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A Thing of Vikings: Erboru by candelediva A Thing of Vikings: Erboru :iconcandelediva:candelediva 2 0 A Thing of VIkings: Chimera by candelediva A Thing of VIkings: Chimera :iconcandelediva:candelediva 2 0 Absolutely disgusting by candelediva Absolutely disgusting :iconcandelediva:candelediva 0 0 Amalgamverse: The various T.rexes by candelediva Amalgamverse: The various T.rexes :iconcandelediva:candelediva 1 0 FBaWTFT: American Thunderjaw by candelediva FBaWTFT: American Thunderjaw :iconcandelediva:candelediva 3 0
The Broken Bridge: Thunder rolls (Revised)
Siberia, Russia, 4/6/2030
Ever since Godzilla Junior and his tyrannical generals had been shunted to another dimension by the Dimension Tide, the world at large either suffered no disasters or was ground zero for catastrophic battles... And Siberia was no exception for the latter. Populated by the descendants of survivors from the battle of Norilsk and prisoners that had escaped the many Gulags, this forlorn, frozen world had been the center of many battles, one of which had reactivated the Siberian Traps in 2022 after the Black dragon's battle with Yonggary, a volcanic plume that had destroyed 90% of life on Earth at the end of the Permian. For now, it quietly spewed up lava and pyroclastic gas, but the world at large didn't realize that this massive gas spewing mountain would be the doom of humanity in a few thousand years, give or take ten thousand more.
This, of course, was of no concern for the two kaiju who were to make their negotiations regarding the kaiju army, as RaifG
:iconcandelediva:candelediva 1 3
The Broken Bridge: Prologue
In every world, there is always good and evil... And the Amalgamverse is no exception. Filled with monstrous kaiju that can be both good or evil, humanity stands to fight their demons, standing side by side to battle their demons... However, this is not the story of Humanity's Stand. This is the story of an Ancient Civilisation's spiteful legacy, one perpetuated by the ancient Destruction Beasts of Yore... And this... is not our story.
2030, Somewhere in Gaia's Kármán line
This is how it feels to be Gamera right now:
Pride, one that happened because of seeing an army of your creation march below you,
having the knowledge that you have subjugated your most treacherous minion in the process,
and... Self-hatred for letting themselves become a slave themselves, to a senile AI from a long-dead civilization.
"Magnificent, isn't it, General Zilla?"
This army of his was comprised of a variety of soldiers from different origins: Exiles and survivors of the La
:iconcandelediva:candelediva 2 0
Mirrored Bridge: Zilla Jr. by candelediva Mirrored Bridge: Zilla Jr. :iconcandelediva:candelediva 0 3 TIoB Skeletons: Boreas notus by candelediva TIoB Skeletons: Boreas notus :iconcandelediva:candelediva 2 0 Mirrored Bridge: Gamera, The Ocean Destroyer by candelediva Mirrored Bridge: Gamera, The Ocean Destroyer :iconcandelediva:candelediva 4 0 TIoB  The Nameless Pariah on Scratch by candelediva TIoB The Nameless Pariah on Scratch :iconcandelediva:candelediva 6 2 TIoB: The Forest by candelediva TIoB: The Forest :iconcandelediva:candelediva 4 2 TIoB: Beelzebub, Lord of The Depths by candelediva TIoB: Beelzebub, Lord of The Depths :iconcandelediva:candelediva 9 4 TIoB:  Wooly Boomer by candelediva TIoB: Wooly Boomer :iconcandelediva:candelediva 4 6 TKC: Our Champion  by candelediva TKC: Our Champion :iconcandelediva:candelediva 1 8 TIoB:  Bandersnatch by candelediva TIoB: Bandersnatch :iconcandelediva:candelediva 4 0


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Mature content
oh how we have sinned... :iconfaebelowdeck:FaeBelowDeck 4 14
Mekhane, the Broken God by Zhange000 Mekhane, the Broken God :iconzhange000:Zhange000 283 30 Dunkle Stan by Rahonavis70m Dunkle Stan :iconrahonavis70m:Rahonavis70m 18 22 MMM 002: ESHOUWIN by Skollyson MMM 002: ESHOUWIN :iconskollyson:Skollyson 114 10



A Thing of Vikings: Erboru
Identification: Large-sized. Black to Grey-scales and hide with golden or rusted patterns and accents that can become brighter or darker as well as other patterns at will via camouflage. Four legs with one pair of wings ending in humanoid 'hands' featuring three claws on each finger that are capable of precise manual dexterity, series of frills on back for braking in mid-air with grey quills used for attracting mates or threatening predators. 

