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Mona and Madeline by Candor-Shade Mona and Madeline :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 0 0 7753 colored by Candor-Shade 7753 colored :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 2 0 Maira and Shade 2018 by Candor-Shade Maira and Shade 2018 :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 1 0 Zusa Flarey Stalker by Candor-Shade Zusa Flarey Stalker :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 0 0 Shade Hanabi and Maira 2018 by Candor-Shade Shade Hanabi and Maira 2018 :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 0 0 Kyoko On Couch by Candor-Shade Kyoko On Couch :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 2 0 Drunk Maira Sketch by Candor-Shade Drunk Maira Sketch :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 1 0 Cherry And Deluge by Candor-Shade Cherry And Deluge :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 2 0 Dark Cutie Sketch by Candor-Shade Dark Cutie Sketch :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 2 0 Shade And Pure Sketch by Candor-Shade Shade And Pure Sketch :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 5 0 Nila Smile 2018 by Candor-Shade Nila Smile 2018 :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 1 0 Nila sketch 2-18 by Candor-Shade Nila sketch 2-18 :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 2 0 Maira Valentines 2018 by Candor-Shade Maira Valentines 2018 :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 2 0 Kyoko 2-18 sketch by Candor-Shade Kyoko 2-18 sketch :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 2 0 Keida Hurricane Closeup by Candor-Shade Keida Hurricane Closeup :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 0 0 Shade and co christmas 2017 by Candor-Shade Shade and co christmas 2017 :iconcandor-shade:Candor-Shade 3 0


C :: cutesu 2/2 by rimuu C :: cutesu 2/2 :iconrimuu:rimuu 1,129 34 colored sketch commission by sasucchi95 colored sketch commission :iconsasucchi95:sasucchi95 853 22 Abigail by Rosuuri Abigail :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 1,524 28 colored sketch commission by sasucchi95 colored sketch commission :iconsasucchi95:sasucchi95 1,163 31 Fawn [sketch gift - 9/15] by GigaMessy Fawn [sketch gift - 9/15] :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 862 67 colored sketch commission by sasucchi95 colored sketch commission :iconsasucchi95:sasucchi95 1,634 39 Nicoleena : Luscious by emperpep Nicoleena : Luscious :iconemperpep:emperpep 448 20 Asrin Solarin [sketch gift - 8/15] by GigaMessy Asrin Solarin [sketch gift - 8/15] :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 630 49 BNHA Oc - Commission by SpukyCat BNHA Oc - Commission :iconspukycat:SpukyCat 161 16 Jeanne d'arc by xephonia Jeanne d'arc :iconxephonia:xephonia 211 8 Bionicle MOCs: Jungle by KupoGames Bionicle MOCs: Jungle :iconkupogames:KupoGames 28 9 Colored sketch commission by sasucchi95 Colored sketch commission :iconsasucchi95:sasucchi95 1,174 33 Bionicle MOCs: Water by KupoGames Bionicle MOCs: Water :iconkupogames:KupoGames 35 4 C :: Fallstreak by rimuu C :: Fallstreak :iconrimuu:rimuu 2,550 71 zoey by sasucchi95 zoey :iconsasucchi95:sasucchi95 1,143 23 full body commission by sasucchi95 full body commission :iconsasucchi95:sasucchi95 1,057 29

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Captain Africa
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Youtube: CaptainAfrica (EpicImpotence)
MyAnimeList: PrincessGuardian
Steam: CaptainAfrica

For full animation shorts, see here:…

Here is my Patreon! Don't be afraid to donate, even a dollar would be appreciated:

While I am not literally *starving* yet it is difficult for me to balance a normal working life (and hold down 40 hr grinds) due to my overactive imagination, depressive spells etc.! Hopefully your help will help me delay becoming a street artist for at least a few weeks in the future...

I'll try my best to revise/edit the stuff I have written and publish, but even then it's likely I won't make nearly enough money as a writer.

I'm a lazy ass wageslave (2017 graduate)that don't do shit in real life, I just daydream do proletariat job and do muh artsy shit and dump them onto here, Youtube and Newgrounds
~5.5 yrs experience in Flash, ~3 years working in ToonBoom Harmony. I started using SmoothDraw in summer 2014, Krita late 2016. I've worked almost every day for Sept. 2013 to August 2015 and have always at least drawn regularly. My black and white sketches are usually just done with normal pencil and paper.

Drawing and flat out daydreaming of stories has always been a passion of mine. I probably drew more anime/manga stuff regularly since high school which means maybe 8+ years by now. Animation seemed to me as an ideal form of creative work as it requires tremendous patience even with talent, and since for the most part you get out what you put in.

