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Not that much to say here. I still didn't bother to beat the new Zelda, I have a bit less than half of the shrines and not many Korok seeds either, did explore quite a bit though. I kind of went back onto Starcraft 2 for a while before stopping. TERA still isn't good enough to be worth playing, and I don't see any other new MMOs being much more fun and stuff.

Hmm, not too much motivation to draw or animate. Putting off wrapping up the big animation project I had been doing a lot... The thing is that I just have to worry about so much when I draw now to maintain quality, it's hard to draw great lines on the first try and all that. Throughout almost all of 2016 there weren't that many enjoyable projects because of that, to be quite honest. Also my PC has recently been giving me trouble as both my drawing softwares refuse to work properly making me have to reboot sometimes.

And putting up growing up and preparing for a job too. I don't think that these college years will be the worst times of my life, egh. Still anxious about quite a bit of stuff you could say. I don't think that this year will be as bad as 2013 seeing that that year I had to deal with 2 mediocre projects in addition to having to watch (play, rather) as my favorite game go down the shitter in Lost Saga. Of course my parents might be even more stressful given that it's been 4 years since then and if I can't move very far up the socioeconomic ladder.

Watching the new Attack on Titan and finished Gabriel Dropout but not much else. Satania was my favorite Dropout I guess, Gabriel was pretty boring to me.

Realistically speaking I don't think I'm going to get a job that pays that much. Just hope I have good games to play or something. I know I need to relax and try to let the creativity just flow, but then I get so serious about things and it seems unfun even if I end up doing it anyways.
  • Listening to: Filthy Frank, beyatch!
  • Reading: Greek stories, Rawls again
  • Watching: Attack on Titan S2
  • Playing: with little girls
  • Eating: school shit
  • Drinking: water to wash it all through ._.
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