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Fellow deviants, there is a brave and beautiful young woman that needs our help. If you aren't already familiar with her, go to *Vispir's page and look at her work and read her journals. Her own words explain the situation better than anyone ever could. Bottom line is *Vispir is seriously ill, has no insurance, and requires expensive medical treatment. If her plight isn't enough to touch you, please consider making a donation.

Donate to Vispir's chemotherapy fund
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And this is what's wrong with America....
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I'm unable to 'donate' but I'm very sensitive to her.

I'm happy to live in Canada ...
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More Britt please
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Vitamin B17 apricot seeds .Alkaline diet .Essiac tea or tincture .Research o called "alternative treatemnts "Vitamin D is another powerful one for healing naturally . I have personally used some of these treatments to good effect . Hope this info can be of some help .
This could also be of help , not something i used myself .
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Thank you for posting this Philip