Overall artists can't make much money at all unless working for a big company, and I didn't get an art degree either hehe.

Heroines by the years:
2009-2011: Rhyme (Hazel hair and eyes)
2011-2012: Hanabi Holbeck (black hair and grey eyes)
2011-2013: hard Homura fanboy (from Megucas)
2012-2013: May Sinker (messy blue-black hair, yellow eyes)
2012-2014: Zusa Karasu (Twintails, red eyes, red flames)
2014-: Maira Snow (white-silver hair, purple eyes, thick eyelashes)
2017-: Nila Straese (curly short black hair, vampire eyes)

If you want to look for any of my novels in the future, see Legend of Shade, Tales of Quinity, and Zusa's Misadventures.

Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Classical, J-Pop, Video Game
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga, Abstract, Surrealism
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: My mind, PC
Wallpaper of choice: waifu
Skin of choice: Fragile epidermis
Favourite cartoon character: Yang Wenli (muh democracy), Oskar von Reuenthal (the feelz) Girls -- Rem (Re:Zero), Miuna Shiodome (NagiAsu), Kyoko Sakura (Madoka)
Personal Quote: "Andy, your iceberg is completely submerged. It's touching hell; that's how deep it is."


Well, I rewatched Madoka. Seven times in 7 years, 5 times for Rebellion. Overall I still like it. Still hard to believe seven years already passed. In 2011 I was still a bored kid with so much time on his hands that I got to be so lost in video games. Relate to Homura with the loneliness and longing for better times, I guess. Even 6 years ago I had more in life, even with depressive spells. In any case my writing can somewhat bring me to better times.

Publisher got back to me a bit over a week ago and wished me luck with other possible publishers. Sent to a second, this one not exclusive and will continue to keep trying to send out more. Don't know when I can reasonably expect getting something published.

For the social work job it didn't work out. Me being introverted and antisocial isn't something I can suppress very well, interaction is just so tiring. Also reminded me of how awkward my own assburgers makes interacting with females. I don't think any social constructionism could've really improved me that much. I got some money out of it in the end.

In any case donate to my Patreon, even a little! I'll try my best to find better work but any help is really appreciated.

Realistically it will be several months before I can release a new animation, even if I better know my limits and keep it under a minute.

First day of training for me as a delivery driver. Pretty tiring and pretty hot around here is all I can say -- pay and everything is actually pretty neat it seems. Many apartment complexes can be mazes. Obviously it's not that realistic in the long-term though. I feel if I go back to grinding computer crap the same depressive spells will come over though. Although for this job I am still not sure how productive I can be with writing on the side, my other one really didn't let me get much done. I've written a decent amount this year especially when looking at constraints, but I still want more out of the last few months.

Overall security guard is probably less work as you don't have to scramble to organize boxes, but many turn out to also require weapons permit, heh.

Suddenly got nostalgic over Bionicles in the last couple of weeks. (The MNOG playthroughs were pretty funny) Wish they still made them or that the reboot didn't fail. I broke apart many of my figures, but for now I mostly have completed Vezon+Fenrakk, Matoro, and Pridak who needs eye replacement and lost his hella useless squid+launcher. My last figure was the 2008 shadow leech Takanuva titan, and I dunno where most of him went -- I regret not buying other titans at the time. My first was the red Bohrok, I think as a gift, and then I liked the Toa Nuva, but only got 1 Bohrok Kal and Rahkshi in 2003, and skipped over the latter half of 2004 and 2005. Piraka Rap manages my depression. Maybe will do so now like a true nerd.

Haven't been playing too much of new Legacy, went 3-1 and 1-2. Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is almost done, I look forward to that more than any console games. Judging from battle demo, I like Matt-Anna-NoLegs as main crew, although I'm biased because I just think Anna>Natz. Hungrybox is surprisingly slipping in SSBM. Not really looking forward to many shows though, nor Ravnica 3...
  • Listening to: Bionicle songs
  • Reading: GE Moore
  • Watching: Megalo Box
  • Playing: Bionicleeees
  • Eating: random food
  • Drinking: water to wash it all through ._.
Mona and Madeline
I didn't mess up that poorly on characters and clothing. Took a while to get the city, and also some sloppy coloring, and also still not really used to drawing glasses and fur? Heh. I don't think I needed much more efforts on the clouds at least. First time I finished cleaning out more outlines this year though, as it's been relatively busier so I've had less time to do so with my other drawings.
7753 colored
7753 from Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku arc 3: Limited. Did it for the magical girl index site and uploaded in frame there.

