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Terra 3k: Early Morning Recce


Terra 3k: Early Morning Metro Recce (Reconnaissance) 

This is an adjunct to Terra 3rd Millennium: Urban Recce


In the 3rd Millennium, on Terra/Earth, the members of The Phoenix Project have been working in concentric circles on their quarterly check of urban centres and their suburbs, which were contaminated by the collapse of nuclear power plants and cities, in the mid-21st century.

Nature has been working on the long, hard process of breaking down the remnants left behind by 20th Century civilization.

At this point, the main things left behind, from previous centuries, are stone monuments,


This was made for Nothing Extra Contest, hosted by Stewed-Tomatoes

Guidelines:  Use Stock only from Random-Acts-Stock (Rachel has been on DA for over 10 years and has over 8,000 stock pictures.

Skill Level: Novice

Due Date: March 31st, 2017


It was also inspired by the Brave New World Contest, sponsored by kuschelirmel

Theme: Picture the world 1000 years from now [circa 3017 c.e. (Common Era)].

Guidelines: Must be made exclusively for this contest.

NEW- Due Date: April 21st, 2017

[My entry is Terra 3rd Millennium: Urban Recce.]


Terra 3k: Metro Recce

“Mel?” Sara said over the holo comm-link.

“The gauges say it’s okay to remove the respirators,” she said.

“10-4, that,” Mel said, nodding to Kirsty and Nei; who tentatively slid their masks off.

“It’s remarkable how Nature has recovered,” Mel said.

“It’s been a gradual process,” Sara agreed.

“Maybe, Nature is going to be more cautious this time,” Mel suggested.

“Slow and steady proves sustainable,” Sara concluded.


From The Phoenix Project archives, “While concerns over the administration’s ties to foreign powers and conflicts of interests overwhelmed media at the time, it was the dismantling of previous  protocols for reducing 'Green House Gases'  and the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] regulations regarding mining and pipelines, which tipped Climate Change past the tipping point, without the public being aware of how the world was being pushed over the edge, like lemmings.”

From, “Fracked: Doubling Down on Climate Change & The Drumpf Administration'”,

By Dr. Jet A. Blue, 2121 c.e.



This is a continuation of The Phoenix Project, Terra: 3K CE, and Terra 3rd Millennium: Urban Recce;
Expedition and Rocket Robin Hood Rescues Marion From the Castle are also set in the astounding year 3,000.

After the failure of the global economy and ecology in the early-21st Century, the population collapsed, with a lack of resources and infrastructure to address increasing migrating diseases, Climate Change, and the resulting eco-refugee crisis.

The Phoenix Project was established, during The Cold War, to develop technologies and archives to survive the 20th Century, in the event of nuclear or environmental disaster.

It has been a long road.




Sara: Sara-14, by Random-Acts-Stock

Mel: Mellie stock 21, Mellie stock 22, and Mellie stock 42, by Random-Acts-Stock

Kirsty: Kirsty stock 50, by Random-Acts-Stock

Nei: Cyber queen stock 24, by Random-Acts-Stock

Model:  ToolKitten

Mecha, Forest Walker:

War Walker 1 jpg, by Random-Acts-Stock

War Walker 2 jpg, by Random-Acts-Stock


Cat stock 2, by Random-Acts-Stock

Fairy steed 1, by Random-Acts-Stock

Deer stock 7, by Random-Acts-Stock

Bird of prey 5, by Random-Acts-Stock


Medway stock 5, by Random-Acts-Stock

Cornish mine-11, by Random-Acts-Stock

Cornish mine-12, by Random-Acts-Stock

Vale of York 5, by Random-Acts-Stock

Vale of York 12, by Random-Acts-Stock

How the west was won stock 6, by Random-Acts-Stock

How the west was won stock 18, by Random-Acts-Stock

Hong Kong-18, by Random-Acts-Stock

Ruin stock 7, by Random-Acts-Stock

Abbey Stock 2, by Random-Acts-Stock

Kew garden stock 4, by Random-Acts-Stock

Other Resources:

Beamish steam stock 15, by Random-Acts-Stock

Cornwall sunset stock-4, by Random-Acts-Stock

York Instustrial stock 11, by Random-Acts-Stock

Sky stock 7, by Random-Acts-Stock

Autumn sky stock 32, by Random-Acts-Stock

High rez planet stock 2, by Random-Acts-Stock

High rez planet stock 6,by Random-Acts-Stock


Sketchbook Pro, autodesk-sketchbook


Listening to:

Rush - 2112: Oracle: The Dream (Lyric Video)

Zager And Evans - In The Year 2525 (With Metropolis Clips)


Keep Breathing.

As the saying goes-

Time Travel is easy. People travel to the Future, Every day.


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this is incredible!
I love seeing what you upload,
you never cease to have something new and exciting.
You are continuously inspiring and talented!
I am so greatful to have you as a friend and 
Thank you as well for your support,
It means so much as well is always an honor!
Inspiring work
your friend,
Cody A.
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Thank you, so much.:love:
It's always wonderful to hear from you and see what you post,
especially when you're so busy, with everything.
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My pleasure! You deserve it
Sorry for not answering this sooner,
my Senior year is keeping me quite busy!
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I want to start time-traveling backwards now :D
Great concept :clap:
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Me too. . TARDIS - white  Thanks
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You're most welcome :hug:
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