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July 8, 2013
poverty of time by *candid-crocodiles
Featured by Aeirmid
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poverty of time

The poverty of time, keeps us from saving
For this moment here is all that we'll ever be

Found some time and motivation to whip this bad boy up
I'm not dead! :D

EDIT: WHAAAAT A DD OMFG THANK YOU ^Aeirmid ahh I'm dying :squee:

~C R E D I T S~
Horse Body: ~greenleaf-stock
Horse Head: ~Deirdre-T
Wings: ~gd08
Background: ~AdenarKaren
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© 2013 - 2021 candid-crocodiles
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Man that one badass horse

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Amazing work I really Love it 
Greatbreeder303's avatar
candid-crocodiles's avatar
Hi, no I'm sorry this piece was personal and I would not like for it to be used for any other purpose
Nifaeya's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. This equine definitely looks like a fire horse or demon horse if that. The fire really brings contrast and a sense of destruction and excitement to the scene. Just.. so.. beautiful ;-;
GallopingWildly's avatar
So. Flipping. Pretty. o-o
fhelalr's avatar
Omg, a truly powerful piece! I can feeel the burn already! Wonderfully done!
encharmed's avatar
How did you make him/her seem all fiery ? I have a black/elemental she-wolf named Charra and I kind of what her to be associated with fire, so... Like how some horses have those glowing cracks in their bellies/stepping through fire and all. I unno ;-;"
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HOLYTAPDANCINGCHRISTBATMAN that's so awesome omg. ;3;
SillySnickers's avatar
-drools- Ohhh maagerrd! He's breath taking!!
HevonenStudios's avatar
*Dies* How is it even possible to get something that amazing!?!
candid-crocodiles's avatar
don't die!! *revives*
thank you! :heart:
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Batwings on a horse; never seen that before. Impressive and creative!
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lynxrush's avatar
Omfg this<3 Do you possibly have this in a larger size so that I might use it as a wallpaper?
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