It was a full body pic, if not I prob would've focused more on upper body and put more hearts and enlarge them. The hair is pretty ridiculous, but I think it's canonically even a bit bigger.
23 me!

Well, not security guard after all. New job is alright so far and beats old one anytime, may have trouble paying pseudo-rent though as it pays less and uncertain schedule. It's social work so I'm not drying up in front of a computer, I'm interested in Psychology enough, of course some of the disabilities and issues I have to deal with will be severe.

Basic goals for next year besides publishing include... revising two more of my completed works, and just trying to be more active overall writing and animating. Easier said than done. Made a lot of mistakes over the years and it weighed heavily on me throughout 2017 -- sometimes I get so self-critical.

Some publishers seem pretty annoying, both time delay and some require hard copies. My sample isn't much of the story so far if I only get 10,000 words, I hope my sypnosis isn't too awkward either, the query letters (~1 page) have been easier for me. In any case, tried DAW (Penguin) so far given it's convenient and accepts full manuscript, but it means waiting 3 months before submitting to other publishers, so I have to cross my fingers for a quick reply? Hah!

Expecting many rejections because it's not normal and probably too weird for most readers. Realistically at least 10, probably 20, idk about 30...

Overall I was productive enough with my time off I think, although I'll never get back to full steam with animation like I did in my college years. I don't think I wasted that much time on Starcraft 2. Overall I don't think I'll enjoy games as much as I used to anyways.

Watched Mahou Shoujo Site which was alright, lost its edge, Nana was creepy, didn't really care for any of the characters. Aya's brother was amusing enough. Also watched Golden Kamuy which I thought was pretty good, shenanigans were decent even if not too funny, got to see new things with Ainu culture and the action was not bad either. So much 3DCG looked pretty bad to me though, I wonder if it was really that much cheaper than just drawing the bears. 3DCG usually doesn't look great in anime, with the exception of maybe Berserker from Fate/Zero... Although in many cases over the 12 episodes the plot progressed a little less than expected.

Also watched the first Heaven's Feel movie for F/SN ufotable, and never really was that great for me. Still like Kirei enough though, I guess this route shows Rider's full strength though -- even then I thought regardless of plot, Zero had better heroes and backstories to match their masters. The True Assassin just seems gimmicky and not that interesting.

Speaking of Zero, that made me think of Madoka and I still remember almost 7 years ago when I first watched it. 7 years passing seems ridiculous... And yet the story isn't continuing even after the Rebellion movie in October 2013. Just like after all those years they never bothered fixing Lost Saga or making a similar game.

Thinking about 7 years ago, I didn't think that it would take me over seven years to write and reach out to publishers (The prototypes for the story were started in 2011), but another part of me back then didn't even consider college, and I also thought that no publisher would ever truly bother with my work and that it was a possibility that I'd just be a dumb recluse... Of course back then I felt like I had plenty of time anyways and had enough fun things to do in high school.

Speaking of Fate I do feel a bit like Shirou from UBW, but at the same time I doubt I would've been much happier if I tried harder to conform to a normal life instead of going on seigi no mikata adventures in my own worlds.

Overall the past year has been disappointing for me, mostly because of the working grind. I didn't do 40 hours consistently through it but still. I remember from say, May 2015-2016 I wrote about 240,000+ words for my story and was active animating, drawing and playing vidya (SC2, SSBM, Guilty Gear Xrd, and TERA) while I was in college... Past year I only had slightly over 100,000 words after I had started my newest story in late July 2017, majority of which were done in my time off (the workweek really was that brutal), and probably less than half the time I got to spend on games compared to college, including Magic.

Deathrite Shaman and Git. Probe are banned in Legacy! First week I go 3-0 and win 2 bad matchups (Storm, Reanimator, Burn) with Goblins again. Trashmasters should be effective if I see a lot of D&Ts. Idk whether I agree with the bans that much but it does increase diversity in the format. Idk how excited I am for Guilds of Ravnica later this year though, I still remember liking the Izzet back in the old days. I'll probably go to Prereleases as well as Legacy events.
  • Listening to: Madoka OST in my head again
  • Reading: who knows soon?
  • Watching: LoGH rewatch, prob more moeshit
  • Playing: SC2, MtG
  • Eating: random food
  • Drinking: water to wash it all through ._.
Maira and Shade 2018
Still unsure bout ground shading, I think the trees turned out fine, clouds maybe could be a bit more colorful without distracting from the characters too much.


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