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If you don't wanna read the explanation just skip to the dotted line

I don't know if people even really care if I'm here or not but if anyone was wondering if I will ever be active or post art again, here's where you'll find out.

I did come back for the summer on and off visiting, but being the teenage girl with a boyfriend and a car and who can do whatever she wants that I ammmmm, I haven't been on lately. 

I love to draw and post my art and talk to people on here but it's honestly at like the bottom of my list of things I want to do.
I've realized that I've changed A LOT in the past 3-4 years that I've been drawing online.

I always look back to those days where I was drawing 24/7 and talking to my internet friends all the time and I try to go back, but once you grow out of something it's never the same. I guess sadly you could say I've just grown out of drawing. 

So I'm sorry for so much returning and leaving, sometimes I just get inspired and come back, but it never really sticks. And that is why I'm saying my final goodbye

School starts tomorrow and I realized as soon as that happens I probably won't touch dA ever again. I grew up with the internet and now it's my time to finally leave. I used to be all over virtual world games, sites like disney create, tumblr, youtube, apart of fandoms, etc. I was 100% invested into my life being online and now that's TOTALLY changed.

I of course love the internet, but I'm not a community member in anything anymore. I just have my social media, Netflix, and watch YouTube videos. I no longer take part in social interaction online (excluding stuff like Instagram but they're apps so I dont really count it lol) 


So yeah I don't wanna leave people with hope that I might post art again or reply to their comment so... this is it!

Sorry if I do end up posting a drawing like every now and then, sometimes I just get REALLY inspired to draw again and if anywhere I would post it on dA. Chances are though that might not happen so if you want to unwatch me I get it lol.

Thanks for everyone who's ever favorited or liked or commented or watched me or said something nice about me/my art. It has made me a happy happy girl but this is where Candifloss finally leaves the internet behind.

Don't worry, I'm not going to deactivate, I will leave up my account for people to enjoy my art. If you wanna keep up or whatever you can talk to me on my Instagram or Kik, both are @ Rivadelrey

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Uggggghhh //cries in corner :,,,,U your mah idol I will always look at your art TwT