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The Lady and the Lamp


The Lady and the Lamp

Thanks to Yagellonica for posting the LINEART Lady with Lantern, and allowing us to practice colouring.

This was a curious challenge to light, between the lantern and the moon coming through the stained glass window;

And, the smoke from the lantern. Since, it doesn't have a reservoir, it must be shielding a candle; but, still, fair bit of smoke, 
especially, when she's moving. Practically, like a censer.

Actually, a lantern like this would have been a big help, when the power went off this week.

"It's better to light a candle, than curse the darkness."

Thanks, to the Line Artists and Stock Artists, for their generosity.



LINEART Lady with Lantern, by Yagellonica [Done in ClipStudioPaint]

Awarded a Daily Deviation [2016-12-17]

For: Stock & Resources: as a detailed line art prefect for history and fantasy buffs wanting to relax by coloring or try some new skills out! Suggested by Cassy-Blue 



“A Daily Deviation is a feature…to showcase artwork… found [to be] impressive or… interesting enough to deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large.”

To suggest a DD Go To- Guidelines.


Other Resources:

Window IV, by Anellstock,

From Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon, Portugal: an example of Manueline style architecture. It was classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Half Circle Window, by kuschelirmel-stock

UNRESTRICTED - Gothic Window Scene PNG, by frozenstocks

Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection, by daWIIZ

FOG/CLOUDS PNG, by Moonglowlilly

clouds, by Moonglowlilly

Precut Cloud 3 Png Stock (updated), by Mom-EsPeace

Candle Flame PNG STOCK, by KarahRobinson-Art

Sky, by TinaLouiseUk

Cloud/Fog, by Moonglowlilly

Texture 257, by Malleni-Stock

Texture 260, by Malleni-Stock

STOCK PNG white smoke, by MaureenOlder

STOCK PNG black smoke, by MaureenOlder



Autodesk-Sketchbook Pro and 7

PSE10- Photoshop Elements 10


Asus EP121B Eee Slate

Wacom Tablet



Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again (Remastered)

[The first video that came to mind, with a Lady and a lamp.]


Loreena McKennitt - The Dark Night Of The Soul (HQ)

From the album The Mask and The Mirror - available now on iTunes and Amazon


Dark Night of the Soul (SpanishLa noche oscura del alma) is a poem written by the 16th-century Spanish mystic and poet St. John of the Cross.


Like many of John Donne's poems, as   one of the pre-eminent metaphysical poets(1572 – 1631), the Canadian singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Loreena McKennitt emphasizes the mystic/ erotic nature of the piece, in her version. 


Listening to:

The wind… I like the wind; but, too much of anything; can be a bit much…


Peter, Paul and Mary - Blowing in the Wind


The power was out for several hours, this week, with wind and ice storms.

An organic beeswax candle gives off a surprising amount of light and warmth.

Stay Warm…

And, Take Care of Each Other…



Re: DD’s:

Curious that LINEART Lady with Lantern, by Yagellonica, received a DD/ Daily Deviation [2016-12-17], suggested by Cassy-Blue;

Especially, after just reading a Status Update posted by LindArtz and another Status Update, posted by vacuumslayer, suggesting that the support for DD’s has dramatically declined, recently.

It’s too unfortunate, if DA is losing its sense of community, as some others have said.

No doubt these things go in cycles.

One of my doctors has said she’s noticed a general malaise, since the Presidential election and Brexit.

The chaos is chilling; in this political climate of Tweeting policy; Particularly with foreign and economic policy;

And, while in the shadow of on-going investigations into collusion, election misconduct, over-spending, data abuses, and sex scandals.

Artists have always looked to each other for community and support, particularly in difficult times.

And, it seems like times are always difficult, for somebody...


Maybe, things have changed a little bit between  now, La Vie Boheme - Rent

And, then, Godspell: Beautiful City.wmv

But, Hair - I Got Life

And, as my Gaffer often said-

While there’s life, there’s hope…

-Cicero, and Ecclesiastes 9:3-5


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Gorgeous, Cat! My new favorite!!!

Stock thank you by Mom-EsPeace  
LindArtz's avatar
Terrific work! :)!   I love manips best which look like paintings!   Keep up the great work. :)! :heart:!!
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Great job! Thank you for stock use and credit :) x
Yagellonica's avatar
Wow, this looks just awesome! Love 
Can-Cat's avatar
Thanks. smile,lantern... And, thanks for posting your wonderful line art. :nod:
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Excellent work, both of you :clap:
Can-Cat's avatar
Thanks. :bow:
I think I might need to trim the wick. Pixel Icon - Purple Candle It was really smoking. :nod:
Branka-Artz's avatar
You're welcome, dear :huggle:
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