Shades of Pink and Purple

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Shades of Blue:…

Land and Water Scapes:

:thumb93134814:   Twilight Reflections by Nate-Zeman  :thumb106041837:   Forever Dreaming by MarcAdamus
near the end by werol   Canal to Cape by LukeAustin   The Shadow of Summer by OJ-OK   Lord of the Valley by MarcAdamus
:thumb71797640:   Tranquility by MarcAdamus   Abandoned by Neutron2K   Rushing forward by aFeinPhoto-com
After Glow by aFeinPhoto-com   Kallon Kalliot by closer-to-heaven   Nockeby X by calleartmark  :thumb103661009:
:thumb103112563:   Cream On Top by PlayBoots  :thumb102983432:   The One by 1uno
Lonesome rower.. by closer-to-heaven  :thumb93134814:   Is It Fire? by PlayBoots  :thumb88036668:
Sanibel Harbour by manticor   Sunrise 1 by kleinAlaine   In Mountains' Place by GeraldWinslow  



purple sunset by squidmn  :thumb102523603:   A Hard Life by LukeAustin   Sunrise at St Mary's 5 by rwc101
Sydney by Night by Miandre   Geirangerfjorden Again... by calleartmark   Hanalei Sunrise by aFeinPhoto-com   Sunset over St Ninian's Isle by rwc101
Storming the Beach by PhotonPhreak   The Day The Sky Turned Red by DragonInk7  :thumb100163663:   Cliche sunset by eschlehahn
Sunrise from Beach Dune by EvaMcDermott   sunset at ancol by Alvin-Bake  :thumb24804140:  :thumb85027671:

Flowers and Plants:
Devon Wildflowers by Alex37 Inside My Heart by SassyPants61762 Taking Chances by SassyPants61762   Tender Words by SassyPants61762
purple flower by hexC0DE   Flowering by KatyKoo  :thumb103740469:   IMG_3413 by Klimopjes
:thumb98802847:   Mimosa pudica by abart   Purple Rose V by CarlaSophia   Subtle Bliss by FramedByNature
So It Is by DragonInk7   Love Is Blind by SassyPants61762   A member of the Nymphaeaceae by eskimoblueboy   Forgiven by SassyPants61762  
Open Hearts by DragonInk7   P u r p l e W a v e by fluffyvolkswagen   Allure by mentaldragon   Purple Spear 1 by mentaldragon  
:thumb102860267:   Beauty and the Beast by Gerridwen   LilyColour by KatyKoo   Ultimi petali by Amersill  
   .:Lirium:. by aliveruka  :thumb101531938:   Lily by PhotonPhreak  
Sweet Lady by SassyPants61762   twisted cabbage by sammyluvsjuan  :thumb99963085:   your tears don't fall by NoirFeu  
Black makes me look thinner by ConnieBearer   Morning In Marietta Square by SassyPants61762   Poison heart by Cenestelle  :thumb89416867:  
Do ya like purple? by SonoSoloAnsia   Colour Of Life XXXIV by Damienne Bingham by GreenEyedHarpy   Delicate Daisies by LadyAliceofOz   Beauty by phenomenological  
   Look to the Light by scootergirl762   Wet Look by sametimenxtyr   Purple Water Lily by CJStreva
flower 1 by jakwak  :thumb89339149:   Purple Tulips by eskimoblueboy   purple tulips by jakwak
Two purple orchids by eskimoblueboy   Pink by Irena-N-Photography   Pink by EvelynMoon     

:thumb79996442:   Cat on pink by schumix   Purple + White by PurrrpleDragon   3 sticky stars.. by AllyDea  
Fiddeling my feathers... by Wereldreizigster   pretty in pink by Green-Lily  :thumb98338561:    

Body Parts and People

:thumb106218977:   Selia by zemotion   Obsession. by zemotion  :thumb103669468:  
Pink desire by lidush  :thumb100764082:   My Love Is Pink by iKate   Lay it on my lips. by Bunnis
Aurora by pink-spike   pinkeye by janonabox  :thumb5450887:  :thumb71597014:  
  :thumb86696140:  :thumb79734274:  
Pink Strips by s0o0ul   deep purple by xURxDREAMxNxFANTASYx  :thumb52506493:  


Pink by iTux   Pink by paikan07   Depart as Purple by idiotekniQues  

And...and bit of self-promotion :)

  :thumb104434328:    :thumb87907401:  
:thumb88770469:  :thumb84983661:    
    :thumb100173558:  :thumb81972626:  
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Jiinxsay's avatar
stunningly Beautiful peice of news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you so much! :heart:
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I thought for sure I had thanked you already for all these features, but apparently I hadn't!! So thank you very much!! It's an honor! :hug:
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Thank you!!!!!!!! :dance:

:) Very nice feature!!
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I really really like this, sweetness! Sorry for the terrible late, and merry christmas! :heart:
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Awesome collection and I was included!!! Am I lucky or what??? Thanks, Candice!!! Really nice features!!!
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such beautiful pinks here! Lovely photos. ^^

(and thank you ^^)
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Thank you! : D
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Thank you so much! :D
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Thank you so much for the feature :D

: you have featured one of mine twice
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yea, I meant to make a note of that (I usually make the first comment to an article if I made a mistake in it) but my pc was slow and deviantart was having issues with loading right after I made this one.
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Thankyou for the feature :)
Some great work there.
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CandiceSmithPhoto's avatar
thanks, glad you liked it
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you're welcome
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Thank you once again :hug:
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very very nice selections!!!! :clap:
and... thank you! :blush:
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Thank you very much for including my sunset picture in this feature - I am honoured to be part of this awesome collection. :heart: :hug:
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