Description: The Erbörü is a large sized Tracker/Stoker class dragon, infamous for being one of the most highly aggressive and dangerous of all dragons aside from the now deceased Red Death, and the Speed Stinger, a distant relative of this giant dragon. It can be found mainly in the Pecheneg Steppe and Siberia, having thrived off the extinction of their competitors at the hands of climate change (The various mammalian and draconic mega-fauna that evolved in the Last Age of Ice/Ice Age) and dragon hunters, while also being hit just as hard by the extinction due to their aggression and size. Like all Stoker Class dragons, their fire is hot and blistering, but theirs is the hottest, measuring at around 2,300 °C thanks to their unique composition of flame made of Acetylene and Hydrogen. Their tracking capabilities are also second-to-none, having the ability to trace prey up to 50 miles just by sight alone, due to their high intelligence rivaled only by the Night Fury and various human geniuses, while their sense of smell is abysmal because of their strong vision. Despite these abilities, any and all dragon hunters had the actual know-how and experience in dealing with these highly intelligent relatives of the Speed Stinger, such as one infamous dragon hunter known by many names such as Drago Bludvist, Ejderha Kanlı yumruk and 苍龙屠杀者 (Cānglóng túshā zhě/The Pale Dragonslayer), infamous for having contributed to the depopulation of the Night Fury population alongside Grimmel the Grisly, an infamous warlord hailing from Scandinavia and the only known tamer of the Deathgripper, a now extinct dragon infamous for their strength and sedative venom.


- The 
Erbörü can be tamed like any other dragon despite their aggression. However, any prospective tamers must make sure they appear to be dominant in any relationship, excluding adoption at an early age which already cements a bond.

- The Erbörü can walk on their hind legs much like their Speed Stinger relatives but prefer to walk on all fours to stabilize their tail for combat, as well as to maintain a lower profile in tall grass, however marginal it is. 

- Immature Erbörü between the ages of five or fifteen years of age have far more venomous stingers than their adult-counterparts, in order to take down prey faster without risk of injury and due to how relatively weak they are compared to other species of dragons and mammalian predators (Such as boars and bears). They also have a limited camouflage factor, which is more similar to that of a Cuttlefish's rather than a Changewing's, which means that their camouflage only works if predators aren't actively searching for them and have not caught their scent. Adult Erbörü can only subtly camouflage themselves, changing their color patterns to blend in with sunlight filtering through tall grass while hunting. Instead, they use it for communication between individuals in order to either communicate their sexual maturity, age and emotion. Mature male Erbörü have more pronounced color-changing abilities, and use this ability to attract mates and hypnotize prey.

- Much like the Roman Empire, Imperial China used these dragons for gladiatorial combat alongside captured Snow Wraiths and Hydras similarly to captured lions and other native non-draconian creatures in Rome. However, these dragons were treated far better than their Roman counterparts due to how they were worshipped despite how dangerous the native dragons are because of their size and ferocity, such as the Chinese Lung, Tibetan Phoenix, and Korean Munmu, all of which either have wings or fly in places far higher than any sane man would reach.
A Thing of VIkings: Chimera
Identification: Medium size, with two dissimilar heads, mounted laterally to the thorax. The “leonine” head has minimal neck and an extended “mane” of thickened hide, and is typically red-to-gold colored, while the “goat” head has a gray-white coloration and two large horns sticking back from the brow. Four legs, with eviscerating claws at the end, capable of only grasping and carrying larger objects, medium single wing-pair, gray-green in coloration; used for camouflage by the dragon when waiting in ambush in dark conditions. The leonine head has large saber-fangs optimized for gutting prey, while the Goat head has smaller rows of cutting teeth. The central thorax is roughly cylindrical. Long snake-like tail with stinger at end, coloration matching wings. Stinger has a false-jaw featuring injection-fangs. Leonine head possesses gold eyes, while goat head possesses black eyes.

Description: The Chimera is a medium sized Stoker Class Dragon, found mainly in
 coastal regions around the Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, and the Aegean Sea. Like all Stoker class dragons, their fire is hot, bright and highly dangerous. Unlike their brethren, though, their fire is comprised of sulfur and aluminum, which emits toxic Sulfur dioxide once ignited and burns bright blue. However, this fire only shoots out of the Leonine head, while the Goat head's fire involves two different chemicals, namely strontium and chloride, which creates a red fire and is decidedly less toxic than the blue fire of the Leonine head. Much like all dragons, they consume fish, but they can also be seen hunting down large game such as oxen.


- The first example of a tamed Chimera could be found in Constantinople and was subsequently drafted into the Byzantine Military alongside thirty-nine other native dragons, rapidly rendering Greek Fire obsolete and becoming the first example of a Military force using Air-superiority in combat aside from Berk and Scotland.

