Congratulations and Thanks

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Congratulations and Thanks.

The winners and honourable mentions were announced for Original Character Contest - WINNERS, sponsored by Disabled-dArtist.  :iccondisabled-dartist:

Thanks for the Honourable Mention and Writer’s Award for Introducing The Windigo.

Cassie Greenaway’s story, a.k.a. “The Windigo”, has continued on Page 2 Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, and Page 6.
And, more to come.

Introducing The Windigo by Can-Cat

Congratulations to all the winners-

The contest accomplished its goal of promoting original characters with a disability. Everyone will eventually either know someone or face managing a disability themselves, in their life.

As the guidelines of the contest pointed out, there are too few characters with disabilities; and, those characters who are disabled, are too often given miraculous cures.

This only deprives the characters and audience the opportunity of representing a large portion of the population.

As Helen Keller (1880-1968) wrote, “The welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all.”  
-Out of the Dark, And Other Essays (1920)

“The test of a democracy is… the care given to the welfare of all the people.”
-“Try Democracy," in The Home Magazine (1935)



Congratulations to all the   WINNERS, from Disabled-dArtist

 1st Place

Real Superheroes, by kesbet

“We keep… [seeing] superheroes from comics... But we keep forgetting there are real superheroes around us.[They suffer from disabilities]…  yet they try hard and stay positive and appreciate what they have, [and] embrace the world with kindness.”

Real Superheroes by kesbet


 2nd Place –

Danger, by Fairling

“The character is blind.”
Danger by Fairling


 3rd Place –

“Trella is a cat who was born blind and without a paw.”
: trella :, by HeyItsTreeCat


 1st Honorable Mention -

Introducing The Windigo.

Introducing The Windigo by Can-Cat

 2nd Honorable Mention –

The face of depression, by NHA86

“The face of depression… my character Lorreine..”.


 3rd Honorable Mention –

The Two Sides, by AutismArtist92

The Two Sides by AutismArtist92

Special Surprise Prizes:

 Voters' Favorite –

Ace Ozaki, by Shiyacos

Ace was born… with heart disease… [causing]  the amputation of his leg… His father saved enough… to buy a prosthetic leg... He dreams of competing in the Olympics..”
Ace Ozaki by Shiyacos


 The Writer's Award -

Introducing The Windigo.

 Thank You For Sharing Your Awesome Art –

Geremy, by akiraco

“Geremy…  lost his legs in a hit-and-run accident… but a local doctor created prosthetic limbs for him…”

Geremy by akiraco



Untitled, by MetalLeftAlive

Untitled by MetalLeftAlive

Red is blind. 
Congratulations Everyone! Your awards will be sent shortly! 

Thank you again to all of the donors who made this contest possible! -

Art is obviously so important in helping manage disabilities and other challenges.


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Bonne année!


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