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The Accountrix Squad



The Accountrix Squad-

This was made for Hero Or Villain, My first contest!, hosted by CharllieeArts.

Thanks to CharllieeArts and all the Stock Artists.


Enter The Accountrix Squad-

“What’s with the getups?” She asked.

“We’re going to be Super Villains!” Her partner announced.

“But, we’re CPAs,” Gwen protested.

“What do Accountants know about being crooks?” Esther asked.

“The smart ones aren’t in prison,” Sue answered.

“We’ll take people’s money, and keep the bonuses, regardless of what happens,” Misty said.

“But, how will that be any different from what we do now?” She asked.

Her partner thought for a moment. “We can deduct these outfits, as business expenses,” she suggested.

So, The Accountrix Squad began.

And, as her partner said, “The Mounties may always get their man. So, there’s no fear. They’ll never catch us.”


Stock Images and Resources:

The Squad-

Chun Li Original 1a, by jagged-eye

Gun 2, by MissSouls-stock, Photographer: anpix, Model:  MissSouls

Classic Fantasy Maiden 1, by mizzd-stock

Black Lady 1, by MissSouls-stock


Office Stock 015, by JohnMKimmins

Object stock- Calculator, by High-Voltage-Stock

Calculator 01 and Calculator 02, by Teenu-Stock

Calculator Math Homework Stock, by CassandraStock

pocket calculator 01, by barefootliam-stock

Stock 8, by gemainpixielandstock



[1] CPA may refer to:

[2] RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police): The saying that the Mounties "always get their man" is thought to be the creation of Hollywood.

Surprisingly, the phrase can be traced to an article in the Fort Benton (Montana) Record from April 1877. (RCMP.CA. Famous Events)

The saying is sometimes confused with the official motto, "Maintiens Le Droit" (“Uphold the Right”, 1875, Canadian Encyclopedia).

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 Got Your Number (Official Video), Serena Ryder 

Buffy Sainte Marie - The Big Ones Get Away (Original Music Vidéo)


The weed of crime bears bitter fruit

Watch your back.

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Thanks for using my stock & for the credit :D