- Only four Chimera were ever tamed by the Byzantine Military initially, with the most common dragons in the military being the Scylla and the rarest being the Hydra. Various other dragons captured by Ryker Grimborn included four Ismenia, five Colchia, and six Campe and Charybdis, as well as four Pythons in a military force numbering forty-strong. 
Absolutely disgusting
Click this image to make your house into a halfway house for wayward rehabilitated prisoners
Amalgamverse: The various T.rexes
Artwork for a recent forum post on Fimfiction's Amalgamverse group
FBaWTFT: American Thunderjaw
The American Thunderjaw is a species of dragon native to North America, so named because of its booming roar that sounds like thunder. It is one of the largest dragons in the known Wizarding World, it's usual length being recorded at 55 feet, with a wingspan of 62 meters across. Only the Ukrainian Ironbelly exceeds it's length at 60 feet, excluding an individual known only as 'The Redwood', who is thrice the size of any normal Thunderjaw at 165 feet, as well as having a wingspan of around 155 feet. Like the Thunderbird, Thunderjaws require vast areas of flat land to thrive, also preying on the same foodstuffs, such as Mountain goats and Winged horses. They are also highly territorial, as befits a massive predator of the sky, and can breath blue fire, which is atypical of the mostly orange flames of most dragons. Occasionally, Thunderjaws can be found with Adolescent Thunderbirds, functioning as surrogate parents in the case of their biological parent's premature death or their rejection from the nest. Thunderjaws can also be adopted by Thunderbirds, though the former party's reasons for doing so are similar to that of the Muggle world's cuckoo, exploiting the Thunderjaw's hospitality for three years, before fledging and leaving the nest. One such individual is the previously mentioned Redwood, an unusually intelligent and ancient dragon who has been around since the end of the Ice Age, having fostered many generations of Thunderbirds, as well as the occasional 'Wizard' (Air quotes here since wand lore wasn't present at the time of Hunter-Gatherers), having also contributed to the creation of the first Philosopher's Stone alongside Nicholas Flamel. Unlike the artificial longevity of the Elixir of Life, though, Redwood seems to have thrived for so long due to either sheer luck or splitting his soul into a Horcrux, with both options being equally likely. Pictured here is one of many conflicts between a resident Thunderbird of an unknown territory, and an invading Thunderjaw that has decided to usurp the territory for breeding purposes.
Long ago, In a world not too similar to ours, there lived two great world powers: The democratic Eagles, and the Wolf monarchy. The Eagles ruled the south of this world, where there were massive redwoods to roost in, gigantic lakes filled to their brims with massive fish, and tall cliffs for the Eagle congress. The Wolves ruled in a similar forest, except instead of lakes, there were plains with gigantic caribou, moose, and big horned sheep. Two massive mountains separated the two kingdoms, and the continent itself was 150 meters over sea level, where a massive ocean layed, which neither Eagle nor Wolf bothered to explore. The ocean was a place of anarchy, and the rulers of the ocean had not revealed themselves to the world of order. Peace and Prosperity were present in both kingdoms, and no war had been waged in 650 million years, such was the extent of this peace. But like all great empires, they would always become corrupted, and, after the discovery of an ancient superweapon created by an unknown race of aliens, The peace began to wane. The super-weapon had only been discovered recently, and was simply called: "The Maw." The Wolves and Eagles were in a political debate over what to do with this machine... Until one fateful night. Two individuals named Haquihana and Aquilla  were chosen from the two kingdoms, and were sent into the center of "The Maw." What they saw was too complicated to put into words, and after showing the science team there what they saw, they too were shocked by their findings. Thus began debates of whether to destroy The Maw, ending the threat of fights over it, or to repair and upgrade it and use it to destroy anyone that disagreed with the kingdom holding it. The Eagles chose not to repair it, and attempted to damage it beyond repair using their technology, while the  Wolves defended the repairers of The Maw with their far more powerful technology. In the end, the Wolves were successful. Twenty years passed, and talks of signing a treaty to restore peace were made, with Aquilla and Haquihana to sign their sides of the treaty. However, the treaty was rigged, and gave the Wolves more power than the Eagles. Aquila, after more than 5 years of being treated as garbage by the wolves, decided to sabotage The Maw, now known as The Destroyer. Aquila was caught by Haquihana, and after numerous attempts to reason with the now power mad Wolf he once called friend, he was forced into a fight with him, and had been torn apart by Haquihana. Aquila soon healed himself with ancient magic, and kicked Haquihana into The Destroyer's magazine, where he was fired out to the ocean. Aquila, who realized he had sent his friend to drown in the ocean, attempted to summon him back to The Destroyer, but was too far away for the spell to work. Aquila decided to give Haquihana a second chance, and turned him into the first Orca. Aquila soon decided that his former friend Haquihana was lonely, and turned the other wolves at The Destroyer into Orcas, and sent them to the ocean as well. Aquila, sad that he never got to say goodbye, went back to the eagles, and left The Destroyer to the Wolves. 

The End


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Well, Hello there, fellow Deviant! You may have seen me commenting on such deviations as grapehyacanith's Fox Serum stories and most IchikoWindGryphon and Sketchyseraph stories and artwork and some other work by other Deviants on here, which, if i listed would probably fill up this page.


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