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Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)


Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)

Tempus fugit is a Latin expression meaning "Time Flies".


This was made for TALKING ABOUT TIME Contest., hosted by Art-Revival


Theme: Create a digital and visual representation of TIME based on idioms, quotes, aphorisms and proverbs.

References: A Visual List of 100 English IDIOMS FOR TIME with Examples, Time Quotes, Aphorisms by theme: TIME, Motivational Time Quotes, Sayings and Proverbs

Due Date: September 30th, 2017


In honour of Big Ben’s on-going repair


Thanks to all the Stock Artists.



Big Ben Clock Tower, by PirateLotus-Stock

Free Stock: Flying Dragon PNG, by ArtReferenceSource

Dragon, by HZ-Designs

Blood Dragon 5 by CelticStrm-Stock, by CelticStrm-Stock

PNG Dregon (Dragon), by cactuskim

E-S Dragon flying, by Elevit-Stock

STOCK PNG black smoke, by MaureenOlder

STOCK PNG white smoke, by MaureenOlder

FOG/CLOUDS PNG, by Moonglowlilly

Cloud/Fog, by Moonglowlilly

Fire effect PNG, by FrostBo

Fire png, by TinaLouiseUk

Fire 2, by TinaLouiseUk

Vintage Paper II TEXTURE PACK, by Knald

Sky Stock Pack, by TinaLouiseUk

Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection, by daWIIZ

Sky Stock 03, by msfowle

Mantle Clock PNG STOCK, by KarahRobinson-Art

Steampunk-clock by YBsilon-Stock, by YBsilon-Stock

Clock Face, by TinaLouiseUk

Textures, from TheFantaSim, for Les Soeurs Pirate, for the Sibling Portrait Challenge, hosted by ManipulateThis. ]


Autodesk-Sketchbook Pro and 7

PSE10- Photoshop Elements 10


Asus EP121B Eee Slate

Wacom Tablet



Time After Time | official trailer (2017) H.G. Wells


Listening to:

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

The Clash - London Calling (Official Video)



Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London[1]and is usually extended to refer to both the clock and the clock tower as well.[2][3] 

Completed in 1859, on 21 August 2017, the tower began a four-year period of renovation.[9][10][11]

With a few exceptions,[10][11] the tower's renowned bells will be silent until the renovation is complete.[11][9][10]


Poor Richard's Almanack , published by Benjamin Franklin, under the pseudonym  "Poor Richard" or "Richard Saunders, published from 1732 to 1758, with runs of 10k copies.

Poor Richard's Almanack, 1746,

“Dost thou love Life? Then do not squander Time;

For that's the Stuff Life is made of.”


Time Dragons? What are you gonna do? They’re omnivorous.


Keep Cool.




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Thank you for using my stock! :heart: