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Rocket Robin Hood Rescues Marion From the Castle



Rocket Robin Hood Rescues Marion From the Castle-

This was submitted to the Gender bender Photomanipulation Contest, sponsored by THE IMAGINARIUM  The contest theme is to “Simply reverse the genders, in a myth or legend.”

Rocket Robin Hood and the Merry Band of cosmic outlaws, from New Sherwood Forest Asteroid, in the astounding year Three Thousand, is a direct descendant of Robin Hood of old. (Seen in the previous entry, Robin And Marion- Welcome to Sherwood.)

He robs from the cosmic rich to give to the astro poor, in the fantastic 30th Century, restoring to them the exorberently high taxes levied by the draconian Princess Joan, who is aided and abetted by the wicked Sheriff of N.O.T.T. (National Outer-Space Terrestrial Territories).

In this famous scene from the legends, Rocket Robin Hood, Little Jean, Sister Tuck, Billie Scarlet, and the rest of the Merry Band of outlaws have come to rescue Marion Fitzwalter, and his cousin Edward, from N.O.T.T. Castle, where they are being held prisoner.

Marion’s valet Jeeves eagerly volunteered to help Rocket Robin Hood and the Merry Band with the rescue.

Thanks to all the stock providers. It's greatly appreciated. And, thank you for your patience. It may take awhile to notify everyone.



“Come gather around me. Space travellers surround me.

Now, harken to The Ballad of Rocket Robin Hood.

I may well confound you, astound you, spellbound you,

 With heroes and villains, the bad and the good.

Watch now as our rockets race here from afar,

For now with our Robin, we live on a star.

The count down is started, and trouble brews, but have no fear, we cannot lose,

   With Rocket Robin Hood!”

From the opening Rocket Robin Hood theme song, 1966 series.



Rocket Robin Hood was a Canadian animated television series, placing the characters and conflicts of the classic Robin Hood legends in a futuristic, outer space setting, produced by Krantz Films, Inc. from 1966 to 1969.

Krantz Films, Inc. also produced The Marvel SuperheroesSpider-Man,[1] Rocket Robin Hood,[2] Professor Kitzel, and Max, the 2000-Year-Old Mouse.

Nota Bene: The electro-quarter staff, electro-swords, ray guns, futuristic arrows, and other weapons used in Rocket Robin Hood, stunned combatants into brief unconsciousness, with a bright, flash of light; and could disable machines; but, were not fatal.

Except for when Marion saved Rocket Robin, by using the contents of her cosmic purse to disable a deadly robot.

The asteroids use a form of terra forming technology [which was never fully explained], which provides an oxygen rich atmosphere, with Earth like flora and faun, on asteroids small enough to move by rocket.

Rocket Robin Hood, Marion, and The Merry Band from New Sherwood Forest Asteroid always have to work together, to outwit the evil Princess Joan and Sherriff of N.O.T.T., in the astounding years to come!


Rocket Robin Hood Rescues Marion From N.O.T.T. Castle Asteroid-

“You’re running a little late, aren’t you Rocket Robin Hood?” Marion called, as their robot, space ships kept the N.O.T.T. Castle guards busy.

Rocket Robin Hood, with the Merry Band, from New Sherwood Forest Asteroid, swooped down with their electro-quarter staffs, futuristic arrows, and astro-horses, to spirit Marion and his cousin, Edward, away from despotic Princess Joan and evil Sheriff of N.O.T.T.

“Didn’t you find the accommodations to your liking, Master Marion?” Rocket Robin Hood cheerily called back. “I always find the quarters a little cramped myself,” she chuckled, corralling more of the castle guards, with a boomerang arrow, fixed with an elipticum lasso.

“The service is appalling, and the food isn’t anything to write home about,” Marion admitted, cutting the steelium bands binding him and his cousin’s hands, with a pocket laser Billie Scarlet had thrown to him, as she roared by, with her electro-quarter staff.

“You might want to nip along,” Billie suggested, as she soared past.

“There’s a thought, cousin,” Edward admitted anxiously to Marion.

“You really ought to write a complaint to the Triple A: Astro Accommodations Association,” Rocket Robin Hood jovially advised them, shooting an arrow with a sonic stun grenade on its tip, at one of the Princess’ large mecha heading for them across the field, from the other side of N.O.T.T. Castle. “How will service ever improve, if people don’t complain?”

“Rocket Robin Hood! Party crashers!” Sister Tuck called to her over the din of battle, going on all around them. She pointing to more of the Sheriff's reinforcements coming around the other side of the buttresses. “You were right, Robin!” She called. “It’s was a trap, just as you suspected.”

“And, you know what the good old Saint Swithins always says about a trap, ‘The best way to find out what’s in a trap is to spring it’,” Rocket Robin Hood reminded her.

“Aye! Robin!” Little Jean called. “Looks like we’ve outstayed our welcome!” She rocketed past on her electro-horse, firing her astro-pistol at the guards charging at them, from all directions, as she went. And, there were more castle guards rushing at them from N.O.T.T. Castle, through the open portcullis.

