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Sparx The Dragon + Fire Tutorial = Fun


Sparx The Dragon + Fire Tutorial

And, now for something completely different, #DATutorialFire

This was fun. Sparx the Dragon Tutorial plus the Fire Tutorial seemed an obvious mix.



Magic Week - How to Draw Fire with Devin Elle Kurtz

How to draw a dragon w/ Ryky | DeviantArt Tutorials


Puff The Magic Dragon -- Peter, Paul & Mary ~ Live 1965

Puff The Magic Dragon (1978, Full Movie)


Share Your Thoughts-

This was fun.

[1]  Share your fire drawing in the comments below!

-See Above.

[2] What else would you draw in a picture with a dragon?


[3] What tutorial would you like to see next?

-Making your OC in an anime style.

Including a component for Photomanipulators and Stock Artists.

They’ve always been a big part of the DA Community too!



Big Lens And Optical Flare Collection, by daWIIZ

Smoke And Haze Cloud Light Cover Stock Photo Png, by annamae22

STOCK PNG white smoke, by MaureenOlder


Boat by YBsilon-Stock, by YBsilon-Stock



Autodesk-Sketchbook Pro and 7

PSE10- Photoshop Elements 10

Clip Studio Paint



Asus EP121B Eee Slate

Wacom Tablet


Stay Well. Pax.



Listening to:

Christopher Cross - Sailing


Aside: Why is this song so popular? I don’t get it.

It’s in regular rotation on the local radio station.

A friend said she and her sister loved sailing their sailboat around the lake near their cottage. It sounds like fun.

I did get to take a canoe into the city harbour once. That was fun.

If a little damp, after our Supie [Supervisor] capsized us.

Fortunately, it wasn’t deep; and, we could just stand up.

And, that was before the city started dumping untreated waste into the harbour.

I think. Yeah, pretty sure….


Stay Safe

Get vaccinated, if you can.



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A great piece of work!:clap:Wow!

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:elvis: Thank you. Thank you, very much.

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Fun Nice work. :)

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Thanks. Bane OC Icon big And, my dragon thanks you. :nod: