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Captain Africa
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Youtube: CaptainAfrica (EpicImpotence)
MyAnimeList: PrincessGuardian
Steam: CaptainAfrica

For full animation shorts, see here:…

Here is my Patreon! Don't be afraid to donate, even a dollar would be appreciated:

While I am not literally *starving* yet it is difficult for me to balance a normal working life (and hold down 40 hr grinds) due to my overactive imagination, depressive spells etc.! Hopefully your help will help me delay becoming a street artist for at least a few weeks in the future...

I'll try my best to revise/edit the stuff I have written and publish, but even then it's likely I won't make nearly enough money as a writer.

I'm a lazy ass wageslave (2017 graduate)that don't do shit in real life, I just daydream do proletariat job and do muh artsy shit and dump them onto here, Youtube and Newgrounds
~5.5 yrs experience in Flash, ~3 years working in ToonBoom Harmony. I started using SmoothDraw in summer 2014, Krita late 2016. I've worked almost every day for Sept. 2013 to August 2015 and have always at least drawn regularly. My black and white sketches are usually just done with normal pencil and paper.

Drawing and flat out daydreaming of stories has always been a passion of mine. I probably drew more anime/manga stuff regularly since high school which means maybe 8+ years by now. Animation seemed to me as an ideal form of creative work as it requires tremendous patience even with talent, and since for the most part you get out what you put in.

Overall artists can't make much money at all unless working for a big company, and I didn't get an art degree either hehe.

Heroines by the years:
2009-2011: Rhyme (Hazel hair and eyes)
2011-2012: Hanabi Holbeck (black hair and grey eyes)
2011-2013: hard Homura fanboy (from Megucas)
2012-2013: May Sinker (messy blue-black hair, yellow eyes)
2012-2014: Zusa Karasu (Twintails, red eyes, red flames)
2014-: Maira Snow (white-silver hair, purple eyes, thick eyelashes)
2017-: Nila Straese (curly short black hair, vampire eyes)

If you want to look for any of my novels in the future, see Legend of Shade, Tales of Quinity, and Zusa's Misadventures.

Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Classical, J-Pop, Video Game
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga, Abstract, Surrealism
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: My mind, PC
Wallpaper of choice: waifu
Skin of choice: Fragile epidermis
Favourite cartoon character: Yang Wenli (muh democracy), Oskar von Reuenthal (the feelz) Girls -- Rem (Re:Zero), Miuna Shiodome (NagiAsu), Kyoko Sakura (Madoka)
Personal Quote: "Andy, your iceberg is completely submerged. It's touching hell; that's how deep it is."


Zusas misadventures characters
New scanner, makes the paper shade look kind of gray but at same time gives more nuance to shading. Should list the characters I guess, top to bottom, left to right:

Connie Karasu, Rakdoth, Lord Resnet
Zester, Berta Strayson, James Oren, Vivian Vixess
Madeline, Zusa Karasu, and Mona Kranz.

Haven't drawn most of the characters that many times before. I still dunno if I was too lazy with shading, but it's part of the style overall. And then again there's overall not that much that can be done for lighter hair in black and white.
Mellwin And The Light Mages
New characters and a redesign. Could've probably made Mollia (right) dress fancier but she is supposed to look simpler. I think I made Mellwin (front) armor fancy enough. Sky maybe still needs some work, I don't have that much experience drawing clouds.
Well quite a lot of stuff?

First of all job... Crashed truck at 4th day, that ended being deliveryman. Now security guard. Probably the best work-life balance I'm going to find, I still remember for the second half of the week in normal corporate job my mind felt like it was completely fried with caffeine crash and all. Boredom and depression is inevitable, but still better. Bad thing is irregular schedule? Although they haven't given me that many last minute shifts so far.

Watched Megalo Box and Island as the two newer anime recently. Megalo Box wasn't bad at all, good animation although I was never a boxing fan, but the story line was still pretty straightforwards overall to me. Island I felt started too slow for a 12 episode anime and I just didn't get to care that much about Sara and Karen, and then during the winter arc everything felt kind of rushed. The time travel and stuff with Rinne was an interesting enough concept though.