“Well, as Aesop says, ‘Guests are most welcome, when soonest gone,” Rocket Robin chuckled. “We’d best be on our way.

“Sister Tuck, signal Ellen A’ Dale to bring the robot ships around. You’re right. It’s time to leave this asteroid, for more hospitable climes,” she agreed.

“Aye, Robin,” Sister Tuck called to Ellen and the robot ships, on her wrist radio communicator. “Astro Grouse to Cosmic Chickadee, time to fly the coop,” she said, using the prearranged code.

“Roger that, Astro Grouse,” Ellen answered over the comm-link.

“Are you and your cousin ready to go?” Robin asked. “Our ride’s here.”

“Very well,” Marion said, heading for the space ships landing in the field, just outside the old curtain wall. “We didn’t properly take our leave of our hosts. I’m afraid they’ll think we’re dreadfully rude,” he lamented.

“It is a pity. Perhaps you’d prefer to stay, to say your good-byes properly,” Robin suggested, fitting another arrow to the bowstring, with a flash grenade fixed on its tip.

“I think not,” Marion shrugged. “I don’t think they’ll be very happy with us, if we complain, and they lose they’re rating, and one of their Triple-A Astro-Stars.”

“Do you mind if we bring our friend, from Wales, Ewin?” Marion asked.

“What ‘Taffy was an outlaw’? Sure! The more the merrier and welcome!” Robin laughed. “But, when did the Sheriff start sending out of the terrestrial territory for guests?” She chuckled.

“The hospitality of N.O.T.T. Castle is probably too well known locally,” Bill Scarlet suggested. “No doubt, that’s why Princess Joan and the Sheriff have had to start sending out for guests.”

“Buck up,” Rocket Robin said. “Mind yourself.” She let the stunning arrow fly into the castle guards; and, they were all momentarily stunned.

“This way, your chariot awaits,” she said, directing them to the spaceships, and covering their retreat, with more arrows, though her quiver would soon be empty.

“Robin! Marion!” They heard Marion’s valet calling overhead, spinning like a Catherine Wheel, having lost control of her rocket pack.

While racing for the space ships to make their get away from the N.O.T.T. Castle asteroid, Rocket Robin, Marion, Sister Tuck, and Little Jean, all looked back to see Marion’s valet spinning in the air. They couldn’t help themselves from laughing.

“Much? Can you help poor, Jeeves down? He seems to be having some trouble with his rocket pack?” Rocket Robin said.

“Aye, Robin,” Much laughed, jetting over to help.

“Robin!” Jeeves yelled. “Get me out of this crazy thing!”

Roaring with laughter, Rocket Robin Hood and the Merry Band, corralled Jeeves, and escaped in their space ships, before the evil Princess Joan and the Sherriff of N.O.T.T., or their guards and nobles could stop them.

“Another successful outing,” Rocket Robin Hood declared triumphantly.

Rocketing their way home through the stars, to New Sherwood Forest Asteroid, Rocket Robin Hood and the Merry Band filled the cosmos with the ring of their merry laughter.

Another exciting, adventure, for the cosmic, swashbuckling adventurers, in the astounding years to come.


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Thanks to all the stock providers. For the sake of continuity with Robin And Marion- Welcome to Sherwood, and the nature of the Gender bender Photomanipulation Contest, it was necessary to adjust some of the images. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

It would be something if Disney would reboot Rocket Robin Hood as part of the MCU universe, in the next phase.




[1] Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in English folklore . Traditionally dressed in Lincoln green,[1] he is often portrayed as "robbing from the rich and giving to the poor"[2][3]  with his band of Merry Men, to alleviate the hardships from unfair taxes. The earliest text of a Robin Hood is the 15th century "Robin Hood and the Monk".[13]

[2] Maid Marian (or Marion) is the heroine and partner of  Robin Hood in English folklore. Maid Marian was originally a "shepherdess" associated with May Day. Her role in the Robin Hood legends dates to the 16th century.[1]

[3] Robin was originally a diminutive given name of Robert, derived from the prefix Rob- (hrodOld Germanic, meaning "fame"), and the suffix -in (Old Frenchdiminutive). Robin may be a masculine name, feminine name, or surname.

[4] Marion /mar-i-on/ as a boys' name (or Marion, as a variant of Mary, as a girl’s name) is of English and Latin origin, meaning "star of the sea". John Wayne was named Marion Morrison, before changing his name.

[6] Billie Scarlet is the descendant of Will Scarlet, Robin’s nephew, or in this case niece. And, Ellen a Dale replaces Alan-a-Dale.

[7] Sister Tuck, a wandering sister from the Poor Clares, is the counterpart for Friar Tuck.

[8] Little Jean is Little John's counterpart, Robin’s lieutenant. In later stories, [s]he is depicted as a veritable giant.

