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The King and She


The King & She

“We should have left him in the wild,” Ann said. “He was a KING.”


This was submitted to King Kong and I contest, hosted by Mr-Ripley.

Thanks to all the stock providers.

This is Part 1 of 3. The story is continued in The King and She, Part 2;
and , concludes in The King and She, Part 3-


The King & She: Skull Island (Present Day, Somewhere in the South Pacific)-

“We should have left him in the wild,” Ann said, turning away. She couldn’t bear to look at the great ape drugged, tied, chained down, and fastened to the ship’s deck. “He was a King.”

Jack caught her, as she tripped over a rope holding the great ape’s head down, “Aye, King Kong,” he said, in awe.

Denham leaned over the railing, at the wheelhouse on the deck above them, and laughed. “What wild? There’s now wild, anymore. Even if we left him here, Skull Island would soon be drowned, thanks to climate change.

“The only wild left in the world is the urban jungle, where we found you in your inner city vet clinic, Doc. And, that’s right where he’s going, to a nice quiet cage off of Central Park. And, then maybe Governor's Island,” he chuckled.

“Did you know that's what they were planning?” Jack demanded.

“Of course, not,” Ann protested, pulling herself away from him. “I wouldn’t have come, if I did.”

“Wouldn’t you?” Denham goaded her. “You just wanted to be New York’s ‘Jane Goodall’, 'Ann of the Jungle'. And, there he is, your ‘King of the Apes,’" he announced, with a dramatic wave of his hand, like a carnival barker.

“Don’t look so dismayed. We’re all in chains and in cages, Doctor,” Denham mocked. "'Man is born free, and spends his life in chains'," he quoted. "Voltaire," he explained. 

"Jean-Jacques Rousseau," she corrected, trying not to look too smug. "A common mistake."

Denham coughed, “Yes, well, where would you even keep a creature like that? Where would you hope to relocate him?” He asked. “Face it. This is his best chance for survival.”

“And, it doesn’t hurt, if it makes you a couple of bucks, along the way, eh?” Jack shot back.

Denham shrugged, “People got to live. They got a right to make a buck. Right, Doc?”

Ann scowled. “Leave me out of this,” she hissed.

The great ape stirred, hearing her voice.

“You better sedate him some more, and hope it’s not too much,” Denham ordered her. “That’s why we brought you, Doc, the ‘beauty that tamed the beast,’ to make sure he makes it back alive. Of course, we'd still have his skin.” He taunted, putting his hand on a tranquilizer rifle, leaning on the bulkhead beside him.

“I’ll look after it,” Ann said, reaching into her shoulder bag, for a vial of tranquilizers, a srynge, and swab. “Take it easy, big guy,” she said, soothing the great beast.

“Don’t worry. He’s tied down and chained.” Denham said. “He’s perfectly safe, now.”

Jack snorted, gathering up the rope, Ann had tripped on. “That’s what I reckon they said, right before Samson broke his chains.”

Then, he added, in a low voice, as he passed by her, “Excuse me, ‘Delilah’.”


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King Kong (1933): King Kong is a 1933 American Pre-Code monster film[2] directed and produced by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack.

The screenplay by James Ashmore Creelman and Ruth Rose was from an idea by Cooper and Edgar Wallace. It stars Fay WrayBruce Cabot and Robert Armstrong, and opened in New York City on March 2, 1933, to rave reviews.

In 1991, it was deemed "culturally, historically and aesthetically significant" by the Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

(See Wikipedia on King Kong, 1933)

Samson  ("man of the sun,"[1] or Sampson(GreekΣαμψών), is one of the last of the judges of the ancient Israelites mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Book of Judges chapters 13 to 16).

According to the biblical account, Samson was given supernatural strength to perform heroic feats.[2]

Delilah betrayed Samson to his enemies, who chained him, and put him on display in the temple to Dagon.

Judges 16:28–30, Samson was chained to the temple's supporting pillars, and pulled the building down on top of himself and everyone  else inside.

(See Samson and Delilah , Wikipedia)



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