Am still following Attack on Titan, still high budget with the Rod Reiss Titan. Gonna be a lot more bloodshed in the next few episodes though. Storyline overall seems slow as I also read manga, but then again I think in the first season they added 5-6 eps of filler with more fighting and stuffs. Eren's role is surprisingly small overall and the storyline follows a lot of characters.

Ended up rewatching Digimon Tamers and surprised at how much I liked it. The first half is arguably rather slow, but after watching more anime (since 2010 when I originally watched it) I've gotten used to having to wade through stuff like Fist of the North Star (where I didn't care too much about Rei arc, then villains of the week) and Slam Dunk with 100+ episodes. Looped animations like Card Slash and Evolutions also take space -- - the horse Deva and the boar Deva fights were both pretty poorly executed too. Overall the D-reaper should have been introduced a bit earlier though.

But the character development was generally pretty good to justify the slower start (Ruki and Renamon's relationship is unique among most Digimon series I think), D-reaper was a better overall villain than a lot of animes. I still feel Adventure bombarded with Dark Masters all of a sudden, then Adventure 02 had the cheesiest ending everyone is trapped into illusion and Daisuke snaps em out by wanting to make noodle cart, kids get implanted by Dark Spores because they want to be athletic genius lmao. Also BlackWarGreymon's character wasn't bad but he still feels like a lazy reskin.

Thinking of which overall I still like Juri more than Sayaka from Madoka as a character. Impmon would be Kyoko, Madoka as Takato, Jian as Mami ("calm mentor") and I guess Ruki as Homura, and Culumon as Kyubey without the evil.

Also the final battle wasn't as damn generic as shooting signature attacks, the adults aren't super incompetent in this show. Even the more lighthearted episodes felt like good character developments, more interesting than generic schoolgirl shiet.

I never got around to finishing up Digimon Adventure Tri although I suppose I could by now. They didn't bring Etemon/MetalEtemon back though :/ Dunno if they'll make Tamers sequel. Idk about watching Frontier and the other Digimons.

Am on the last part of EBF5 in only the beta. Overall still solid game, I guess I'll have to get full version to explore skill tree and more limit breaks, armor etc. Played it on hard and was decently challenging for me. (25-30 hrs sunk) I haven't ever tried out the Revenge-speedrun strat in EBF4, where you feed Matt all exp and let other three die in order to just win with Revenge skill.

I haven't been too much more social, went to play casual volleyball once. Then garage door was stuck.

Still follow SC2 a bit. Never really got into Terran but Maru is dominant over most of the players this year, if SoS can hold onto get into Blizzcon he'd be the main challenge, I suppose. Surprised to see Armada retiring but new SSBM gods are coming in. Don't have a Switch to buy Smash Universe -- I never even got Smash 4 although I had the Wii U. I suppose I'd want SSB5/U the most perhaps just to play a stronger ver. of Young Link, and changes with Ganon look interesting too. Don't really know any Smash fans around here though, although net play is probably going to be a thing.

Went to Prerelease of Guilds of Ravnica and went 1-2 w/Izzet. May play more Limited overall. Other guilds in the expansion I might be interested in Rakdos and Simic depending on mechanics.

I got Gadunka as a new Bionicle off Amazon, he was in pretty good condition and looks pretty cool, but squid launcher sucks as much as we all remember.

Sent to a 3rd publisher no more replies. Will keep sending at least once a month and do another round of edits on what seems publishable next year.
  • Listening to: Bionicle songs
  • Reading: GE Moore
  • Watching: SNK3, Satsuriku no Tenshi
  • Playing: Bionicleeees
  • Eating: random food
  • Drinking: water to wash it all through ._.
Zusa Angsty
A bit of a quick sketch but I think it turned out decent. Probably more than anything characterwise, the haunted flames need more work... I have been doing full color drawings but both animation and writing mean doing less for now.
Zusa on Throne
Not sure about body shading, but still wanted to have hair stand out more. Unknown if I could've added much in backgrounds without distracting from her.


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