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Mattheus/Kassian refs (bios update)

By CanaryWitch
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"I may have done something...unfavorable. (laugh) I do hope you won't hate me after this."

"Kassian, my feelings towards you aren't conditioned on your behavior; My love for you is eternal. I could never be disappointed in you.(...)That being said, what on earth did you do this time? "

UPD8: Some cosmetic changes but nothing noticeable. What I updated this for was to bring their st.ash file to light.
I'm having them share one because they're both in most of eachothers pictures anyways lol. I'll likely be doing the same for samos/kai and robin/amelia and others.
This file contains most of their pictures, their BIOS (which will be updated frequently) and a few other things like clothing references and the like.

In which I get to know my own characters on an almost uncomfortable level for my own reference and for other people (who I may commission or art trade) :iconnanalanplz:

I really like doing these but they take an eternity. I want to do one for two other pairs of weapon wielders and their mages but those will take just as long as thiiiis did. They aren't even part of a comic or anything like that yet so idk the real point of this but it was fun and I suppose that's all the reason I need.
I'm in the process of making a stash file for these two and it'll have looooong written bios to go with it. *feigned audience cheering*
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ExudeArtHobbyist General Artist
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ItsPoltergeistStudent Digital Artist
nice tiddy
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M4ryonStudent Digital Artist
WHAT! I soooooo need this! Awesome stuff *-*
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yellowflowerevyProfessional Artist
Oh I wanna make this too. Oh no...*faves this and tries to fight urge to draw a million characters in sheets like this.*
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DaemonicMelodyStudent General Artist
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CanaryWitchStudent General Artist
It's so hard to resist spending hours upon hours making something like this for all the OCs it's just SO MUCH FUN. 
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Amreio Digital Artist
hooooooo wow I love these characters are also just your style in general ahhh so much love <33

seriously tempted to draw these guys too woop their designs are honestly so solid, I like how mattheus has more squarular shapes and you can instantly tell he's a more grounded guy, while Kassian is all triangular and stuff and is sharp and pointy personality-wise too La la la la 
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CanaryWitchStudent General Artist
Ohhhh my gosh this is so sweet omg. I would be absolutely honored if you decided to do so. 
I LOVE using shape language to fit a character's personality into their design. I'm so happy you pointed that out ahhh *v*
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Wow Canaryko , I love all your work, but this is superb! Amazing idea to draw them so schematized and also their bios. It feels like they are real! :D
Thank you for the inspirational work! ^_^
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2point0KatHobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing! You're very thorough.
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SleeviaHobbyist Digital Artist
AH I love these two so much! Can't wait to read their bios! The details on this are amazing those expressions just killed me. I wish I could fav this over and over again!!!
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your style is impressive! and i love how you draw their facial expression<3
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CanaryWitchStudent General Artist
Oh thank you! Expressions are my favorite!!
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milliemunchersHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is so impressive and you really get a good feel of your characters! So detailed too <3
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CanaryWitchStudent General Artist
Wow, thank you! I like to over-achieve in the most unnecessary of ways, haha! I'm glad it does, though! It was a huge help and a great way to really get in the nitty gritty details that I normally wouldn't think about.
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Stunning expressive character sheets!
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KervalaHobbyist General Artist
That's awesome like your drawn them both in realistic style and stylized one :love:
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CanaryWitchStudent General Artist
Thank you! Me too! I really have a difficult time deciding which style I like the most, so I'm trying to find a good middle ground between the two!
Thanks for the message!
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LazriellHobbyist General Artist
You'r oc-s are incredible. I love those facial expressions. Amazing work. :3
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CanaryWitchStudent General Artist
Hey, thank you! They were probably my favorite part about all of it, haha! 
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Nel-Tu-AnimokeHobbyist Traditional Artist
These references are simple to understand and at the same time detailed and professional, no wonder it took a long time but it was really worth it! It's awesome!
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CanaryWitchStudent General Artist
Oh man, that's incredible to hear! Thank you so very much! (Sorry for the late reply!)
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Nel-Tu-AnimokeHobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem, you're welcome :D
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TheDrawingBeebHobbyist Digital Artist
Your characters are beautiful by the way~ They're so lovable and I know nothing about them except from this page~ (-Hadta add)
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