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The Canadian Corps of Engineers


The Canadian Corps of Engineers-

This was made for the CREATIVE MINDS CHALLENGE IV, hosted by CD-STOCK.

Required Stock: Hot Water BG CD-STOCK, by CD-STOCK

Due Date: 5 February - 5 March 2017

Guidelines: Blow me away with your creativity and craziness


The locks and canals are getting spruced up to prepare for the celebrations of 150th Anniversary of the founding of Dominion of Canada. [As in Ottawa/2017]

Fortunately, the Canadian Corps of Engineers have their best experts on the job.



Required Stock:


Engineers and Crew:

beaver, by Drezdany-stocks

beaver 1, by Drezdany-stocks

beaver 3, by Drezdany-stocks

Beaver, by Fotostyle-Schindler

Beaver (stock)114August 23, 2012, by SabrinaFranek

Beaver Stock, by SnowyStock

Beaver 02, by FoxRAGE-Stock

Beaver 01, by FoxRAGE-Stock

Hard Hats: Man of Industry 06 YIR 4, by Ahrum-Stock

Other Resources:

5 Blueprint textures, by HJR-Designs

Vintage Paper II TEXTURE PACK, by Knald

FOG/CLOUDS PNG, by Moonglowlilly

Water Ripples-Puddles PNG, by JSSanDA

Cloud/Fog, by Moonglowlilly

Water SplashesWater SplashesWater Splash 3, by Moonglowlilly

Sky Stock 03, by msfowle

Rain Texture, by funnybunny-stock

Sky Pack, by TinaLouiseUk

Tape Measure, from  Wikimedia Commons, released into the Public Domain, by its author, Moriori.

Other resources are  my own


autodesk-sketchbook and Sketchbook Pro


Centenniel Song 1967

Impressions of Expo 67


As a Ministry Officer said, ‘You can reason with a beaver.’


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Very creative work :clap:
When ya need it done, ya call in an expert!

Great picture!
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So true. Famous Hard Hat Dancer Emote   There's no substitute for experience.
Thanks. :thanks:
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Clever concept! CongratulationsCheerleader
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Thank you.  Tip My Hat emoticon 
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Congratulations!!!!!!!! :heart:
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Thank you. Thank you very much.  Elvis 
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Aww  What a lovely concept! :love: 
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Thank you. :grin: 
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Congratulations! :) Here is the feature of your work…
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Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! 
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Omg Cat, buaaaaaaaaaaha ha haaaaaaaaa ha haaaaaaaaaaa ha haaaaaa, you totally nailed all city workers in the world with this, ha ha haaaaa!!! I love your brilliance and fantastic sense of humor!!!! Love ya!!!! :heart:
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Your artwork made me laugh :giggle: Love your idea!
Thanks for participating!
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I'm glad you like it.   Laughing 

My Uncle worked on a road crew. He said they needed at least 4 guys to stand around to supervise and 1 guy to do the work.
But, if the work was to be done right, he said, they really needed 9 guys to stand around.   :squee: 
CD-STOCK's avatar
I do :love:
But also and above all, I have seen similar situations in other countries too :giggle:
No matter where I was travel through Europe, I have seen 1 construction worker, who really worked and the others stood and smoked XD
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My Uncle  always said the 'support crew' was part of the process. :nod:
Now, in Canada, the government uses private companies; and, it seems like the lawyers are the only ones doing any work,
trying to collect fines from the companies, for not getting the work done.   Facepalm ] 
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:D This is awesome! Great work! :giggle:
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:giggle: This is too funny :D
Great work :clap:
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