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Sunday In The Park With Georgina


Sunday In The Park With Georgina

This was going to be submitted to the Wing Punk Contest, hosted by Digital-Wings-Art, in the categories of Elfpunk and Elvin Steampunk, as a second entrybut, the internet connection kept cutting out. [Apologies, if this interferes with notifying any stock providers. -C'est la vie moderne.]


It looks like some of the staff from the Fae Office of Public Archives were able to get out of the office, and off to the park for awhile.

While they were there, they ran in to Dr. Georgina. She assists Fae, who have lost their natural wings or suffered injury, through illness or accident, with prosthetic wings. Her prosthetics are hand crafted, reinforced with silk and delicate hydraulic mechanisms, which are activated by the faeries own muscles.

There are some injuries magic can only go so far to rehabilitate, before other measures prove necessary. Here the good Docteur is helping coach some of her patients to navigate with their new acquisitions, in Dandelion Park.


"Allons-y!" The Docteur called out.

"Up, up, and away! See how Gabi does it? Like that, with a bit of a bounce. Oui! Like that!" Dr. Georgina urged her patients to test their new wings.

"Peur rien! Fear Nothing! The sky awaits!" She cheered them on, waving her walking stick like an orchestra conductor.


Most of Dr. Georgina's clients are members of FADA- Fae Assistive Devices Association, a support group for those who use any sort of medical device. Magic can't fix everything. But, sometimes technology can seem like magic.

It looks like the person in 
Human?may have been in the park before, waiting for her new wings. Unless, they were just furled before.

Thanks to all the stock providers, and for your kind comments and support. 


Stock Resources-


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Gears And Other Resources

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Backpack: Pics of patches, Handprinted Linocut Patches, by Nymla


There need to be more parks [and dandelions] everywhere.
It's nice to see people taking wing, on such a beautiful day.

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Thank you. :) (Smile) 
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Awesome work - so creative! :clap: Thank you so much for using my stock! :dalove:
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Glad you like my robin stock!! :D
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It's always nice to see and hear the robins.
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Wonderful scene, thank you so much for using my stock :) x
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Thank you. Your stock is always helpful.
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