[9] Princess Joan replaces Prince John  (24 December 1166 – 19 October 1216).

John was the youngest son of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. John unsuccessfully attempted a rebellion against Richard I's administrators while his brother was away When Richard died in 1199, John was proclaimed King of England.

Heavy taxes to pay for a series of unsuccessful wars were unpopular.[3] 

In the Victorian era, Prince John became the primary villain in the Robin Hood legends.

[10] Pope Joan, according to popular legend, was a woman who reigned as Pope, during the Middle Ages.  Jean de Mailly's chronicle, written around 1250, contains the first mention of an unnamed female pope.

[11] Gayle from Gisborne asteroid, an interstellar mercenary, recently employed by “The Warlord of Saturn”, who tries to take over New Sherwood Forest Asteroid, replaces Sir Guy of Gisbourne, a mercenary hired to kill Robin.

[12] The Sheriff of N.O.T.T. is a direct descendant of the  Sheriff of Nottingham, who contended with Rocket Robin Hood’s ancestor, Sir Robert of Loxley, according to the episode, “Rocket Robin Hood: The Time Machine”.

[13] Marion’s valet, Jeeves, in this cross-gender universe, is a direct descendant of JeevesBertie Wooster’s valet in the P.G. Wodehouse's "Jeeves’ stories.

Marion is helped by her maids in the earliest stories. In The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938, Warner Bros. Pictures), Lady Marian Fitzwalter (Maid Marian, played by Olivia de Havilland) is helped by her Nursemaid, Bess (played by Una O'Connor ).

[14] Taffy, Ewin from Wales (played by archery master Howard Hill, in The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1938, Warner Bros. Pictures).

[15] Lady Jo, Court Scribe, (played by Robert Warwick as Sir Geoffrey, a supporter of Prince John, in The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1938, Warner Bros. Pictures).

[16] Mo the Miller’s Daughter replaces Much the Miller's Son (played by Herbert Mundin, in The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1938, Warner Bros. Pictures).

[17] Rocket Robin Hood was a Canadian animated television series, placing the characters and conflicts of the classic Robin Hood legend in a futuristic, outer space setting, produced by Krantz Films, Inc. from 1966 to 1969.

Krantz Films, Inc. also produced The Marvel SuperheroesSpider-Man,[1] Rocket Robin Hood,[2] Professor Kitzel, and Max, the 2000-Year-Old Mouse, during the same period.

Rocket Robin Hood borrowed voice actors and artwork from Spider-Man.

[18] Rocket Robin Hood theme, You Tube, Rocket Robin Hood Opening Theme [1966 HQ ]ROCKET ROBIN HOOD THEME (Metal Version), 2014, and closing theme, Rocket Robin Hood Ending Theme [ 1966 HQ ]

[19] In one episode, Rocket Robin Hood meets Sir Robin of Loxley, the original Robin Hood, after The Sherriff of N.O.T.T. traps Rocket Robin Hood and Little John in a time machine, Rocket Robin Hood #2 The Time Machine (Orj.) [HD].

[20] The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire is an 1883 novel by the American illustrator and writer Howard Pyle.

It consists of a series of episodes from the legends of the English outlaw Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. It compiles traditional material into a coherent narrative in a colorful, invented "old English" idiom that preserves the flavor of the ballads, and adapts it for children.

The novel is notable for taking the subject of Robin Hood, which had been increasingly popular through the 19th century, in a new direction that influenced later writers, artists, and filmmakers through the next century.[1]

[21] N. C. Wyeth (October 22, 1882 – October 19, 1945), was an American artist and illustrator. He was the pupil of artist Howard Pyle and became one of America's greatest illustrators.[1]  During his lifetime, Wyeth created over 3,000 paintings and illustrated 112 books,[2] 



“You know, we should get Jillian* to pack a snack for us, when we go on these rescue missions,” Sister Tuck muttered, gnawing on a processed, cosmic soy guinea hen, she had liberated from Princess Joan’s royal box, on the grandstand.

“This processed chicken is giving me indigestion,” she grumbled. “It’s so bland. All you can taste is the garlic.”

“Maybe, we should have left you behind in the castle kitchens,” Little Jean suggested, slapping her on the back.

“I thank you, -No!” Sister Jean shook her head.

“I’m a gourmet, not a gourmander,” she protested. “I can think of no greater punishment we can inflict on Princess Joan and the Sheriff of N.O.T.T., then to leave them to the merciless torture of their kitchens’ chefs.”

The stars rang with the laughter Rocket Robin Hood, Little Jean, and the rest of the Merry Band, as they rocketed their way home, to New Sherwood Forest Asteroid, in the astounding years to come


“It’s the place to be, on the side of the free.

   So, send a shout throughout the land,

For Rocket Robin Hood!”

-Closing theme from the Rocket Robin Hood series, 1966



*Wily Giles, a reformed  Gabby Hayes type, was the cook on New Sherwood Asteroid, in the series Rocket Robin Hood, in the astounding years to come.


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