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dA Morgue. I.D. Tag.


DA. Morgue ID. Toe Tag-

The Ghost Who Walks. [Well, the Cat, at least.]

This was made for the Toe Tag Contest on dA-Morgue, Contest Details, hosted by dA Morgue.

Due Date: July 3rd, 2017


This reminded me of the opening scene, in the morgue, from “Sunset Boulevard”, which was cut, after previews.

In the cut scene, the camera pans on the toe tags in the morgue, while the residents describe how they got there, with voice-overs.


Case Synopsis:

On April 13th, at 16:42 hours, EDT, Campus Security reported a Post-Grad student was exhibiting symptoms of Anaphylaxis, from exposure to chemical pesticides.

After going for help, there was an explosion, which was later ruled an accident, caused by a build-up of Natural Gas, from a leak, in the maintenance tunnels, under the campus.

Reportedly two people were in the building at the time, the subject and Dr. Alexander.

After the explosion, next to college’s Slow-Poke Reactor, neither could be found.

The NNSC [National Nuclear Safety Commission] investigated; and, cleared the site.

The case remains open as there were insufficient remains to make a positive I.D.

Authorities have been directed to contact the NNSC and Coroner’s Office, immediately, and consider any remains an extreme Bio-Hazard and possible Radiation risk, if recovered.

Excerpts from File:

The file is incomplete, with missing attachments. Some material is illegible [or, redacted].

The only image attached to the file of the subject is a grainy frame from a campus security camera.

Attention: If found consider extreme BIO-HAZARD and contact CORONER’S Office- IMMEDIATELY !

 “A call came from campus security [illegible], to the college’s Health Services, at 14:00 hours EDT, stating that the person in question, a Doctoral Candidate, was suffering Anaphylaxis, after exposure to chemical pesticides, from campus maintenance staff…

“There was a subsequent incident [illegible] at the [illegible] nearby campus’ Life Sciences labs, in the Ross Hume Hall Memorial Wing, adjacent to the college’s [illegible] nuclear reactor… near Togo Salmon Hall..

“Subsequent to the [illegible, possibly 'explosion'?], at the [illegible]… no identifiable remains were recovered...

“Post-Doc researcher, Dr. Alexander, was reportedly conducting L.D. [Lethal Dose] experiments [toxicology standards testing] in the [illegible] building, was also found to be missing…”

Attached note, “Has this case been subsumed by the NNESC*? [National Nuclear Energy and Safety Commission]
No remains? Attachments missing?” [*Similar to the 
CNSCCanada Nuclear Safety Commission]

- Signed by Dr. J.G. Deadman, Regional Coroner.



Dr. Astor, Cat's physician, maintains hospital privileges at the university, and office hours, at the campus’ Health Services office, as well as her own private practice, at the Nova Clinic, in the city.

Dr. Astor is a Specialist in Immunology.  She made her first appearance in Introducing The Windigo, Page 10 and Page 11.

Dr. Astor's sister, Izzy, was Dr. Alexander's friend and physician.



Dr. William J. Deadman was one of Canada’s first forensic pathologists.

His son, Dr. John Deadman, has been writing a book about his Father.

The Dr. William James Deadman Endowment Fund


Dr. Ross Hume Hall (Author), Food For Thought, and other books amazon, for whom the Ross Hume Hall Memorial Life Science Wing is named. 


Thanks to all the Stock Artists.



I.D. Tag:

dA-Morgue toe tag, by nitchwarmer

Made for dA Morgue, Toe Tag Contest on dA-Morgue, Contest Details

Image from Surveillance Camera:

Me simple 4, by SilvieT-Stock

Mad Scientist Mari 43, by TwilightAmazonStock

mask-12, by xstockx

mask-5, by xstockx

Steampunk Goggles Various Png Stock (reposted), by Mom-EsPeace

Other Resources:

paperclips, by wasshere

UNRESTRICTED - Pastel Grunge Texture, by frozenstocks

Smoke Textures, by JU5TPeachy

Vintage Paper II TEXTURE PACK, by Knald


Asus EP 121, Eee Slate


Your Usernumber -dA v5-, by Rubycored


Because we’re all just stories in the end…


Listening to:

Jann Arden - Will You Remember Me

sarah mclachlan - i will remember you

Doctor Who // The Day of the Doctor // I'm Coming Home


Class Action Suit against company for cancer

California and WHO warn of cancer from herbicides.


Oh, bother, since this is an alternate universe, I should have given myself a doctorate.

A friend’s neighbour passed away. They didn’t find her remains for a week, or two.
That is horrifying.

My Mum was always fascinated by forensics, both professionally and personally.

On the plus side, I do already have a headstone. [Long story]

I thought it would be clearer, if the letters, etched in the stone, were painted in black.
But, my brother disagreed. And, as he said, I won't have to look at it.

So, there you go.

"We're all stories in the end."

-Doctor Who, Series 5, Episode 13, The Big Bang"


"And, every story comes to an end.
So, we can carry on to the next volume."

-Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium [2007]

-Keep Cool and Carry On…


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