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at the ocean's end

Personal piece. Haven't done one in a while.

I needed to take a break from making art from given guidelines and dig into my own mind. A lot of things inspired me to make this- it mostly came from a scene in Life of Pi though (I didn't actually see the movie, I saw a picture of it in a magazine xP).
I'm not sure how much I like it...
well anyway, I've been staring at the whale for so long that it's turned into a blob, so here you go c;

~C R E D I T S~
Horse: ~Colourize-Stock [link] [link]
Stars: `Mithgariel [link]
Whale: ~addictedxstock [link]
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Definitely my favourite digital artist on DA :) I am sorry for the constant bombardment of favs but I want to look at your pieces over and over. aaand over. This one is!!!!!
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I'm so sorry for the late reply-- but eeeek thank you so much dear!!
This really means a lot to me, and I'm so grateful for your support :heart: :glomp:
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Seriously, this has to be the absolute best, underwater manipulation I've ever seen. All those tiny little bubbles, that you could interpret as stars, which is a whole new level of amazingness. 

The hair.


It seems like in most underwater manips, it never looks right but it's so perfect here ;n;

But then the concept is just extraordinary, as per usual. Plus, I love Life of Pi. This is so dreamy and soft and fantastical. It's lovely.
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Omigosh dear your words are so kind ee why are you so nice to me *sob*
THANK YOU SO MUCH and I love you foEVERR :happybounce: :tighthug:
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hehehe because not only is your artwork total and completely amazing, but you are so sweet and kind. :tighthug:

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Im fascinated with all of your works! ;)
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This is amazing! Great idea :D
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so beautiful!
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I feature your wonderful deviation here [link]
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Wow. Amazing idea. This concept is sooo awesome. Nicely done!
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You're Welcome. :D
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This is seriously more than amazing. I love the deept, the whale and how the horse is flying in the water!!!
Wooow I love it so much. Did a greate work over here! And all you work.
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