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Maira and Hanabi 2020


Universal Basic Income rant

Universal Basic Income rant

With coronavirus causing more talk about Universal Basic Income, here’s a little rant from me about why everyone should get something like £1,000 per month. UBI is cool because people who don’t want to work can sit at home and play video games and drink beer and still *support the economy by doing so*. They will still buy shit. People who do want to work and start businesses will have more options and the ability to take some risks, since their minimum living needs will be met. Employers will have to offer better jobs to attract workers – no more exploiting people who are struggling to get by. UBI also need not diminish personal responsibilities. It could be tweaked to encourage certain behaviours. Finished highschool? You get slightly more. Doing some volunteering work to help your community? Here’s some extra UBI money. I don’t believe at all that it would be bad for the economy if the parameters are tweaked correctly. Poor people spend literally all of their


Epic Battle Fantasy -- Anna



Characters 2008 To 2018

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
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Characters 2008 To 2018 Crop

Youtube: CaptainAfrica (EpicImpotence)

MyAnimeList: PrincessGuardian

Steam: CaptainAfrica

For full animation shorts, see here:

Here is my SubscribeStar! Don't be afraid to donate, even a dollar would be appreciated:

While I am not literally *starving* yet it is difficult for me to balance a normal working life (and hold down 40 hr grinds) due to my overactive imagination, depressive spells etc.! Hopefully your help will help me delay becoming a street artist for at least a few weeks in the future...

I'll try my best to revise/edit the stuff I have written and publish, but even then it's likely I won't make nearly enough money as a writer.

I'm a lazy ass wageslave (2017 graduate)that don't do shit in real life, I just daydream do proletariat job and do muh artsy shit and dump them onto here, Youtube and Newgrounds


~5.5 yrs experience in Flash, ~3 years working in ToonBoom Harmony. I started using SmoothDraw in summer 2014, Krita late 2016. I've worked almost every day for Sept. 2013 to August 2015 and have always at least drawn regularly. My black and white sketches are usually just done with normal pencil and paper.

Drawing and flat out daydreaming of stories has always been a passion of mine. I probably drew more anime/manga stuff regularly since high school which means maybe 9+ years by now. Animation seemed to me as an ideal form of creative work as it requires tremendous patience even with talent, and since for the most part you get out what you put in.

Overall artists can't make much money at all unless working for a big company, and I didn't get an art degree either hehe. Would work for KupoGames or another Japan-style indie studio if they accepted!

Heroines by the years:

2009-2011: Rhyme (Hazel hair and eyes)

2011-2012: Hanabi Holbeck (black hair and grey eyes)

2011-2013: hard Homura fanboy (from Megucas)

2012-2013: May Sinker (messy blue-black hair, yellow eyes)

2012-2014, 2016-: Zusa Karasu (Twintails, red eyes, red flames)

2014-: Maira Snow (white-silver hair, purple eyes, thick eyelashes)

2017-: Nila Straese (curly short black hair, vampire eyes)

Also some Anna from EBF -- ridiculous how fanart gets me so much more popularity than my OCs :/

If you want to look for any of my novels in the future, see Legend of Shade, Tales of Quinity, and Zusa's Misadventures.

Current Residence: United States

Favourite genre of music: Classical, J-Pop, Video Game

Favourite style of art: Anime/manga, Abstract, Surrealism

Operating System: Windows

MP3 player of choice: My mind, PC

Wallpaper of choice: waifu

Skin of choice: Fragile epidermis

Favourite cartoon character: Yang Wenli (muh democracy), Oskar von Reuenthal (the feelz) Girls -- Rem (Re:Zero), Miuna Shiodome (NagiAsu), Kyoko Sakura (Madoka)

Personal Quote: "Andy, your iceberg is completely submerged. It's touching hell; that's how deep it is."

Favourite Visual Artist
Kantoku, Adam Phillips (animator), Matt Roszak (kupo707)
Favourite Movies
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
Favourite TV Shows
Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Kekkai Sensen, Fate/Zero, Madoka
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Yuki Kajiura, Kalafina, Ai Ninomiya, Filthy Frank e_e
Favourite Books
Haruhi Suzumiya (series), Crime and Punishment, The Brothers Karamazov, Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Favourite Writers
Nietzsche, Kafka, Dostoevsky, myself
Favourite Games
Lost Saga (prerereforms), Shadow of the Colossus, EBF 4, Starcraft 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
a disturbed and strange mind, ToonBoom Harmony, medium sized tablet, Flash 8 and SmoothDraw, Krita
Other Interests
Lolis, BajiQuan

Stones of 2020

Stones of 2020

Picked up Somali and the Forest Spirit and Dr. Stone. Somali wasn't bad at all, Dr. Stone actually made me think a bit. Senku was kind of a Gary Stu and Tsukasa didn't really go all out into a possible Stone Wars even after discovering he was alive I felt. Overall I don't think many people would agree with Tsukasa, without science you condemn a lot of people to childhood mortality due to disease smallpox and polio etc., but at another time hunter-gatherer societies don't have our brutal working hours, pollution, toxic food and such. The cell phone looked really clunky at the end too. Honestly aside from manuevering I think an ultimate weapon

March of Rejections II

March of Rejections II

Publisher count: Zusa up to 15 publishers, 6 rejections. Still editing and split like KerryTugu for Shade, hah. It is.... difficult. ________________Memories flood like crazy -- If I had a more normal job I'd be a-okay as just grinding and more grind, but the dark Knight driving me nuttier by the day... Rain and cold well into March. And Laptop repair took longer than it should, old PCs are trashy with inconvenient animation softwares. Last year I had more hope that there would at least be more rejections to march through :/ The chains of dementia slowly grind a man down in this job. Much better than a sweatshop/field but it's loops in the d

12 years of creative writing -- a love affair

12 years of creative writing -- a love affair

Coronavirus is around and night shifts are still very cold -- please consider donating to me in these hard times. Every dollar helps. Since Patreon is not working I made subscribe star. Lost moneys from flat tires and Lost Days. Did more Majora's Mask like retard. _______________ On a side note I....12 years of creative writing -- Almost 12 years. quite so long. Time passes a lot faster recently. It has been a love affair -- does it call for a celebration? 7th Grade (2008) -- the Beginning: I devoured books by LDS weirdo Orson Scott Card: Ender Quartet -- Ender's Game, Speaker of the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind Shadow Saga spinof

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Hello! You take anime requests?
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Lol -- well, a simple sketch isn't too hard for me but a full color drawing for me (even with no background) takes a while actually! I don't have a money system set up on DeviantART but I would if I could make cash somehow!

Also I am a student so in the case that it can happen I would have to delay/slow things down during midterms/finals week depending on what I have to do for school :P
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