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Portal 2 - Chell

Digital painting practice.

Not anywhere near as good as I'd like it to be, but I've learned as much as I can from it, which is as much as I can ask from a practice piece.
Moving along!
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Awsome work X3 also do you roleplay?

I do.

(You wanna rp this?)

(can you be Chell? Please?)

(sure also here or notes)

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This pic is pretty cool
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Apparently somebody's borrowed your picture for a photoshop contest.
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Whoa! That's a little rude of them, doing it without permission. Thanks for the heads up!
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Let me once again apologise for this! As I said - usually for those contests stuff like press pictures, computer game screenshots or record covers are used a lot - material that is all over the web and not just on the page of it's original creator.

That my entry made position #5 out of >250 competitors I am sure is thanks to B's original picture here to no small degree!
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You handled the whole thing well though, afterwards! I appreciate that you put forward the effort to make things right, thank you again!
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lol I really like this. It's awesome. <3 Nice job.
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Hangon, i'm just "making a note here, 'huge success'"
"Look at you, sailing through the air magestically. Like an eagle. Piloting a blimp"
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There are so many WG Portal2 pics out there, I LUV IT!
Great pic, lets hope that those anti-falling boots of her's hold up xD
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nice work. she still looks cute. :)
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Look at you, majestically soaring through the air. Like an eagle. Piloting a blimp.
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Most subjects suffer from malnutrition after cryogenics. Congratulations on pulling through, and actually managing to gain a few pounds.
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i think she had too much cake
I figured this would have to happen after all the cracks about Chell's weight in the game, but I had no idea it'd be done this well. She actually looks like a real person rather than just some impossible blob. Nice work!
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That's very nice of you to say! Although there's nothing wrong with blobs, really; it's just a different preference that people have.
I'm not against blobs per se, but subtlety and restraint is pretty rare to see with this sort of picture and it's good to have sometimes.
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