Shades of Green

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Shades of Green

Land and Water Scapes:

Emerald Waters II by Miss-Suzie   Heavenly Sheep by scoobasteve0987   Vivid Skies II by DannyRoozen Kalalau Overlook by aFeinPhoto-com Maybe Someday by Bunt202   A003 by Bunt202   Samotniak by Bunt202   Rows by hougaard Manning Provincial Park by endure   Saint-Emilion by darkcalypso   exmoor blanket by sassaputzin   Together by mr-andreas-andersson
:thumb102438723:   fern green by sassaputzin   beaver...... by sassaputzin     Green valley by aliveruka  :thumb102723815:  :thumb102213196:  :thumb102181598: Final Light by lucias-tears   Loki's Forest by lucias-tears   Inceput De Toamna... by AlexandrinaAna   Secrets of the Sun by rad-ix
Gleno by LarsMaresca   Port Isaac 2 - Cornwall by Kernow-Photography  :thumb65267370:   Tree of life by wtamas   Forest rays by AidaBabayeva  :thumb90512733:   Slap KOZJAK by klavdijo99   Fence on the Hill: Summer by mostlymade   Honey Comb Verical by Furiousxr   Fairyland Falls by MarcAdamus   inverloch water and rocks 3 by jakwak   Apesanteur improbable by achel    Autumn Gorge by avalonmoon13   Gorgeous Autumn by avalonmoon13   Playa del Carmen by CezarMart  :thumb76016327: River Meavy take 2 by avalonmoon13    Kennall Vale nature reserve... by Pjharps   lost in paradise by peitxon   Japanese Garden 6 Two Girls by AmethystUnderwood



Auroras over Campement d'Ours by tfavretto   Dockside Glow by tfavretto   Auroras over Canoe Point by tfavretto  

Flowers and Plants:
Green by dandelgrosso   Forest Dream by aFeinPhoto-com   On the tree by ivancoric  :thumb96083883: Whimsical Journey by Zesuri   In the Land of Redemption by Zesuri  :thumb76393474:  :thumb96083999:    La petite vue by favocal  :thumb106099916:  :thumb101638724:  :thumb93114884:   :thumb95424519:   fron 2 by fungusamongme  :thumb86052947:   True love by ConnieBearer   .: Bonjour :. by hellfirediva   .sway. by witchlady750  :thumb104201424:   zigzag by bia37   Don't look down by Wh1tesheep   We're heart-shaped by douapuncteics   Colour Of Life XIX by GreenEyedHarpy   single by GoT-Tank    :GOOD LUCK: by onixa   Drops of Dusk by DannyRoozen   Green Supreme.... by Pjharps   Like Pea's In A Pod.... by Pjharps   LifeLines by FramedByNature   blob by lostknightkg   I won't let you fall by Bluesun84     

Elvis by h3llzcupcake   Cassiopee I by darkcalypso   Kiss flower by leocbrito  :thumb67503604: Resting Hummingbird by CJStreva   Wow by CJStreva   Mrs. M by PatriciaVazquez   Mallard Duck by mentaldragon Watch your head by TheMadTracker   tree frog by TheMadTracker     Jamaican Streamertail 3 by secondclaw
:thumb102918234:   Mantis by saddiamonds   Mallard Duck Portrait by mentaldragon  :thumb104055318: :thumb103517885:  :thumb103193119:  :thumb102587220:  :thumb101366302: :thumb101095814:   372 by prism77  :thumb98831590:  :thumb95993489:
miniscule beetle 01 by alokethebloke   Sleek and Green III by alokethebloke   Dragonfly by purhipnoze   Lemony Moth by alokethebloke Caterpillar by Sommersprotte   Butterfly Green by fyta   Predator's Perspective by FramedByNature  :thumb90926581: Crocodilian by GreenEyedHarpy   :: acrobat :: by hellfirediva   Sleeping Peacefully by Death-Soldier101   : mesmerized : by hellfirediva
Its not easy being green by eskimoblueboy   Polly Wants a Cracker.... by Pjharps   .: Kiss Me :. by hellfirediva   Red Eye by DruknIrishBoy rainbow lorikeet 3 by jakwak  :thumb80784864:     petit cameleon by chuwwa :thumb76228728:  

Body Parts and People

:thumb103125884:   i look like a gnome by P0RG   Only a Child's Eyes by adobetrippin   haaam by TheNightSheDied    after the day has crashed by dechlorinate   man - child by melaniumom   A Window to Souls by Sugargrl14   The Look by vizualeyez  :thumb100763167:   happy by AlicjaRodzik   Eye by dandelgrosso    
the eye by smudgedstar  :thumb95768939:   Prisoner of your eyes. by HappyYeyeGirl   Serenity by 7th-Heaven-Creative  :thumb31255414:  

And...and bit of self-promotion :)

:thumb81964012:  :thumb81964408:  :thumb81963811:  :thumb81970663:   :thumb104522425:      :thumb92094178:  :thumb83684615:  
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This is a beatiful set of features :)
Thank you so much for the feature :heart:
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Many thanks for the feature! :hug:
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Thank you very much for the feature ! :hug:
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Thanks for the feature
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Thank you so much!

:santa: :D
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Thanks for the features, I appreciate it.
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Amazing feature :hug:
:hug: Thank you for featuring my pics i really appreciate your support :hug:
Hope you have a good week :hug:
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Awesome greens, Candice!!!! Thanks for including "us" !!!! I really have a lot to :+fav: here!!!! :clap:
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my photos never seem like they quite fit amongst these other features... but thank you :)
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Beautiful gallery you set up! :D
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Thanks for including me (twice !!)
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The green sky is very interesting.
Thanks so much for including one of my shots.
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Great collection!
Thanks a lot for featuring my work :)
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thanks so very much !!! so appreciated ;)

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Very nice collection :)
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and merry christmas! :hug:
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Wow!! :D Thank you so much!

:heart: What a lovely article. :)
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you're welcome, glad you liked it
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Thanks for the feature!
Beautiful collection!:clap:
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