding+uncapping has recently gotten quite tedious. I have a level 20 Ogre and am Rank 50, got lucky drawing Dark version of Jeanne and the wind version of Metera but not too much since then. Jeanne can only hard carry to an extent too so I don't have that much incentive to grind through the storyline. I know Dark Fencer builds are popular/recommended but I guess I just wanted to be le hipsters. I want Sara she cute and stronk loli rhawekhrakewh in any case my party currently is Djeeta, Albert (SR from event), Io (SR), Zehek (R), Jeanne (SSR), Metera (SSR).

Watched Tales of Zestiria which was meh as piss especially considering the animation budget it got. Will watch Attack on Titan and One Punch Man S2 which are both supposed to come out this year. 4 years already for AoT and it took 4 years for something so popular to get S2 huh. Back around April 2013 I was still being a complete pleb and I guess this year probably won't be as bad as that one.

I finished Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Saturday and it was a pretty good show. Hope for S2 and looking at the novels there's plenty to adapt from. It went a bit too fast considering the plethora of characters I guess, at least the story wasn't that predictable. My favorites were Hardgore Alice and Ripple. The outfits aren't as good as those of other shows I felt, but for the most part the fights and action were good. Maybe plot holes but you can just chalk up most of them as to the characters being stupid, Swim Swim is nutty anyways. Seems silly that they have different girls for each arc, I hope Snow White and Ripple get good roles later.

What happened at UC Berkeley was so funny with the riots about Milo and all. An exciting 4 years ahead of us, although if Trump really does something bad he should be impeached I guess.

I should have both my main animation and story from 2015 done sometime next month. It feels weird looking back on them. Improvement just comes so slow in the creative field. Won't have too much time to draw because of it, at least color drawings take quite a while now.
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  • Playing: with little girls
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  • Drinking: water to wash it all through ._.
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